Rocketship Schools Are Banking On Community Relationships In Molding The Society

The Rocketship Public Schools states its vision to “Eliminate the achievement gap in our lifetime.”Indeed, a lot of effort is appropriately being channeled to achieving this goal as the school reaches out to parents and the community at large.

Rocketship Schools operate on a model created to respond to challenges of the low-income communities. In fact, the school lists its values as Authenticity, Tenacity, Innovation and Excellence. It is evident that they are putting these phrases to good use as they use innovative ways to have the parent participate in their children’s education.

Unconventional methods of impacting knowledge such as requiring teachers to periodically visit the homes of students are helping to create a bond between students’ families and the school community. Such methods are also helping teachers to personalize education so that it mirrors students’ life experiences while responding to their future needs.

Acknowledging the role played by the community in advancing education, Rocketship is taking an active role in responding to society needs. A good example is a response to the floods that hit San Jose area on 20th Feb 2017.The Rocketship School community raised more than $60 000 to help the affected families with necessities. Expressing her gratitude for the help, Dulce, a parent whose child attends the local Rocketship School said that they were relieved to know that their children were still safe and sound amid the chaos caused by the floods.

As the society continues to ride the rough tide of technology changes, Rocketship encourages more involvement of the parent in the education system where the parent participates in modeling enhancement programs such as the arts, music and sports.

Rocketship schools have existed only slightly more than a decade but have impacted the lives of the numerous students who have gone through the system. A significant event took place in 2015 when more than 400 parents organized a campaign to establish Rocketship to Redwood City, California. This public interest in Rocketship schools was also demonstrated in Antioch when members of the public celebrated the approval to open a $14,4 million elementary school.

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