Dr. Brian Bonar Leads Companies To Business Success

Brian Bonar is a noted entrepreneur and financial expert who is currently based in San Diego, California.

Bonar holds a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Masters Degree in Business Administration, and a Doctorate Degree in International Business Development.

Bonar is originally from Scotland, attended universities in Scotland and England, and spent much of his early life in Europe.

Bonar has held a wide array of positions throughout his career. He began his professional career in 1969 as a procurement manager with IBM. After leaving IBM, Bonar worked as the Director of Engineering for QMS. Bonar has also held numerous sales and marketing management positions for several different companies.

In 1994 Brian Bonar launched his first entrepreneurial venture with the founding of Bezier Systems. Under his leadership, Bezier would develop the first SCSI printer. Bonar’s next entrepreneurial venture came in 2006 when he founded AMS Outsourcing, which specializes in helping companies outsource their non-core business support activities.

Bonar’s most recent business startup is a bit different. In 2016 he opened a restaurant, Bellamy’s Bistro, in San Diego. News reports indicate that he is also working on developing a 144-acre property in Bandy Canyon near San Diego, which will include a second larger restaurant.

Currently, Bonar is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman of the Board of 2 separate companies, Trucept and Dalrado Financial Services. He has been with Trucept since 2011 and under his leadership, Trucept has become a leader in providing temporary staffing and comprehensive human resource services to businesses throughout the United States.

Bonar has been with Dalrada Financial since 1992 and took over leadership of the company as CEO in 1998. He became Chairman of the Board in 1999. Dalrada specializes in comprehensive financial and benefit services for businesses.

In 2010 Dr. Bonar’s business accomplishments were recognized when Who’s Who’s named him distinguished business executive of the year for finance. Bonar is active in his community, serving organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club, The Lions Club, and Escondido Children’s Museum.

From his roots with IBM to his current leadership of Trucept and Dalrada, Brian Bonar has succeeded in managing numerous business entities to success and has created several businesses from scratch. Only time will tell what his next great success in business will be.