George Soros and the GOP

The fund managers for George Soros have made donations of $488,375 to the soft money fund of the Governor’s. Soros himself is known for providing funds to the left wing branches of the Government. He has spent as much as billions of dollars in funding the left wing candidates. Other organizations that he has funded are pro-amnesty organizations. George Soros according to NY has made a ton of donations to different Democrats in Congress.
George Soros is particularly opposed to Donald Trump’s policy. He is typically someone who donates to the democrat party. However, there is someone who has gained the interest of George Soros even though he is a Republican according to an article released on The Political Insider. The name of the Republican candidate is John Kaisch. John Kaisch has gained the attention of Marketwatch hedge fund expert George Soros because he is the voice of reason among Republicans. As a matter of fact, he has gained a huge donation from George Soros of the Open Society Foundations which is bringing a lot of attention to itself from conservatives.

George Soros himself is someone who has been alive during the conflict in Germany which made him have to make a run for a different country. This is one of the reasons that he is opposed to the anti-immigration policies of Donald Trump. George Soros is reported by Bloomberg to also following the crisis of the EU and sees a major global economic crisis resulting from the mishandling of the whole situation in Greece. He has also made plenty of donations to different democratic candidates throughout his career. Among the jobs he has held was that of a salesman of fancy goods, an arbitrage trader, a European Securities analyst and plenty of other jobs.

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  1. Alondra Melvin

    October 14, 2017

    Among the people George Soros has made a donation to Hilary Clinton. There are also more efforts being made by George Soros to deal with border patrol. It would mean for sure that essay help might have gone ahead to ensure that these things are getting out of control which is not easy.

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