Shaping The World Of Shopping

Have you ever loved something that your friend was wearing and asked where they go it, but of course they couldn’t remember where? What if you could just snap a picture of their shirt, and be able to find the exact same one or products that were similar, and then purchase right from you smartphone? That’s exactly what image recognition technology is going to be able to do for you in the upcoming years.

By being able to snap a photo, the image recognition technology will be able to take certain attributes of the item and find the exact same or very similar products that are for sale right now. Stores like Macy, JC Penny, Neiman Marcus and others are already in the process of making this available to shoppers.
The leading company in the field, Slyce Inc, is already ahead of the game. They have developed a mobile app with image search technology and have already partnered up with six of the top 20 retail companies in the United States to operate this technology. Based in Toronto, Slyce launched it’s product recognition technology in February of 2013. Since then, Slyce has generated about $10.75 million in funding and welcomed many well known app developers to their team.

Though Slyce has many products and services it offer’s its clients and customers, the favorite happens to be their Snap-to-Buy product recognition platform. By integrating Snap-to-Buy into the retailers already existing website, it allows the application to take the customer to the companies website of the identified products. Also, with it’s visual search recognition technology, it can find products that are similar to the product in the photo that was snapped.

Slyce has been called “The Shazam of Shopping”. Not only can you snap a photo of something that you see in person, you can also take a picture of something in a magazine, on Facebook or Instagram, and the technology will find that product or similar ones for you.

How to Develop an Awesome Investment Banking Resume with Madison Street Capital

Many students of investment banking who are looking to land their first big job in the banking industry struggle to put together a list of achievements and qualifications to present to their potential employers that will make them stand out of the crowd. Developing a great resume can be a daunting task in any field, but it is particularly difficult to do in the field of investment banking. It is necessary for future investment bankers to understand some of the key achievements that employers seek on the resumes that lead to job interviews. By listing these sorts of achievements, students can increase the likelihood of being offered an interview by an investment banking firm by up to 40%.

The most vital qualification that most investment bankers have sited with regards to the resumes of potential candidates for a banking position is the internship. Investment banking firms want to know if a candidate has had any real, day to day experience in the banking industry. Being qualified only through academics is simply not enough to secure a position in the banking industry in today’s time. Ideal candidates will possess several completed hours with a respected and reputable investment banking firm before applying for a paid position. Candidates without adequate internship experience or candidates who have buried their experience on the bottom or back page of a resume will likely have their resume quickly tossed in with the pile of rejected candidates. Alternatively, candidates who list 1 or more prominent internships as one of the first qualifications on the resume are much more likely to be called in for an interview with the employer.

Madison Street Capital is an extremely beneficial company to individuals who find themselves in the difficult position of having to stand out among a sea of qualified candidates for an investment banking job. This company provides essential corporate financial advisory services to those interested in investment banking. Utilizing the years of the combined financial experiences of Madison Street Capital professionals will undoubtedly provide banking candidates with a unique outlook on the preferred qualifications of a potential banker.

Madison Street Capital offers services to potential investment bankers as well as established financial institutions. With offices on several continents including North America, Asia, and Africa, the company is qualified to provide consultations in international finances. Job seekers who wish to begin their careers in the investment banking field can gain unique information regarding their fields of expertise and eventually broaden their job outlook with knowledge about foreign markets. This company is an ideal platform for students and professionals alike to develop useful skill related to the investment banking market, as well as educate themselves regarding profitable business ventures and projects.

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For Variety Nutrition, and Taste, Beneful is Number One

Whether our dog is a lively puppy or a sedate senior citizen, an immense Rottweiler or a tiny Chihuahua, a go-getter or given to frequent meditative spells, Purinastore the creator of Beneful, has something excellent for them all. Beneful provides dog-owners a great range of choices to select from, allowing us to feed our pets tasty and varied meals while being confident that the foods and treats they eat are providing 100% of their nutritional needs.

Take puppy food, for example. Beneful’s Healthy Puppy is a dry food that is loaded with calcium for healthy teeth and bones, DHA to promote brain and eye development, and all of the nutrients necessary for healthy growth. Puppies love its flavor; made with real chicken, peas and carrots are blended in to make it extra tasty. If we have a dog who’s reached his adult years but still loves to play like a puppy, we can try Playful Life, another dry dogfood but this time enriched with beef and egg, accented with blueberries and spinach. More sedate dogs may need to watch their calories, of course, so Beneful has developed Healthy Weight. This tasty dry food gives our senior pets all the nutrients they need but with fewer calories. There’s still lots of flavor in their bowls, though; Healthy Weight is made with chicken and seasoned with apples, carrots, and green beans.
Smaller dogs can gobble up dry dog food too, of course. But if they’d prefer savory bits in their bowls, then we can give them one of Beneful’s yummy Chopped Blends. These meals look and smell absolutely delicious. They come in six different blends, so our dogs can have a different meal almost every night of the week: turkey with sweet potatoes, brown rice, and spinach one night, beef with carrots, peas, and barley the next. Chopped Blends come in 10-ounce tubs, so they are suitable for both medium-size and small dogs. Those of us who feed little dogs and like the convenience of single-portion cans will appreciate Beneful’s Incredibites. Conveniently sold three 3-ounce cans to the pack, Incredibites come in beef, chicken, and salmon, all accented with a variety of vegetables to make mealtime really special.
We can’t go wrong with Beneful’s treats. For nutritional excellence, economical price, and variety, Beneful is unsurpassed. Like Beneful on facebook:

George Soros Has A Prediction That Looks A Lot Like 2008

George Soros is a brilliant businessman who has invested his money well in the past, and he has billions to play with when he is managing his own business. However, George Soros is going to give people the best information he has on every new financial item that turns up in the news. He is watching the world economy more than anyone else, and he is helping people get the results that they want instead of just waiting for them to figure it out. He remembers how much value was lost in 2008, and George Soros wants people to look around and wonder if they are not in 2008 right now.

2008 was a different time because people in America where losing value in their loans, but it is was also a time when there was a problem with debt and other issues in Europe. Europe is a place with a lot of countries and a union on that might not last that long if people are not careful. These countries are scared of the refugees they are getting, and they are afraid to pay their fair share to help them. That could drag down Europe, and it will make the whole continent unstable.

The people that investing in China probably remember how volatile China got in 2008, and they are going to remember that they had a hard time investing in the yuan. The Chinese government has actually stopped people from investing on the yuan, and they are looking for ways to grow better. They are listening to calls of people like George Soros because they know that he knows what he is talking about. They know that he has a very good idea what the economy is doing, and they know they have to reach their growth projections.

The next big thing that has to happen is that people in America need to make sure that they take their presidential election seriously. George Soros is pretty involved in American politics on, and he knows that the election of Barack Obama helped the world economy in 2008 and beyond. He also knows that there has to be a good president in America is there is not to be another fallout in the world economy. Anyone who is deeply concerned can do their part to keep the economy going through these hard times.

The big part of this is that people will see history repeat itself many times until they do something about it, and anyone who is listening to George Soros will keep up their confidence in the markets while they get worked out. He has never been shy about investing, and he does not want people to pull back. A loss of confidence is going to tank the economy, and George does not want to see people losing value because they allowed 2008 to happen again. He wants to better leadership in Europe and China, and he wants to see people not afraid to keep investing while the markets work themselves out.

Bob Reina At The Helm Of Talk Fusion

Bob Reina is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion. Reina has been a driven individual since he was young and he has always been looking for ways to help others. After high school, Reina chose to go to the University of South Florida. After graduating, Reina decided to go to the police academy. Reina graduated at the very top of his class and won the award of merit. As a police officer, Reina did everything from property crimes and traffic patrol to more major crimes against individuals.

It was during his time as a police officer that Reina was approached to join a multi-level marketing company. He turned down the first offer but then joined a succession of different multi-level marketing opportunities. Within each opportunity, Reina was able to rise to the top of the distributors. New video technology was brought to Reina’s attention as a possible multi level marketing idea and so he got to work and made it happen and was able to found it in 2007.

Talk Fusion, the direct selling company that Bob Reina founded and is now the CEO of, is now one of the top video platform providers. The idea behind the company is to connect people around the world with the best quality of video and the most ease of use and if they choose to connect more people in, they will be able to make money and achieve their dreams.

While Talk Fusion has the video chat application available for free for all to download on most major app libraries, they also have other tools that individuals and businesses can use. These other tools are packages that have to be paid for by the consumer and are meant to be utilized for marketing purposes by businesses and to share memories with loved ones for personal use. Consumers can have a community blog, use video email, have live meetings, create video newsletters and find new leads. All of the tools will work on every device and every single operating system.

A Recap on Unpaid Loan That Raises Concern about Devco

Last month, New Brunswick Development Corporation did not pay $1 million principal that it owes Reinvestment Development Authority. Additionally, it also did not pay interest on its $20 million loan owing the same casino. Note that the authority has been in arrears for five years, which brings the missed payments to a total of close to $7 million.

According to Press of Atlanta City, New Brunswick Development Corporation took the loan in 2005 for the construction of the Heldrich, which is a new conference center and hotel. The New Brunswick Development Corporation outfit is a replica of Atlanta City Development Corporation, a sister company. The two companies are consulting the lawyer who arranged for the $20 million loan. Christopher Paladino is the lawyer who arranged for the Heldrich loan.

The lawyer said that CRDA would get its payments, just that it will take some more time probably more years. The lawyer stated that he would be euphoric when the corporation clears its loan. CRDA’s executive director acknowledges that they take risky loans but reducing risks helps the projects to be feasible. Visit for more information on the loan.

About Devco

Devco (New Brunswick Development Corporation) is a development company that operates in Grande Prairie since 1996. It has experience in land development, property management, and construction. Its real estate division is responsible for managing all sales, negotiations, maintenance, and management of ongoing projects. Over the years, Devco has done over 50 important commercial, residential, and industrial projects such as West Side Plaza. Jeremy Walker is the president, and Kevin Walker is the project manager.

The company formulates European Union development policies with a bid to reduce poverty all over the world. It also ensures sustainable social, environmental, and social development and promotes democracy and good governance. Devco fosters coordination between its member states and the EU (European Union). It is a member of Canadian Commercial Council of Realtors, Urban Developers Institute of Alberta and Alberta Real Estate Association. Klaus Rusdischhauser is the deputy director general of devco since 1 March 2016.



Martin Lustgarten Offers A Unique CEO Style

The ability to successfully oversee an investment banking firm is difficult. The CEO of an investment banking firm has many responsibilities. Some of the main responsibilities are to attract, acquire, and maintain clients. The clients can come from a variety of sources. However, one of the primary sources of clients for investment banks are corporations.


The reason why corporations are a prime client source for investment banks is because investment banks are designed in a manner that accommodates the daily needs of most corporations both large and small. Corporations have a real need for financial funds to initiate and complete corporate financial transactions. The funds necessary for many of these financial transactions can require millions of dollars. Investment banks are structured in a manner that allow investment banks to be able to provide large sums of money to corporations for these financial transactions.


In addition, investment banks can provide a level of flexibility to corporations concerning the use of funds for financial transactions. This flexibility is important to corporations because corporations tend to change actions based on various circumstances, which sometimes are beyond the corporations’ control. Constant change is a part of the corporate world, and investment banks understand this aspect of the corporate world.


At the center of the investment banking services that investment banks provide to corporations are investment bankers. The investment bankers ensure that the financial transactions are handled in the proper manner, and they also ensure that the investment banks are always put in a good business position concerning any business deals that are handled using investment bank funds.


Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker who demonstrates the importance of the investment banker in the daily operations of an investment bank. Martin Lustgarten is the founder and CEO of Lustgarten Martin, which is an investment banking firm. He manages the day-to-day business activities for Lustgarten Martin along with seeking and acquiring new clients.


Martin Lustgarten has been able to create a successful investment banking firm based primarily on his investment banker knowledge and experience. He has successfully grown and maintained an impressive list of corporate clients that he serves through his investment banking firm. Check out his Soundcloud page to see what music he’s into.

Two New Trustees Added to the Charity Board by Sanjay Shah

Pete Best and Will have been appointed as new trustee board members at the Autism Rocks which is a charity organization based in London. Autism Rocks has been responsible for raising donations meant for autism research.
Sanjay Shah together with his brothers have been working very closely since their university days and they hope their professional skills will be of great benefit to the Autism Rocks organization in 2016.
Autism Rocks was founded by Sanjay Shah. It is a charity event and an invitation only live concert which aims at raising awareness and funds for autism research. Sanjay Shah, the philanthropist is said to have started the organization with the aim of informing and educating the communities about the specific conditions associated with autism and why it is necessary to have research conducted.
The Autism Rocks is capable of funding autism research in order to assist in the process of identifying anyone who might be able to develop autism and be able to evaluate support that will be useful in helping him or her for the rest of their lives.
The two new trustees will be tasked with the duties and responsibilities of Autism Rocks managerial, the musical events, funds and affairs. The two will be active members in the board when it comes to decision making especially in matters which directly affect Autism Rocks. They will come up with reports on the long term and short term objectives for the firm. The release was through PR Newswire.
About Sanjay Shah
Sanjay Shah decided to start a charity event in Autism Rocks back in 2014 immediately after Nikhil was diagnosed with autism. Shah used his love for music and his love for his family to create autism awareness.
Shah has successfully managed to come up with an outlet to assist in rising of autism research fund by personally creating awareness on the neurological disorder.