Super Charging Your To-do List, From Upwork

Upwork is the largest freelancing website in the world. It has more than twelve million freelancers and five million clients. In addition, Upwork has what it calls the ‘Hiring Center’ that is “your guide to trends and strategies shaping the future of work.” A recent blog published there gave tips on creating a useful to-do list that will help get stuff done and give you more free time.

  1. Capture everything

Our brains tend to focus on unfinished tasks. Putting everything on your list gives your mind the chance to forget about the unfinished tasks and focus more on the work at hand.

  1. Prepare your list in advance

You have the most energy and are most productive in the morning. Getting your list done the night before allows you to devote your most productive time to getting the most important tasks done.

  1. One Place

Having your tasks all in one place gives you a complete picture of what needs doing.

  1. Time Attributes

Add things like when you will start the task and how long it will take. Sticking to those times means you can plan how to finish your list, not hope you finish it.

  1. Define priorities

Prioritize tasks so when the unexpected happens, you can react accordingly.

  1. Keep re-evaluating

Does a task have value? If not, then it might not need to be on your list.

  1. Stress-free delegation

Assign tasks and subtasks, so they don’t slip through the cracks and get forgotten.

  1. Zoom in and out

Create subtasks and projects. You can zoom out and look at the big picture or zoom in and see what needs to be done to finish a specific task.

  1. Batch process

Group similar tasks together, it will be easier to get them all done in one sitting.

  1. Assign energy levels

Our energy levels fluctuate throughout the day, assign tasks that require high energy to times when your energy is highest.

Your to-do list should be more than a list of things to do. It should be a ‘productivity console’ that lets you breeze through your day.