The Three Phases in Financial Planning- Richard Dwayne Blair

 Three Pillars to Financial Process

Richard Dwayne Blair, the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Wealth Solutions, believes that every individual or business person requires a plan to meet their financial goals. At Wealth Solutions, Richard helps individuals and small business owners to formulate a business and retirement plan to achieve their financial goals.

Over the years, Richard Blair has managed to remain successful in the sector and attract many clients due to his unique financial planning model. His model encompasses three stages that enable him to gain a deeper understanding regarding the current financial position of his clients. Through this, he can formulate a financial roadmap that will be useful to his client. The three pillars include;

The First Pillar

The first stage is the most crucial part in the entire process. Through this stage, Richard Dwayne Blair is in a perfect position to understand the financial goals, strengths, areas of weakness, an opportunity for growth, and risk tolerance of a client. The first phase is designed for Richard to build a close and an honest relationship with the client. Additionally, he gains an understanding regarding the goals and the financial concerns of a client.

The second Pillar

The second phase is designed to develop an effective investment strategy that is tailored towards the goals and concerns of a client. In this stage, Richard Blair relocates a client’s assets during upward market movements to minimize the impact of adverse market impacts on a client’s assets.

The Third Pillar

After Richard has identified the goals concerns and has come up with an investment strategy of a client, he provides adequate growth and liquidity. The final pillar aims at implementing and monitoring the performance of a client’s assets and comparing them to his expectations.

About Richard Dwayne Blair

Richard Blair has vast experience in the financial world with over 20 years in experience. He is mostly renowned for founding Wealth Solutions. Richard always had a dream of venturing into the financial world so that he could help individuals and business owners meet their financial objectives.

Wealth Solution is a financial advisory firm that is based in Austin, Texas.