Southridge Capital are Excited about the Usage of Cryptocurrency in Various Industries

One of the financial companies based in Connecticut has been transforming the global financial dynamics through its innovative financial solutions and it is none other than Southridge Capital. Stephen Hicks, founder, and CEO of Southridge Capital brings with him over three decades of experience in the financial and business sector. It is his experience that has helped Southridge Capital to reach where it is today. The company has achieved huge success in a very short period of time. For companies that are looking for financing solutions for their start-up or expansion can consult with the experts at Southridge Capital and see if there is a solution available for them.


Southridge Capital has so far financed more than three hundred companies in the United States, and it continues to look for prospective financing solutions. The company has not only achieved great heights of success in the field of financing and business, but has also been offering have debt restructuring, corporate investment, corporate financing, IPO launch, and many other similar services. The services offered by Southridge Capital are seamless and comes with the backing of decades of experience. One of the primary aims of Southridge is to ensure that the clients are able to achieve their business and financial goals with ease. Thus, they work round the clock to ensure that all of the financial issues of their clients are dealt it. You can visit their website



The company has been looking closely at the cryptocurrency market to guide the clients on whether they should invest in it or not. The take of Southridge Capital on cryptocurrency is a positive one as it believes that even though the cryptocurrency market is witnessing a lot of fluctuation, it would get stabilized soon as the market matures and collectively accept cryptocurrency in the mainstream financial world. Recently one mansion was put on auction by Chairman of the Hilton Hotels, and he accepted cryptocurrency bids for it. It is for the first time that cryptocurrency is being used in the real estate industry. If the value of cryptocurrency keeps on growing the way it is now, more industries will have no option to accept them.


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