George Soros One of the Greatest Businessmen and Philanthropists of All Times

George Soros is a philanthropist like no other in the world today. The total sum he has given away from his wealth exceeds $32 Billion, which is an unfathomable amount using the majority of world population. George Soros has started Open Society Foundations, which is a parent organization for numerous charities and regional organizations working globally to forward many causes that George Soros believes in. George Soros is also the founder of the Central European University, Budapest, which is one of the major educational institutes in the capital of Hungary. Open Society Foundation has become the forefront of his philanthropic efforts and has helped in ensuring that his charitable initiatives are carried out systematically.

George Soros is a man who is not afraid to speak his mind and has been a vocal supporter of the democratic principles from the very beginning. It is for this very reason he chose the United States as his country of residence after leaving his homeland, Hungary. George Soros was forced to leave his homeland after the Nazis occupation of his country, and as he is a Jewish, his life was in danger along with his family and fellow citizens. Over 500,000 Jewish people died in the Hungarian Holocaust by Nazis, but George Soros and his family were lucky to survive due to the family connections his family had. George Soros has played a vital role in the political sphere of the United States in the last couple of decades, and even though he retracted his political spending after he lost considerable sum when trying to stop Barack Obama from becoming President again, he went all out to support Hillary Clinton in her Presidential bid.

George Soros spends his fortune in not only political expenditure but also in philanthropic efforts worldwide. George Soros recently gave $18 Billion from his assets and savings to his foundation, Open Society Foundations. He believes that it would help Open Society Foundations to reach out to more people across the globe and fund various social awareness movements that need support and mileage to pressurize the government to make reforms. George Soros is one of the very few politicians who from the very beginning have stood by the LGBTQ community and marginalized section of the society, which includes victims of drug abuse, immigrants, refugees, and more. George Soros is the one to support the Black Lives Matter and also the Ferguson Protest.

George Soros is known to be one of the most successful businessmen in not only the United States but across the globe. Over the years, he has been able to amass a fortune worth $26 Billion, which has been growing steadily with every passing day. George Soros feel that the global community needs to understand and accept that communism is no more a threat to the society, but capitalism is. People should be more vocal about their political standing to create awareness, and it is what would help in providing a platform for healthy discussion. George Soros says democracy is the only way ahead as it is what guarantees equality in the society without any discrimination.

Equities First Holdings

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Greg Secker’s Method of Setting up a Foundation


Greg Secker has shown others that he is not just a financially successful individual. He is also a philanthropist. He does a lot more than just make donations of money to people. He actually takes the time to set up his own foundation with the name of The Greg Secker Foundation. This foundation has been put together to give people the help and the resources needed to get through any unfavorable circumstances. Greg was able to do this with no financial problem. One thing that has given Greg the ability to do this was his success at Forex trading.

When he set up his foundation, he has thought about all of the needs in his community and different communities. He has then thought about the different programs he can set up to meet these different needs. He understands that people are going to have different struggles that require different solutions. This is one thing that is lacking with many other efforts to help the community. It is important to recognize the differences in people and their struggles. This is the only way to be effective. This is exactly how Greg Secker has managed to bring something that is going to be very helpful for people.

Among the programs that Greg Secker offers through his foundation Youth Leadership, Early Childhood Development and other programs for children. He also helps people learn how to manage their money in particular areas such as investing. Given that he is very successful in the Forex market, he would also love to teach others on how to approach the market. Greg Secker is one of the most generous people. He not only wants to provide people with financial donations and resources but also wants to help them learn how to gain all of these resources for themselves.

Greg Secker, award-winning philanthropist and entrepreneur


Greg Secker can do it all. He’s a master trader, entrepreneur, philanthropist, international speaker, and author. He has founded a number of businesses that have been really successful. One of his businesses called Learn to Trade that teaches people all over the world about trading has reached a new level of success. They have branched out with offices in London, South Africa, and Australia. Wanting to give back to the community Greg started a non-profit organization that helps enhance the quality of people’s lives who are less fortunate. He named it The Greg Secker Foundation.

His first job out of college was as Thomas Cook Financial services. Soon after Mr. Secker decided to start his own business a real-time Forex trading platform that was the first of it’s kind. It is also online and he called it The Virtual Trading Desk. As time went on he wanted to continue growing his career so he took on bigger roles. He worked at Mellon Financial Corporation as their Vice President. Greg also worked for a investment bank that made it on the Fortune 500’s list. In these positions he was about to learn the ins and outs of trading, paving the way for Greg to start his own businesses. These businesses have won multiple awards for excellence and education. Greg himself has also won a number of awards for social awareness, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

Professional entrepreneur Greg Secker is one of the top traders in Europe. The well known Englishman started his thriving business Learn to Trade out of his home in just about 3 months. To get a business off the ground in such a limited period of time is pretty impressive. He founded a number of other companies that help better people’s lives with via support, strategy, education, and coaching. These three companies are a inner connected to Knowledge to Action Group, which Greg founded in 2003.

Mr. Greg Secker got his Bachelor of Science in European Studies with Agricultural and Food Sciences at the University of Nottingham. It is located in England. He has also wrote a number of books about financial success. He was a multi-millionaire by his mid-twenties.


Nathaniel Ru and his friends often used to have trouble in finding places they could eat healthy food and also have fun while at it. They prospected the 560 square foot tavern which turned out to be their answer.

Six years after their senior year, they eatery they had opened, Sweetgreen, has become a high-quality Salad Franchise. Coincidentally, the landlord of the space was the same landlord of the building where Ru and his classmates lived. In his own words, getting hold of the landlord to explain to her what he wanted to do was very hard. In fact, the first time he called her she just hang up. Read more: Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

This, however, did not discourage him and his friends. They kept on calling the landlord every day for a month until they were able to schedule a meeting with her. At that time, they only had almost three pages of a business plan, and one page of that was the financials. They initially intended to call the place greens.

The landlord, seeing the determination and passion in these students, advised them to look for an architect and business backers who would help them come up with a better plan. Ru and his friends were grateful that the landlord listened to them leave alone advising them. It took them three and a half weeks to find an architect and business backers.

Up to date, Sweetgreen, has been successful despite the initial inexperience of its founders in restaurant and food industry. It has stores in many cities such as Philadelphia, Washington, Boston and New York.

Sweetgreen has a reputation for selling fresh food to its customers since most ingredients are bought from local farmers and purveyors. Sweetgreen has decentralized operations where restaurants are independent of any single headquarters to dispense policy.

For certain weeks in a year, corporate employees are required to work at actual restaurant locations. This allows the headquarters to be fully informed about the challenges restaurant owners face.

Ru has always shown the interest in building a good customer relationship. He, at a conference hosted by PSFK consulting, said that one of the key initiatives of Sweetgreen is to build customer intimacy.

Sweetgreen is unique and different from its competitors because it is based on providing or building a connection between people and the food they eat. Other than this, RU has worked together with top artists and producers to organize the Sweetlife Festival which is a yearly celebration involving music and world-class food.

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The Success of Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is a very successful women in the business which started as soon as she left college. She mentioned that success of her older siblings led to her wanting to outdo them and become even more successful than them. Senecal was mentioned in the article as being a very knowledgeable woman who has improved every company she has ever touched. Her life was described as “ being nothing less than a success story”. Lori Senecal has worked for top companies like Staples, Nestle, and Xbox with great success and has been a part of numerous other big name companies. Over her incredible span of work, she has received multiple awards like Quantum Leap Award which she won in 2013 for being an innovative and impressive leader. Senecal has other talents listed in the article like, having expertise in fields of advertising, integrated marketing, and a digital strategist. She is described as having a passion for entrepreneurship and having amazing leadership skills. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Lori Senecal is a graduate of McGill University with a degree in Commerce, Marketing and Finance (BCom). She is currently holding a position at Crispin Porter and Bogusky, where she has been doing tremendous work since March 2015. Senecal has skills in digital strategy, advertising , and integrated marketing which has helped her succeed in life. She has many achievements like being named the Most Creative People in Business in 2017 and the woman to watch in the industry and world of advertising in 2014. She created the Isaac Award organization, that she gives to students who are being innovative in their field of study. In 2003, Senecal also launched the TAGIdeaton which is a unit for young adult marketers. Check out campaignlive to see more.

Other titles and positions Lori Senecal has held throughout her career is Global Chief Innovation Officer for McCann Worldgroup and President & CEO at Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners. Lori Senecal is a well recognized leader amongst the business industry and is known internationally and locally for her incredible leadership and marketing mind. She has been featured in numerous article explaining her success and sharing advice about the business industry. At the moment she is focused on continuing to grow Crispin Porter and Bogusky.

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The Provision of Alternative Income by Market Unfranchise America

Similar to any franchise enterprise, Market American Unfranchise provides system standardization, sophisticated management systems, various marketing tools that include multiple merchandising devices. Market American Unfranchise provides its clients with the ability to operate their businesses from numerous locations. Currently, the only difference between this business and general franchise businesses is that Market America Unfranchise doesn’t impose any form of territorial restriction, necessitating high amounts of capital to start and finally, the company doesn’t charge their clients or members of their team any charges.

The company uses a unique marketing system and platform; market America unfranchise is currently availing its product to their clients. The company has been using this channel to make its products available on the global market. The unfranchise business has its headquarters in North Carolina. The company has an excess of 650 members of staff on its payroll. In 1992, the company was established by Loren Ridinger.

The products the company offers are extensive in range. The merchandise on sale by America unfranchise usually comprise of jewelry beauty products, health products, beauty products and various health supplements. The company provides its services to clients via its online website. It is worth noting that the company uses the domain; which it acquired from Bill Gates. One of the benefits of working with market America Unfranchise is that members get to earn various royalties through the company’s loyalty program. If you are seeking for an alternative source of income, market Unfranchise America is the comprehensive income generating investment that requires minimal to no paperwork to start.

For you to be successful while working with market Unfranchise America, the first thing you need to do id to sell to a relatively small cluster of individuals that range between 10 and 15 persons. Additionally, you can create a partnership with individuals offering the same services like yours. Doing this enables the formation of a robust and efficient sales team within the organization.


Adam Milstein Talks about the Real Way to Success

Adam Milstein is known in the Jewish community and beyond as an activist, philanthropist, community leader, and businessman. In an interview, he was asked what is one strategy that he uses to grow his business. To him, he explained, goals are limiting and stop you from reaching your full potential. He explained that he is very self driven and always works as hard as he could. Since that is so, he just does his very best and knows that it is his very best, without having to worry about goals. In addition, he added that you have to do what is right and what will bring you to success while ignoring those who belittle you and criticize you and those who say that you are being used and abused. You have to realize that if you are in real estate, it will take a few years to make money.

When asked what was one failure he had as an entrepreneur and how he overcame it, Adam explained that it was wanting to achieve huge success in a very short amount of time. You have to realize that the long way is the real way towards success, as opposed to the short way. In addition, you can not put all your time, money, and effort into one thing hoping that it will pay off immediately. As an example, Adam Milstein points to an experience he had as an entrepreneur. As a student, he was selling art to clients, who were usually temples in Israel. Since it was going well in the beginning, Adam decided to buy a large stock. However, in the end, they did not sell as he expected. In retrospect, he realizes, he shouldn’t have tried to make a large fortune overnight.


Adam Milstein the President of the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. He focuses on strengthening the Jewish people and the State of Israel.