Rocketship Education’s System Offers Unique Services to the Less Privileged Children

Low-income families go through tough times in San Jose such as the housing prices that have hit the sky. The families have been segregated from the rich. The future of the poor is more shady and darker in this region. Due to this, there is the need to flip the coin by strengthening education in the public sector. The project should target low-income communities. Rocketship Education has been in the forefront of providing equal education chances to students from all social cycles. They are public charter schools that have ensured that every student from the poor communities accesses the three-year college education. Since the first launch of this program in 2007, 25 public charter schools have been built.

Andrea Agassi’s Contribution towards Equal Education to All Children

Rocketship Rise Academy is located in Washington. Andrea Agassi recently launched it. The world champion tennis player mentioned that kids from poor communities deserved quality education. He also noted that after his career tennis had hit rock-bottom, he needed to find another purpose and have control over his life. That explains why he developed the Charter Schools. His decision was aimed at giving back to children who never had choices in their lives. Their environment didn’t give them a choice to pick for their future.

With the help of his co-managing founder Robert Turner, they have managed to create Turner-Agassi Charter Schools Facilities Fund. Funds have been channeled into 69 charter schools throughout America through this organization. The duo got no intention of stopping this funding project.

Rocketship Education gives parents the privilege to choose who will teach their children when schools start. Parents do this through participation in interviews for the teachers. According to Preston Smith, the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Rocketship, this learning style ensures that parents are involved in the learning process. The system ensures that teachers who are ready to offer intensive and quality services are employed in these schools. It has been appreciated by parents as they get to engage teachers who handle their children. They also tend to have an experience of whatever their kids will go through at school.