Jealous of My Dog’s Food?

Looking down the dog food aisle to find something for the four-legged member of your family, you notice something peculiar. A clear container of dog food reveals its contents, and looks like a stew you would eat yourself! Not only does the meal look good, with it’s large chunks of meat, rice, and vegetables, but the container of this scrumptious looking meal appears to be of a high quality. For a moment, you find yourself stopping to ask yourself one curious question. Are you crazy for being a bit jealous of your pooch over such delicious looking meals? Not according to the Facebook article “Premium dog food sales surge with new innovations in healthy food” where we learn of a manufacturing chief that trusts his product so much he actually goes so far as to taste it himself for quality! Curiously enough it is not just new companies, such as Freshpet, that are providing such high-quality premium dog food, though. That fancy bowl and stew mentioned earlier are actually a reference to a more well-known company and their premium wet dog food. PurinaStore Beneful has an entire line of wet and dry premium dog food. Some of the wet brands, such as Simmered Beef Entree or Savory Rice & Lamb Stew, look so good you might want to pop it in the microwave for yourself. However, if you are like the author of this article, you prefer to give the furriest member of your family dry food. Don’t worry the quality doesn’t drop just because the meal looks more like dog food. Beneful’s dry dog foods are made with real meat and vegetables. They even have premium dog treats and dental sticks! Talk about on twitter an all-around healthy food choice! So next time you head down that dog food aisle and your tummy start to grumble don’t freak out! Just remind yourself what the article says.

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  1. Cassie Lamb

    December 5, 2016

    Dog food companies are really stepping up their game when it comes to premium dog food. Who knows, one day your dog just might be eating better than you. It is a way for essayontime discount to have time for themselves.

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