Ms. Devos is Known for her Wealth Being Overshadowed by her Hard Work and Determination

Betsy DeVos is no stranger to being in the public eye, or “in the ring” when it comes to politics. Admirers and critics of DeVos alike both characterize her as a polite and cordial politician, who can truly break out the big guns when it comes to the ideals that she believes in.


Ms. DeVos grew up in western Michigan, and even spent time in her youth working for her father, Edgar Prince, at his company supplying auto parts. Prince, too, was a fighter. Like Betsy, Edgar was a devout backer of causes both conservative and Christian at home; at work, he built his company into a billion-dollar business. Her brother Erik’s company also represented conservative values as an overseas contractor for personnel from the United States. Betsy’s husband, Dick, came from a wealthy family, shares conservative values, and is similarly a political fighter with a hand in many businesses.


Mr. and Mrs. DeVos each were educated in private schools, as were their children; because of this, opponents tend to believe that they have a bit of a disconnect with the average American family. Supporters of her plan to redirect tax dollars from public schools toward charter or private schools will cite that this move actually gives more choices to lower-income families; further, it creates a sense of competition that will encourage improvement for all schools in the long run. Due to the effort of Betsy DeVos, along with husband Dick, the largest concentration of charter schools is in the city of Detroit, where the couple has put in great effort in the education system with their philanthropy.


Ms. Devos has been known over the years as not only an advocate of charter schools, but also as an advocate for school vouchers and a major donor to the Republican party. Those who know her in a political light warn against the belief that she will be meek, or will be focused on seeking approval as a team player. While she puts on a sweet and gracious face publicly, there are politicians who know her better than that. They describe her as effective and relentless. She is reputable as resourceful; especially because, in her case, she has great resources to work with.


The effectiveness of Betsy DeVos is proven greatly in her home state. Those who know her, and have seen her in action, are well aware that her resources and family wealth are vastly overshadowed by her hard work and determination.


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