Bruno Fagali Discusses ‘Deepfakes’ And Their Effect On Elections

Bruno Fagali, the managing partner of Fagali Advocacia has done a lot of studies on Brazilian electoral law and how different forms of media can affect how the public views election candidates. There are many challenges facing political news stories today from television attack ads, bias with media corporations, billboards and also with the new information dissemination tools in Internet ads, particularly on Facebook.

Bruno Fagali said that a growing new disinformation tactic is creating videos that can propagate false scandals, falsely tie candidates to groups they’re not really affiliated with or can otherwise paint pictures of them that damage their reputation. These are videos that Fagali calls “deepfakes,” and the way they work is similar to how some nefarious groups will attempt to doctor films hoping to show celebrities in pornographic films according to The Brazilian Superior Electoral Court, or TSE as it’s called has been taking steps to find false news and “deepfakes” such as establishing a committee to explore their methods, and even collaborating with the US FBI to conduct probes.


Bruno Fagali has been practicing Brazilian law for a few years and has worked with the faculty of one of Brazil’s top law schools. He attended the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo where he got his undergraduate degree in law and then completed a master’s in administrative law and also holds a certificate in healthcare compliance that he gained from the Brazilian Council of Health Executives. He’s litigated cases for a variety of clients but has especially taken on issues in advertising, news media, and also explored corruption cases in government and large corporations. Bruno Fagali also did internships and worked with some other law firms including Radi, Calil and Associates and Tojal, Texeira Ferreira, Serrano & Renault. He also is on a council group at the Brazilian Institute of Business Law and Ethics.

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OSI Food Solutions Is Seeing European Upgrades and Expansion Pay Off:

OSI Food Solutions has significantly stepped up operations in its European market in the last three-plus years. The food service and retail food solutions supplier has built its 100 plus year reputation for excellence in outstanding customer service, innovation and expansion. European expansion has been big on OSI’s radar for some time now and the recent trend goes back to the 2014 partnering with Pickstock from the U.K. 2016 saw Baho Food and Flagship Europe become value adding OSI Food Solutions family members. 2016 was also an award-winning year for the company, including a huge award in the European market. Recent European events are a testament to the fact that OSI’s tradition of expansion continues, showing no signs of slowing down.

Baho Food/Flagship Europe:
The 2016 Acquisitions of European food wholesalers Baho Food and Flagship Europe are huge for OSI Food Solutions. The companies have a combined strength of 18 countries Europe wide. OSI’s product portfolio in Europe gets a huge boost with the addition of these great companies to the family. OSI’s existing customers are thrilled with the acquisition and it is sure to entice new customers. In other major European news, OSI’s Toledo facility in Spain received massive upgrades that have doubled chicken production, yielding in excess of 24,000 tons every year. The facility services the Spanish and Portuguese markets. The strong recent trend has been a massive increase in demand for processed chicken in these key markets. This made the large investment in upgrades at the facility a necessity. It has been well worth the investment for OSI Food Solutions.

Globe of Honour:
OSI Food Solutions was excited the accept the 2016 Globe of Honour from the British Safety Council. An organization must attain a 5-Star rating on the council’s rating system in order to become eligible. Receipt of this award is a testament to OSI Industries commitment to environmental sustainability. This was part of an award-winning year for the firm as Chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin was honored with the Global Visionary Award in 2016 as well.

Why OSI Is a Great Place to Work:
OSI Food Solutions has a firm belief that its success would be impossible if it weren’t for the invaluable service of its loyal employees. The company is committed to providing a highly rewarding environment. The company is always looking for employees who have an entrepreneurial spirit and enjoy being part of a family and team structure.

Equities First Holdings Gives Clients the Capital They Need

As a capital investment firm, Equities First Holdings has always been dedicated to helping people who come to them. They enjoy converting people who are interested into clients. They will go to great lengths to make sure they can give their clients the best service possible. Their goal is to always go above and beyond to provide the best investment service possible. Their company has grown because of their dedication to the clients they have. They also remain dedicated to trying to get new clients. The company does not stop when they feel they have been successful. Instead, they continue to work and give people more information about what they’re doing. It is important for Equities First Holdings to make sure they have their name out there and they are doing business the right way. They want everyone to know they are successful and they can help clients be successful.