Donald Scott NYC: Leader in Hair Tools

The straight razor has been around since prehistory days. It has recently gained popularity in the razor market because of the close, smooth, and lasting shave it provides over other razors. They may be a little more work, but it is worth it for the for the premiere shave it provides. The right straight razor makes all the difference in the ease of use and results.

Donald Scott is a world renowned inventor, stylist, artist and educator. Donald Scott NYC is an innovator in creating hair salon products that are top of the line for professional hairstylists. They also have a line of razors for everyday people that want to invest in their appearance. The DS/X4 razor is one of the most popular products for Donald Scott NYC. This tool is ideal for cutting around discrete areas around the neck, ears, and eyebrows. The Prepare Liquid Tool Guide is another popular prepping product for Donald Scott NYC. It allows haircutting tools to seamlessly glide across the skin when cutting, shaping, and texturizing.

DSNYC-partner-intro-HD from Sharkmatic Advertising on Vimeo.