More moving In – Real Estate in New York

RE/MAX is joining the New York real-estate market with local brokerages that will develop throughout the state. The company’s announcement, originally reported on Real Estate Weekly, is part of their national plan that has included massive buybacks from franchise owners. The founder of RE/MAX, Dave Liniger, is confident their presence in New York will achieve substantial success as it has in their other newly entered regions; New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New England. RE/MAX’s projected success is likely keeping many New York agents anxiously waiting for their arrival.

Also highly successful in New York is the TOWN Residential real estate services firm. In merely 5 years this company has established prestigious and well sought out after services related to luxury real estate. Services include assistance with the leasing of commercial and retail estate, luxury residential sales, and luxury residential leasing. Further, TOWN has created multiple guides available for NYC Apartment for rent clients and has a Corporate Services Division capable of providing corporate relocation support. This firm is brimming with proficiency.

TOWN Residential’ s expertise stem from their Best Firm to Work For title and their place on the Top Best 50 Places to Work in New York City. These declarations attract and maintain expert agents who specialize in luxury real estate. Also contributing to their success is strategic press coverage aimed at luxury and lifestyle media outlets. Strategy is crucial in the midst of such competition.

The competition in the New York real estate market originates in the likelihood of higher commissions due to higher price points. Also likely drawn to the state for the same initial reasons are The Franzese Group and Keller Williams. Though the market in NY is fundamentally different from the suburban markets most these groups are accustomed to, the three companies parade success and RE/MAX will follow. The rapid real estate growth in NY is clearly evident.

George Soros and the GOP

The fund managers for George Soros have made donations of $488,375 to the soft money fund of the Governor’s. Soros himself is known for providing funds to the left wing branches of the Government. He has spent as much as billions of dollars in funding the left wing candidates. Other organizations that he has funded are pro-amnesty organizations. George Soros according to NY has made a ton of donations to different Democrats in Congress.
George Soros is particularly opposed to Donald Trump’s policy. He is typically someone who donates to the democrat party. However, there is someone who has gained the interest of George Soros even though he is a Republican according to an article released on The Political Insider. The name of the Republican candidate is John Kaisch. John Kaisch has gained the attention of Marketwatch hedge fund expert George Soros because he is the voice of reason among Republicans. As a matter of fact, he has gained a huge donation from George Soros of the Open Society Foundations which is bringing a lot of attention to itself from conservatives.

George Soros himself is someone who has been alive during the conflict in Germany which made him have to make a run for a different country. This is one of the reasons that he is opposed to the anti-immigration policies of Donald Trump. George Soros is reported by Bloomberg to also following the crisis of the EU and sees a major global economic crisis resulting from the mishandling of the whole situation in Greece. He has also made plenty of donations to different democratic candidates throughout his career. Among the jobs he has held was that of a salesman of fancy goods, an arbitrage trader, a European Securities analyst and plenty of other jobs.

How White Shark Media Deals with Complaints and the Reviews They Have Got


White Shark Media is a Digital Marketing Agency that was founded in 2011 by Danish entrepreneurs. They provide online marketing solutions for medium and small-sized businesses. Now, they are one of the leading agencies in the industry as they have been acknowledged as one of the fastest-growing digital agency in North America. Their founders have a lot of experience in offline and online marketing. This agency is certified, and they have accreditations. Today, we will go over how White Shark Media handle complaints and their reviews.




There are a lot of positive reviews from their clients that are available on their website. Those reviews stated that after working with the White Shark Media, their businesses improved, and they are thrilled to work with this agency. A lot of them also stated that they would recommend this agency to other people because of their great services.


Most importantly, it’s amazing how many positive reviews that can be seen on their website. Their clients are undoubtedly satisfied with their services; some of them stated that the experience of working with White Shark Media has been excellent as they managed to meet their expectations. In addition, some stated that their service was perfect. The positive reviews about this agency are proofs that they are trusted, and you should not worry about their services.


How They Deal with Complaints


Even though there are a lot of positive reviews about White Shark Media on Youtube, there are clients who reached out to them with complaints. However, White Shark Media tries their best to provide the best services possible, and when there are clients who reach out to them with complaints, they try to fix it. Moreover, they learn from their previous mistakes and implement new ways so that they wouldn’t get the same complaints again.


For example, there are clients who complained about the communication. They feel like it isn’t good enough. To avoid having this complaint in the future, this agency implemented scheduled monthly calls where the client and the strategist review the results. In addition, they also implemented phone systems with direct extensions.


They solve complaints they received and implement things to avoid them in the future. This is a great way to deal with complaints.




Even though there were clients who complained to them, they resolved the issue quickly and implemented new strategies to prevent the same complaint to appear again. White Shark Media deals with complaints professionally.

George Soros Warns the World that China is in Trouble


George Soros is a billionaire that has an uncanny ability to accurately predict how a situation is going to turn out before it happens. While the Hungarian billionaire magnet is not 100% on everything that he says; he has made some pretty bold claims in the past that have come true. As a matter of fact, this is how Soros made his fortune. He accurately predicted that the British pound was going to lose its value back in the early 90s.

Since that time, Soros has been fairly consistent with predicting what will and will not happen in the world of business and politics.

In January of 2016, Soros provided some insight to business and government leaders about China’s declining economy. Soros pointed out that China is no longer growing like they did in the past. Instead, the nation is losing its position as the second best economy in the world. China’s problems has to do with its consumer driven market that is now emerge. Up until recent years, China had remained strong because it was a producer and manufacturer that shipped trillions of dollars of products all over the world. China is also the world’s leading trading nation.

China’s economy has now switched to a consumer driven model. This means that China is now consuming just as much as it is selling. Businesses know what is taking place and so do the organizations that control the nation’s economy. As a matter of fact, the Chinese people are trying to push China’s currency for more than what it is worth. This is dangerous because it means that China is trying to push more of its debt off to outside countries. This in turn could trigger a global recession.

America’s economy suffered in 2006 and things went belly up from a bloated credit market that did not have anything backing it. The housing situation in America had also contributed to the economic decline. People were being allowed to move into homes who clearly could not afford them. These factors (and a few more) is what knocked the bottom of the American economy which sent negative financial shockwaves across the globe.

Soros wants the world to see that China has to make changes for things to get better. These changes would require that the nation not overvalue its currency. China would also have to put a limit on consumer spending and revamp its manufacturing. George Soros has more to say about this issue in the article George Soros Sees Crisis in Global Markets That Echoes 2008.

The Growing Popularity of OrganoGold

There are a lot of people that are checking out what OrganoGold has to offer. This is the company that has managed to lure coffee drinkers from around the world. Much of this appeal is linked to the healing mushroom ingredient that has allowed this company to stand out.

Bernardo Chua is the founder of the popular OrganoGold brand, and he knew that he was on to something good the first time that he got ready to introduce OrganoGold to the world. He would acquire the best coffee beans and advertise this as gourmet healing coffee. This was familiar yet different because it was promoted as a new brand of healthy coffee.

That is the real marketing genius of Bernardo Chua. He has kept people looking out for the brand that has received recognition in Africa, Asia and America. Bernardo Chua is from the Philippines. After all, this was a nation of coffee drinkers that had already become accustomed to the ever-so-popular $5 Starbucks brand.

Chua would make the wise decision to cut out the middle man and bypass selling to stores. There are already enough well-established western brands like Folgers and Maxwell House on the market today. What Bernardo would do is tap into the direct distribution route. This would give people in small coffee shops a chance to try it. The method of selling the product would also give people access to the coffee that shopped at the small Mom & Pop stores. This would eventually spark a crowd of social media followers that would start spreading the buzz about the brand.

That is why people in coffee shops in South Africa are talking about this. That is why people in New York or Arizona are secretly enjoying this coffee in their homes. The word is spreading, and it is becoming harder to contain. People want this healing coffee, and they want it right now. The brand is expanding into a lot of different flavors so this increases the appeal even more.

What OrganoGold has done is make it easier for people to enjoy without feeling guilty about it. Drinking coffee that has a health agent makes people feel better about consuming this beverage.  Bernardo has spoken about this to OrganoGold, and it’s a big part of why it remains a popular brand today.

George Soros Shows Why He Is More Than Willing to Support

George Soros will go down to history in this year’s American presidential race as the top most sponsor in the campaigns. He is prepared to spend an enormous amount on the campaign since he did it last in 2004 when he supported the groups that wanted to oust the then president George Bush. HE is supporting Hillary Clinton this time and is not leaving anything to chance to ensure that she wins. He revealed to a supporter of Clinton the regrets not supporting her in the 2004 race. He, however, say that this years’ presidential race reminds him of the presidential campaigns of the year 2008.


It gives him the right to say and comment whatever he feels is right for him and to the general public. He is a Hungarian-born, but various issues made him land in America. The Nazi invasion made him escape to England where he would earn his education and graduate from Law School of Economics in London. He learnt so much experience in the business industry, and when he landed in America, he began his business which has turned out to be the most fruitful and profitable.


Forbes billionaire George Soros has always been philanthropic towards the right course. He started helping out blacks in Cape Town to be able to attend University education through the foundation. He never tired, and he went ahead and funded an organization that is operating over 100 countries globally known as Open Society Foundation. The foundation is a group of the foundations that has networks ensuring that free societies are bred in the world.


Open Society Foundation advocates for a free society where people should be treated equally; the government should be always involved, and the truth is open to all not to a few with what is happening in the society. Soros is willing and has already started signs of supporting Clinton as he has already donated $ 8 million US dollars to his campaign. He views Clinton as the leader who can bring some sense to the society as it reminds him how he didn’t support Clinton’s campaign by then and supported Obama. He reveals that he is willing to work with Clinton as long as he is given the chance. All that is important is the welfare of the people of the state. His humble beginnings remind him to serve the people better. That is the reason he is ready to support a leader who will promote business in the world so that markets can be stable.