The Gold Market After Brexit

With Britain’s exit from the European Union now a reality, demand for gold coins has been on the rise. Many investors naturally turn to gold in times of economic stress as an alternative that will keep its value over the long term.

Since Brexit, buyers in the U.K. and around the world have been turning to gold coins and bullion as a way of providing security to their financial portfolios. The price of gold has already risen in response to this demand, and is likely to go higher as concerns elsewhere in Europe mount over Brexit’s ongoing effect on the financial markets. Brexit has had a greater impact on gold price than even the valuation of the U.S. dollar. But the coming presidential election in the U.S. is only exacerbating the problem elsewhere.

While the ultimate result of Brexit has yet to be seen, the rising prices are in part mitigated by sellers who wish to take advantage of the jump in price to sell their current holdings at a profit. However, the likelihood is that the value of gold will continue to rise as the economies of Britain, Europe, and the rest of the world face an uncertain fate over the next few years. Gold and other precious metal investments will continue to be seen as a sound financial move, particularly if the worst fears are realized and Brexit wipes out millions in British stock values.

Gold has been a prized and easily liquidated source of wealth throughout human history. Even amid the financial failures of the Great Recession a few years back, the value of gold continued to rise. Gold coins and bullion can be seen as not only retaining their value, but almost guaranteed to appreciate when other sources of wealth are failing. In the five days following the Brexit vote, the rush to buy gold exceeded by 10 times the amount sold at the end of the recession in 2011. That amounts to some $2.7 billion changing hands in the first week alone.

If you’ve thought about getting in on this trend before prices rise much further, you should visit U.S. Money Reserve to get a picture of the current precious metals market and obtain your free Gold Information Kit.

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Inmate Correctional Calls Have Never Been Easier

Thousands of people each year rely on inmate calling features to stay connected, but they complain about the cost of the service. Operator assisted calls can be very expensive and cost the bulk of the fees listed on the agreement disclosure. Securus Technologies is the top leading professionals in inmate call monitoring and providing quality effective and affordable services. They have been proudly serving the local general public for over 25 years. They were proud to announce their successful fourth quarter in a PRN News article. They also have worked with the Public Utility Commission to ensure other companies are under mandated government regulations.


They’ve recently had two successful acquisitions with Jpay and Vimeo to offer quality services that also help their customers say money. They ensure that you will have to make far less trips to a correctional facility with Securus Technologies. They have integrated features that give inmates personalized services. They have rates that can’t compare with their competitors and they also offer their customers free calls in Louisiana for a limited time. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to be able to stay connected to your loved ones in a correctional facility.


Features Offered By Securus Technologies


Video Chat Feature


Securus Technologies has teamed up with the highly popular video giant Vimeo. Together they offer their clients a video chat feature for inmate calls that offers stellar innovative video chat calls. You’re in complete control of the video and the sound.


Advanced Pay Options


Securus Technologies has partnered with JPay to offer their customers advance pay features. This will allow their customers to get call credits in advance for inmate calling without ever leaving home because customers can pay in advance by telephone. Visit the Securus Technologies website for more details today.



IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services is a 25 country logistics leader. IAP stands for ingenuity and purpose. These concepts represent what the company always offers each and every one of its clients. It has an impressive roster and includes the U.S. military and the U.S. government.

IAP Worldwide Services provided support for the U.S. Armed Services in Saudi Arabia and Operation Desert Storm. It also furnished the maintenance and the management of the military bases offering automated environmental control systems for lighting, fire, and security. IAP offers similar services to commercial entities worldwide.

In 1953 at the time of inception, IAP Worldwide gave maintenance support to the space launch base at Cape Canaveral in Florida. At that point and for the next 45 years, it began airport master planning, construction management, and engineering. The company continued to develop and evolve providing even more necessary services.

From 1953 to present, IAP has fulfilled the needs of its clients. In 1989, realizing each company has unique personnel issues, IAP began furnishing professional technical support and vital temporary staff. As of 1990, IAP began working with the U.S. Military. Later it became a partner with the Armed Forces as a result of their excellent performance. From there, it expanded to include international procurement, emergency disaster relief, transportation services and mobile power generation. By 2004, the company had started advancing into emerging markets amassing contracts worth $370 million.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services: IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.: Private Company Information

To further expound upon its desire to resolve complex operations’ issues, 2005 IAP responded to global growth and added three new divisions: professional and technical services, base operations support, and global operations and logistics. It acquired G3 Systems, Ltd. in 2006. With this acquisition, IAP Worldwide Services was able to design, operate and maintain facilities and equipment around the world.

Today, IAP is under new ownership with 1600 employees in 110 locations. Its partnership with the U.S. Military has grown to support over 175,000 troops on their home bases in America and the Middle East. IAP Worldwide Services engages in scientific and technological development which allows their clients the ability to focus on healthcare and environmental protection. Their humanitarian efforts are delivered quickly bringing emergency power and life-supporting provision to many parts of the world.

IAP acquired two new DRS Technologies, Inc. and Tactical Communications and Network Solutions last year allowing it to double its client base. This new development has led to the formation of a new division, Aviation and Engineering Solutions. It allows IAP to provide aviation, communication and networking technologies. After 60 years as a preeminent international services business, IAP creates solutions for organizations and government agencies around the world.

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The Hedge Fund Industry with Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital, LLC is one of the few leading investment banks if the sector of financial services. The firm recently made a release of its fourth edition of its hedge fund industry overview of M&A. In 2015 alone, around 42 deals of hedge funds were announced or successfully closed. This information is according to the reports provided by Madison Street Capital, LLC, which indicates that there was an excess of 32 deals that were closed in 2014.

Comparing the transaction volumes of 2014 and 2014, it is visibly evident that in 2015 they were higher by about 27%. This discovery is in accordance with the AUM’s measurements. 2016 is the year, which is well positioned to see record breaking of M&A transactions regarding the hedge funds. Some additional drivers, which have increased this deal’s momentum in addition to operational wave, which was responsible for this growth in the fourth quarter of 2014, will foster the growth.

Notwithstanding the second-rate performance throughout most of the hedge fund’s strategies in the year 2015, the assets in the hedge fund sector are usually high at all time. Most importantly, institutional investors are continuing the essential allocations to the asset management field. This move will ideally serve as an alternative in the sector. These institutional investors are doing so with the sole aim of achieving higher returns, which will match the rising liabilities. All these endeavors come at a time when the hedge fund’s performance dawdled.

Smaller hedge fund managers are struggling in their quest to attract increased, new capital. Intrinsically, these efforts have made the smaller hedge funds to operate below stellar portfolio capacity. Managers have continued to face downward fee pressure. Concurrently, managers continue to incur overrated operation costs. Such adverse factors have pushed small hedge fund managers to look for strategic alternatives.

Karl D’Cunha serves at Madison Street Capital, LLC as the Senior-Managing Director, and he made positive statements, which show 2016 to be a good year in the hedge funds industry. In 2015, according to Karl, there was a high deal environment for the hedge funds. Optimistically, he continued to state that 2016 would be stronger and see more deals closed in comparison to 2015. Various deal mechanisms are being integrated in order to accommodate both the sellers and buyers.

Such deal mechanisms include the structuring of transactions as revenue-share stakes, PE stakes, and incubator deals or as seed, and PE bolt-ons among several others. In Karl’s prediction, there will be consolidations in the largely fragmented hedge fund sector. The full review of the hedge funds industry from Madison is available on

Madison Street Capital, LLC has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, and it is a leading firm in the investment-banking sector. As the leader in the provision of financial services, Madison Street Capital, LLC provides reliable financial advisory to other enterprises as well as consulting and M&A advisory services to hedge funds. The company utilizes a team of expertly trained and adept professionals, which advises asset managers on financial sponsor coverage, capital introduction, financial restructuring as well as portfolio valuation.

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