Interview With Startup Consultant Luke Laarus

Luke Lazarus is based out of Melbourne and has over two decades of experience in partnering with people to build businesses, help already established businesses to grow, and gives business insights to CEOs on the southeastern side of Australia.

He helps businesses shape a trajectory of growth that identifies any issues it may have and teaching them how to fix the issues.

The Melbourne Business graduate has spent more than a decade giving new and veteran business owners insights on how to make their business better. In a recent interview, Lazarus described why his methods worked so well, and how his strengths help to get businesses off the ground.

The interviewer asked him how he turned his ideas and business methods into reality. Lazarus answered that the best thing a business, brand, service, company, etc. can do for themselves is tell a great story and find a market that needs your story and will buy into what you have to offer, then target that market.

The interviewer then asked Lazarus what makes him excited to which he replied that being able to help companies come into fruition and meet a demand on the market is life changing.

He loves watching new businesses change the marketplace and how customers experience their interaction with businesses. He loves teaching businesses how to bring value to what they do and then sits back to watch them give their brand meaning.

So, what is one habit that Lazarus has that makes him a successful, productive entrepreneur?

Lazarus said that recording literally everything is one thing that makes him so successful. He carries a notebook with him at all times so that he can jot something down on a whim, and also leaves several voice memos and notes on his phone where he can find them.

This helps keep his mind focused and gives him reminders so that he gets everything done.

What do you feel is something only you believe in?

The business building entrepreneur believes that CEOs and start-up businessmen need to have a good deal of networking experience, as well as a lot of luck to make their way.

He believes that luck is just as important as passion and perseverance for you to success.

What is something you would recommend other entrepreneurs do to succeed?

Believe that you will succeed. Every new project you take on will be daunting, but you have to have confidence that you bring something to the table.

Realize that you will face unique challenges whether you are an established brand/business or a brand new business, but if you meet them head on you can take them in stride and be an expert in your field in no time.

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Luke Lazarus Advice for Businesses as a Successful Startup Consultant

With a track record of more than two decades, Luke Lazarus has been a name to be reckoned with as a startup consultant. Practicing in Melbourne, Lazarus has been instrumental in the creation of successful business plans, providing invaluable insights, and managing business growth for startup companies in Southeastern coast, Australia. His consultancy work defines clarity in the decision-making process of the brand’s future steps, assisting in providing crucial perspective and also prioritizing vital decisions. He understands the need for business owners to work with partners who have the ability to focus on matters of crucial concern first such as identifying, addressing and defining important issues affecting their businesses.



Luke Lazarus holds an executive MBA from Melbourne Business School. This impressive achievement he accomplished only at 24-years old opened the career path that saw him set up and sell four successful firms before celebrating his 33rd birthday. A decade down the line, Lazarus has risen to an esteemed executive, spending short times with dwindling businesses to determine their problems and offering his advice to get them back on track. As a seasoned professional in consultancy, he defines his prowess in wide parameters to help startups and waning businesses regain their growth momentum by redefining plans and projections.



His areas of specialization include operational improvement, investor presentations, business plans, financial projections, go-to-market plans, as well as market research insights. Through prioritization of these key metrics, Luke Lazarus has assisted many startup companies to grow in rejuvenated ways, positioned for stability and better growth. He states that the more synonymous a company’s product is with its story, the higher the chances are for its success.



For a company to start up a new product or brand, it must begin by establishing a unique storyline. The product must feel more unique in a given way for it to resonate well with the product customers, an unforgettable part of the company. He also alludes that his ideas have emerged from daily problems he has faced that push him to try finding solutions that would fit in the current market place.



Luke Lazarus was born and raised in Perth after which he moved to Melbourne, Victoria. Compared to his friends who delayed moving to get a university education, Luke pushed hard to earn his education since he was determined to make great moves in life. He was quite anxious growing up and his ambition pushed him to excel even more. Whether it is about giving startups a helping hand or starting his own business, every single project in Luke’s career has been centered on a unique story.



He believes that every businessperson should at first create an identity of what they want to sell. After accomplishing this, they can proceed to create growth models, sales strategy, and financial projections. However, those with a more refined and customer winning story are better placed for success. Surrounding yourself with the right talent is also a prerequisite for getting the success you need.



How ClassDojo is Redefining Communication in Schools around the World in 2019

According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, communication between stakeholders in the education sector — is vital. Communication is one of the best ways in which different stakeholders can connect organically in providing for better education. ClassDojo offers one of the best mediums for the above interactions. The scope of this educational app includes parents and teachers in the student’s life — through organic communication.

According to the management of this education app, the primary intention of this platform is to create an enjoyable learning journey for the students. In 2019, more countries are adopting ClassDojo as the primary communication tool between different stakeholders in education.

Education as a tech market has endless apps, but no app has an unmatched interface as ClassDojo. Different education commentators have termed the app as the — the Netflix of education. Although the primary features of this education app are identical to different users, ClassDojo is the only platform where customization is a possibility.

The main reason why this platform offers these features is to accommodate as many education systems as possible. The developers of this classroom communication tool understood the importance of having a multipurpose tool and this app is living to its expectation. Also, the personalization of the app is simple and under minimal instruction — it is possible to customize ClassDojo.

Did you know that a student could share the classroom experience with their parents? Thanks to ClassDojo and its interactive interface, it is possible to share some of the fan moment in class with the family members. The interaction interface is one of the latest addition to this class app. The management of this education app points out that this feature is a game changer.

In the traditional system, it is harder to share some of the best classroom moments with parents effectively but with this platform — a student can share diagrams and class projects with parents. Lastly, ClassDojo is the only education app that is committed to growth. The management (of this app) points out that the app is continuously making all of the features better. These changes make the app futuristic. The upgrades do not affect the efficiency of the app.

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Dr. Dov Rand Highlights Why Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine is Important

There are many specialties and sub-specialties in the field of medicine. It is advisable for patients to always have general knowledge about the medical field. To make sure that people understand the importance of possessing such knowledge, this article will talk more about rehabilitation and physical medicine. We will focus on the research that Dr. Dov Rand has conducted over the years on physiatry.

Dr. Dov Rand practices through the Healthy Aging Medical Centers. As a medical practitioner, he is dedicated to making use of the latest forms of research from different scientific sources. Throughout his career, Dr. Dov Rand has also come up with various philosophies. As an alumnus of Rutgers University and the Howard University, Dr. Dov Rand has amassed a lot of knowledge in the medical field. He also went to the Albert Einstein Medical Center. One of his interests includes reading scientific studies and literature. Additionally, he often interacts with his colleagues by engaging them in discussions while at medical conferences. Such activities allow Dr. Dov Rand to offer quality services to his patients.

Dr. Dov Rand also focuses on rehabilitation and physical medicine. His main focus is on the quality of life and function ability. Most of the patients who need such services are the ones who have been affected by disabilities. Additionally, many practitioners focus on the issues revolving around the ligaments, muscles, bones, and the nervous system. They also work with patients who are undergoing reclining health issues that relate to hormonal disorders or age. Such health issues are complicated, which is why it is hard to find a team of medical practitioners who deal with such ailments.

In the hospital environment, the specialists who deal with rehabilitation and physical medicine will often work with the patients who are recovering from an injury that is traumatic to the nervous system. According to Dr. Dov Rand, such injuries include a stroke, a brain injury, and spinal cord injuries. Other practitioners also work with patients who have undergone an amputation. There is always coordination between the psychologists, nurses, therapists, and social workers. They work together to make sure that the patients are doing well both physically and mentally during the recovery process.

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OSI Group: Safety Measures in Creating Burger Patties

Burger patties from McDonald’s restaurants are supplied by the OSI Group. The OSI Group McDonald’s partnership, established in the 1950s, dictates that the OSI Group should provide the burger patties for the fast food giant. The OSI Group McDonalds partnership is a multi-billion dollar business, and they are working closely to ensure that the meats processed inside their plants are clean and sanitized.

One of their facilities in Germany is responsible for the creation of burger patties that are delivered in European McDonald’s branches. The OSI Group McDonalds partnership helped fund and operate the facility, and more than 200 people are employed. Despite the facility being owned by the OSI Group, the OSI Group McDonalds partnership allows the fast food giant to dictate what they wanted to change in the facility, and to implement the necessary rules and regulations for creating famous burger patties.

According to the OSI Group, their German facilities are abiding by the quality standards set by the European Union. Visitors are welcome whenever they wanted to visit to see how the burger patties are made.

When visiting the German OSI Group facility, the visitors will be asked to wear protective clothing, and the people who are sick will be barred from entering the production department. This is to ensure that the meat will not be contaminated. The facility highlights hygiene as one of the most important things to observe when creating beef patties.

The next step would be checking the meat for any bones or other things that should not be in there. It is a meticulous task that requires patience. Once the meat is cleared for any bones or foreign objects, it will be sent to the mincing machine where it will be shredded into pieces. The minced meat will be transferred to another container where it will be mixed with other ingredients.

The meat will be shaped using one of the facility’s machines, and it will be frozen. The final steps will be the packaging process, and then it will be sent to different McDonald’s restaurants across Europe. The fast food giant is proud to say that the OSI Group McDonalds partnership managed to create some of the best beef patties that they are serving.

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Achievements of Vinod Gupta

Vinod Gupta is an executive at the Everest Group firm. He flaunts over 40 years of experience in the field of business. He has always used his broad knowledge in the sector to help understands the best strategies that they can rely on for the benefit of their companies. The duo has served in many other companies that are related to business and technology. He has gained fame for the developments he has brought in the world through his innovative strategies. The duo continues to make life better for people through his engagement in philanthropy.

Vinod Gupta believes that the scope of business continues to change with time. According to him, technology is the major issue that leads to this significant changes in the field of business and he, therefore, encourages firm owners to ensure that they prepare themselves early enough for the likely changes. Besides, he also encourages people to adopt the use of technology in the operations of their venture as it enables them to continue being on the know about the emerging issues in the field. The duo also believes that humility is critical when it comes to running a firm. He believes that leaders who treat their employees well by creating a conducive environment for them to keep carrying out the operations of their firms get to acquire huge profits as their workers put great efforts towards meeting the set goals of the firm.

Vinod Gupta prides himself in the significant successes he has achieved in his entire career as well as the recognition he has received from various prestigious individuals like Bill Clinton, who gave him an ambassadorial opportunity to serve in India. The efforts that the duo has continued to put in his work has born him great fruits, and he believes that he will continue impacting many lives through sharing his life experiences.

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Oren Frank, CEO of Talkspace, is Committed to Improve the Accessibility and Affordability of Therapy

There is a mental health crisis in the present world and as much as a lot of progress has been made towards increasing mental health awareness, Oren Frank recognized the need to increase access to therapy as well as its affordability. According to WHO, people with depression makes up about 15% of world’s population. Since 2013, the number of people diagnosed with depression has increased by 33%. It is estimated that you are more likely to experience depression at some point in your life than developing heart disease and diabetes. Check out to read more reviews on talkspace.

Oren Frank is the Co-Founder and CEO of Talkspace, a leader in the provision of online and mobile psychotherapy. His passion to better the society his driven by the power of innovation and technology. He has been persistent in his pursuit of “Therapy for All” mission. Oren Frank holds a strong belief that mental health care is a moral right. Everyone should be able to access the support they need whenever they experience mental health issues.

Prior to Talkspace, Oren Frank was a successful senior marketing as well as advertising executive at McCann Erickson WorldWide among other firms. He served diligently in the position to become a progressive creative strategist. The company has served more than one million people over the past six years it has been in operation. Frank has been exposed to as well as concerned about the complexity of the problem.

Oren Frank started Talkspace alongside his wife out of a personal experience. His marriage faced challenges and it was almost breaking up before they got help. They are now a happy family with two beautiful daughters. Since then, Frank decided to change the course of therapy accessibility and affordability in the world. Frank figured out there is a correlation between sleep habits with productivity and general well being. That is the reason why he makes sure he gets enough sleep for at least 7 hours.


Sergey Petrossov Has Built A Vibrant Business Model That Has Garnered Him Widespread Acclaim

As the founder and the Chief Executive Officer at JetSmarter, Sergey Petrossov has established himself as one of the most forward-thinking and innovative young entrepreneurs in today’s modern and rapidly changing business world. He has picked up some impressive honors that help to emphasize this fact as well. Sergey Petrossov has been the recipient of the distinction of being one of South Florida’s Top Working Professionals as well as being named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 In Consumer Technology list. These awards have been garnered largely due to the commitment to excellence and innovation that Sergey Petrossov adheres to in his professional activity.

Sergey Petrossov achieved a great deal of success before his founding of JetSmarter. He previously served as an advisor to the board of one of South Florida’s leading operators in the private jet sector as well as being a co-founder of a revolutionary chat system that assisted website customers. The inspiration that Sergey Petrossov took on in order to found JetSmarter came from his recognition of the challenges that existed in the traditional approach that has been used for the booking for chartered air travel. With the rapid rise of the mobile marketplace, Sergey Petrossov felt that there was another way and that he could do better.

In order to get his JetSmarter project going and running strong, Sergey Petrossov has brought in a dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced individuals who are at the forefront of the air travel field. The company utilizes highly skilled teams in the areas of technology and management as well as employing an excellent team that operates in an advisory capacity. The bottom line is the fact that Sergey Petrossov is behind the development of a revolutionary app that allows flyers to easily connect with the top private jet providers in today’s air travel market. The results have been impressive, to say the least, and have really been changing the way that customer book chartered flights.

Jason Hope- A passionate tech commentator and enthusiast

On matters of technology, few people can match the expertise of Jason Hope. He is one of the finest tech enthusiasts who can predict the coming trends before other experts. In the past, he has made predictions which have been proved to be a correct. For instance, he predicted the coming of the internet of things many years before it started rolling out. Today, the internet of things is the most prominent technological trend that is happening in the world. Everyone is trying to align their business goals with this technology to avoid being run out of business. Jason Hope says that the biggest multinationals are in a competition on which company will provide superior products that support the internet of things.

He believes that this competition will accelerate the pace of growth of the internet of things. Every company wants to have the best quality products in the market in order to dominate business during the era of the internet of things. Businesses that will fail to align their plans with this technology are at high risk of becoming obsolete in the near future. Jason Hope is offering entrepreneurs an opportunity to learn and understand what this technology is all about. He has published a book that is available on Amazon, which informs the people about the most basic information about the internet of things. It is a new technology that comes with many advantages as well as risks that need to be managed.

Jason Hope is also supporting a crucial biotechnology research. He is actively involved in the work of a research foundation known as SENS. He believes that the rejuvenation biotechnology research that this organization is carrying out has the potential of coming up with an anti-aging drug that will eliminate the negative impact of old age. His eyes are focused on a solution that will eliminate old age and diseases such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease among others. He believes that if the aging process is reversed, these diseases can be eliminated from the face of the earth. To support his research work, Jason Hope has donated over half a million dollars to this organization.


Rebel Wilson Rom-Com, Isn’t It Romantic Film, Is Going to supersede Your Expectation

Particular rules guide romantic comedies. The participants have the liberty to either follow, or overthrow them. First and foremost, the leads are usually exceptionally hot. Secondly, everyone else around them cannot help but notice their attraction to each other – way before they do.

Thirdly, all the scenes are usually bright and colorful irrespective of the appearance of the city they are in. Fourthly, the lead almost always has a sexless or oversexed best friend, yet no story of their own. Finally, while the woman is clumsy, she is the adorable type.

If you desire to watch something out of the ordinary, that would have to be Isn’t It Romantic film on Netflix today. You wouldn’t be mistaken to label the film as anti-rom-com. Rebel Wilson, acting as Natalie takes the lead role.

She has lived with a poor mentality that she acquired from her mother. Natalie believes that love is not meant for girls like her. Her mother told her that girls like her would only find someone to marry them only if the guy in question is in desperate need of a visa. Having carried these sentiments into adulthood, Natalie is still struggling with confidence issues.

Natalie lives in New York and is a hardworking architect whose work hardly gets noticed. The men in the office only see her as a coffee goffer, as opposed to a highly talented professional capable of designing a new hotel. Read more:  Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

One day in the subway, during an encounter with a thief, she hits her head violently and loses consciousness. She later wakes up in a hospital and is leading her worst nightmare. Her life now turns into a romantic comedy filled with rom-com tropes.

If you haven’t watched the film, you can now look forward to famous celebrities gracing your screen. Picture individuals such as Betty Gilpin (her female work rival), Liam Hemsworth (the stranger who hits her with a car), and Devine (her very kind best friend).

The soundtracks are amazing, comprised of all the radio hits one would expect on Valentine’s Day Playlist – Vanessa Carlton, Annie Lennox, and Donna Lewis. The movie is undoubtedly way better than what one would expect from a film with the Isn’t It Romantic title.

About Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson was born on 2nd March 1980. The Australian actress is also a writer and a producer. She studied at the Australian Theater for Young People and graduated in 2003. Upon leaving college, she started making appearances on Pizza (an SBS comedy series) as Toula and in The Wedge, also a series of Sketch Comedy.


The series, Bogan Pride is a production of Rebel Wilson which she personally wrote and starred in 2008. Besides making a guest appearance in City Homicide, Rebel Wilson also won Tropfest’s best actress award thanks to her role in Bargain in 2009.

Shortly after her relocation to the United States, Rebel Wilson featured in the film Bridesmaids as Brynn. Some of the other movies she has appeared include; What to Expect When You are Expecting, A Few Best Men and Struck by Lighting. In 2011, Variety named her in their list of the “Top Ten Comics to Watch for 2011”.

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