The Success Story of Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm CasSelle is a man of many talents. His gift is in working with huge tech companies. He starts and develops companies and grows them into successful multi-million dollar brands. When he is not busy creating the next tech startup, he is investing in other companies. But most of all, he is known for his work he is currently developing. Today, he works to develop and lead WAX. WAX is a leading provider of digital assets.

Cryptocurrency has blew up recently. Gaming is one place cryptocurrency will do well in. Malcolm CasSelle’s WAX bridges the gap between gaming and cryptocurrency. Game makers can now incorporate a platform for virtual transactions for users through WAX’s platform. Malcolm leads the company as its president. He oversees the company’s mission and operations. Currently, he has gotten WAX to being the number one contender in its category.

Malcolm CasSelle has a prestigious education studying at Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He studied computer science and has definitely put his degree to working with having had his hands tied to so many successful technology companies. He is drawn to startups. As a startup founder, he has been able to help other companies flourish from infancy to leading multi-million dollar companies.

The businessman has a very extensive resume of companies he either started or was involved in developing. He has been a president before when he was the leadership for the company formerly known as Tribune Publishing. He also was the company’s head of technology. He was responsible for seeing that the company grow its digital assets. He became an executive and general manager for SeaChange International. This company actually bought out his company Timeline Labs. Being the CEO of Timeline Labs exposed him to the development of a network that allowed business owners to discover social engagement from customers. Malcolm has led many companies in the digital atmosphere. He ran a company called MediaPass that served as a marketplace for consumers to buy medic service subscriptions. He was also heavily involved in Xfire, a social media network for over twenty million avid gamers.