How Lori Senecal Has Managed To Dominate The Global Advertising and Marketing Space

Lori Senecal has achieved a lot but of prominence is her career in the advertisement and marketing sector. Lori Senecal became known in this industry when she once held executive positions at Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal and McCann Erickson. At KBS she was the Global Executive Chairman, and at Erickson, she was an executive in the top management. For more details, visit her LinkedIn account.

Through a lot of determination and always seeking to improve her, she was discovered by the Directorate of Crispin, Porter, and Bogusky. The company headhunted her for the position of Global Chief Executive Officer. Her presence in the group has inspired innovations and strong corporate culture that is client-centric.

Talking to Inspirery Lori Senecal revealed that her primary objective in business is to ensure that the client has made money before she can make money. The nature of advertising and marketing is that firms undertake marketing campaigns to acquire a new clientele or increase sales with the existing client. So before Lori can claim her dues, she has to ensure that her marketing campaign successfully achieved an increase in sales or a new clientele was realized.

According to Lori, a customer-centric approach to business enables enterprises to achieve profitability within a short. The success of this method is because customers will always give out referrals of companies that gave them the most creative product. She also knows that one of the best strategies, when you want to break even and achieve business success, is to know your clients before they know you. When you know your customers’ needs beforehand, you can predict solutions and products that will best suit them.

Lori Senecal wants to leverage the power of the internet to achieve new business opportunities. The internet presents companies with a unique space for advertising and marketing activities. Most brands are now alive to enormous business opportunities available on the web.

Senecal is the last born child in her family. She had four siblings and grew up in Montreal. As a child, she was able to set goals which have always kept her in constant pursuit of greatness in all the business ventures she associates creates.

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