Rocketship Education’s System Offers Unique Services to the Less Privileged Children

Low-income families go through tough times in San Jose such as the housing prices that have hit the sky. The families have been segregated from the rich. The future of the poor is more shady and darker in this region. Due to this, there is the need to flip the coin by strengthening education in the public sector. The project should target low-income communities. Rocketship Education has been in the forefront of providing equal education chances to students from all social cycles. They are public charter schools that have ensured that every student from the poor communities accesses the three-year college education. Since the first launch of this program in 2007, 25 public charter schools have been built.

Andrea Agassi’s Contribution towards Equal Education to All Children

Rocketship Rise Academy is located in Washington. Andrea Agassi recently launched it. The world champion tennis player mentioned that kids from poor communities deserved quality education. He also noted that after his career tennis had hit rock-bottom, he needed to find another purpose and have control over his life. That explains why he developed the Charter Schools. His decision was aimed at giving back to children who never had choices in their lives. Their environment didn’t give them a choice to pick for their future.

With the help of his co-managing founder Robert Turner, they have managed to create Turner-Agassi Charter Schools Facilities Fund. Funds have been channeled into 69 charter schools throughout America through this organization. The duo got no intention of stopping this funding project.

Rocketship Education gives parents the privilege to choose who will teach their children when schools start. Parents do this through participation in interviews for the teachers. According to Preston Smith, the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Rocketship, this learning style ensures that parents are involved in the learning process. The system ensures that teachers who are ready to offer intensive and quality services are employed in these schools. It has been appreciated by parents as they get to engage teachers who handle their children. They also tend to have an experience of whatever their kids will go through at school.

Bob Reina and His Contributions to Huffpost

PRNewswire recently published an article about CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, publishing 2 new articles this week on Huffpost. Based in Florida, Talk Fusion is a company that is involved with video marketing. Bob Reina published the articles amidst the night and day rebranding of Huffpost which is a news provider. The 1st article of the week by Bob Reina was titled Promoting with Purpose and How to Understand Your Audience. The article went live a day prior the renaming of The Huffington Post to Huffpost on 24th, April, 2017. The newest article by Bob Reina was titled How to thrive in a Society of Quitters. Learn more:

After changing its name as well as adding a spin to its mission, the Huffpost hopes to tell stories of individuals who are missing on the conversation. This was according to a letter written by Lydia Polgreen who is the Editor in Chief of Huffpost. The initiatives of Huffpost resonate with the mission of Bob Reina as a contributor as well as the company figurehead of Talk Fusion ( Bob Reina stated that he is a strong believer in the innovation of art and that the growth of a brand is never complete. A philanthropist and a leader, Bob Reina aims at setting up individuals to succeed regardless of their location in the world or even their backstory.

Reina started contributing to the Huffpost in August 2016. He has a diverse contributor platform which highlights lifestyle, entrepreneurship, video technology and marketing, skillful selling, self-development and many others. Bob Reina stated that he was happy to see that the trending platform is now focusing on issues that matter like fulfillment and culture. He added that he looks forward to share more of his insightful articles with the approximately 200 million readers of Huffpost and not only with the customers and associates of Talk Fusion. Learn more:

Talk Fusion is a company that offers video marketing solutions that are all in one. The company is committed to assisting businesses in standing out from competition while increasing profits and sales. Talk Fusion was started in 2007 by Bob Reina who also serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

Jason Hope – Making Generous Contributions to the Local Communities in Arizona

Jason Hope is one of the most prominent members of the business community of Arizona. He has invested millions in technology start-ups over the years and is a member of the board of scores of companies he financed and mentored. Jason Hope is a multitalented personality, and apart from being a successful businessman and investor, he is also an author, philanthropist, and a self-proclaimed futurist. Jason Hope often writes and speaks about future of technology, and in recent times, has been discussing the internet of things technology a lot.

The internet of things technology is what would connect different devices and electrical appliances so that they can work together in pre-programmed manner. The users would be able to control it manually or remotely. It is a very flexible technology that would offload a lot of responsibilities of the human beings in their personal lives, and in their professional lives as well. It is a technology that would make it easier for the companies and industries as a whole to reduce waste and increase efficiency at work. The resource management would become more efficient with the help of Internet of Things technology. Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things technology would be able to replace all other consumer technology we use today, as IoT is much more useful and cost-effective as well.

Jason Hope says that the aviation industry has already started using the Internet of Things technology, and is a positive sign. The internet of things technology has helped the airline companies to know where the fault is with their airlines. The technicians can pin point where the damage in the engine has occurred and can get to fixing it right away, without having to do protocol checks for hours. Jason Hope philanthropist and contributes to the local charities based in Arizona. One of the research foundation with which Jason Hope is associated is SENS Research Foundation. It is an organization that does extensive research on mortality and anti-aging and has made tremendous progress due to the generous funding provided by Jason Hope.

About Jason Hope:

Greg Secker Gives Forex Trading a Whole New Dimension

Forex refers to foreign exchange market. It is one of the largest financial markets in the world, and it is where international currencies are traded 24 hours a day for five and half days in a week. It does not have a centralized exchange like in the stock market as everything is handled via computer networks. It is the future of the financial market and once the basics are learned and especially key forex indicators everything else falls into place. Learning forex requires determination and a significant amount of time to understand its ins and outs. Many people tend to think that forex is unsafe, this mostly comes from people who have poor trading strategies. However, supposing you’ve got a workable plan on risk aversion, you will understand that forex market is a viable and safe market.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is an English businessman who was born on 18th February 1975. He was born in Norfolk in England, and in 1997 he attended University of Nottingham to study Agricultural and Food Science. Along the way, he was fascinated by the financial trading market. Today, he is mostly known due to his expertise in foreign exchange. He has for years helped thousands of people to learn about Forex and thus receiving media attention for the international education of financial trading. At the age of 25, Secker was the Vice President at Mellon Financial Corporation where he learned most of his trading skills. Throughout his trading life, Greg has contributed and also written several books concerning Forex trading.


Greg Secker is very determined and ambitious, and he started his own company at a very tender age. He raised the company from scratch to a multinational company with presence in South Africa, Ghana, Australia, Philipines among others. Apart from trading, he is also a philanthropist. He founded his nonprofit organization in 2010. The foundation is known as The Greg Secker Foundation and was founded to impact people across the globe positively. He partners with different youth programs to improve education, leadership and teach valuable life skills. He was listed in the ‘200 most influential philanthropists and social entrepreneurs’ in the year 2017 due to his commendable work.


Discover New Secrets to a successful business venture

Scott Rocklage  Dr. Scott Rocklage has become an instrument when it comes to medical research and entrepreneurship. He has carved his niche in pharmaceuticals, investment management, and in health car

Dr. Scott Rocklage has become an instrument when it comes to medical research and entrepreneurship. He has carved his niche in pharmaceuticals, investment management, and in health care.

Dr. Scott is now the managing partner at 5AM Ventures, he joined the firm in 2003 and rose to management position one year later. 5AM Ventures got its name from its primary operations, where they help develop new businesses interested in life science.

The company is interested in businesses seeking to find solutions to life’s problems through science. This is where Scott comes in. He helps them refine their concepts to solve the human pains.

Before joining 5AM Ventures, 61-year old Scott once worked in the following firms;

As chairman and CEO at Cubist Pharmaceuticals

President and CEO of Nycomed Salutar

Various leadership posts as R&D of Catalytica and Salutar

Executive chairman at Miikana and Ilysa

He also now serves on the management Boards of Achaogen, Semprus, and Relypsa and also on the boards of ;





Cidara among other companies.

The extensive list only spells one thing; Dr. Scott has something to offer, and whatever he touches, turns into platinum. Read more: Scott Racklage | Crunchbase and Scott Rocklage | LinkedIn

That’s what he is now doing with 5AM Ventures. It is now the hottest cake in the science market where business who recognizes Scotts typical values and contributions are yearning to work with him.

Dr. Scott’s success in science world is attributed to his rich education background. He is a proud holder of a Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He did his degree in Chemistry at the University of California.

He has achieved imminence success in pharmaceuticals; three of his drugs were approved by US FDA. The drugs are Omniscan®, Teslascan®, and Cubicin®. Besides these, he has carried other six successful laboratory trials.

Scott also owns and co-own over 30 Patent rights across the United States and over 100 research papers published under his name.

His perfections can be associated with his love for every detail and time keeping. Dr. Scott follows his priorities to the letter and only works with a competent team.

At 5AM Ventures, he insists on hiring only qualified staff with diverse skill set necessary to successfully maneuver the hectic life science field.

Dr. Scott was delighted when the news emerged that scientist has achieved a breakthrough in quest to find solution to cancer, the deadliest disease in the world. He observed that the victims can now live.

Betsy DeVos’ Inspiring Commitment to Education Reforms

Betsy DeVos’ name is synonymous to education reforms. The wife of Dick DeVos is the chair of the “Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation”. Betsy accomplishes most of her philanthropic activities through this foundation.

Mrs. DeVos’ Opinion on School Choice

One of the biggest contributions that Mrs. DeVos has made to the education sector is to champion the philosophy of school choice. Currently, the number of parents who have taken their children to educational-choice programs has increased. Many people have come to see the ineffectiveness of the traditional schooling system and are accepting reforms such as vouchers, education savings accounts, and tax credits.DeVos’s involvement in education reforms was sparked through a personal experience. Mrs. DeVos happened to visit a school in Grand Rapids, the “Potter’s House Christian School”. During her visit she encountered parents who were struggling to raise fees for their children to study at this safe and convenient institution. Mrs. DeVos’ heart went out to these parents who had no choice but to enroll their children to a school that their meager earnings could afford to pay. Immediately, Betsy and her husband Dick started supporting children at the school. They started by supporting a few students and this escalated to larger contributions for a huge number of students.Their commitment to education reform did not end with their philanthropic work at Potter’s House. In 1990, Dick DeVos was elected to the “State Board of Education”. On the other hand, Mrs. DeVos had established a foundation for providing scholarships to low-income parents. The foundation enabled parents to school their children in the best educational institutions. Since this program was only accessible to a few, the DeVoses wanted to make a nationwide impact and this is why they begun embarking on education reforms.According to Betsy DeVos, one of her biggest successes has been in Florida. The state has a tax-credit scholarship program that has been adopted by over 50,000 students. Florida has the longest history of enforcing educational choice among all the states in the U.S.

Betsy DeVos’ Work Profile

Betsy DeVos was recently appointed as the secretary of education in Trump’s administration. Prior to her appointment, Mrs. DeVos had been an active disruptor, advocate, and leader. Betsy is distinguished for her role in politics, business, and education. She has participated in politics for more than three decades, more the reason why her contributions to Republican candidates had to be scrutinized before her appointment.Mrs. DeVos has served, on four occasions, as chairman of the “Michigan Republican Party”. She also used to be the chair of the “American Federation for Children”, and the “Philanthropy Roundtable”. Mrs. DeVos has also served in several boards including the “Art Prize”, “DeVos Institute for Arts Management” and the “American Enterprise Institute”. Betsy studied at the Holland Christian High School and completed her art studies at Michigan’s Calvin College.

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InnovaCare Success and Leadership under Rick Shinto

InnovaCare Inc. is based in Fort Lee, New Jersey. It is the leading provider of managed healthcare services in North America, and the main aspect that has led to its popularity is the fact that it has an effective Chief Executive Officer. Rick Shinto is the CEO and since he became the president of the company things have been working out well for him and his employees. One of the major issues Shinto takes into consideration is the professionalism of his employees. He makes sure that he has the best people in medicine to work for him. Being the company that supplies the best of medical services, Dr. Shinto makes certain that the good reputation does not change. He works hard on a daily basis to ensure the reputation remains on the positive at all times.

Dr. Rick Shinto is committed to his work, and whenever he has to deal with any arising matters, he deals with them effectively and at the right time. Challenges are experienced in each organization, but for Dr. Shinto, he does not allow any challenges in the medical industry to pull him down. He is well experienced, and for this reason, he uses the knowledge he got from school and experience to make his health care institution the best it can be at all times. Research results from different authors indicate that the satisfaction rate at InnovaCare Health Company is always at 90%. This statistic gives a clear impression that the company is one of the best in New Jersey.

The mission of the InnovaCare is to redefine management of healthcare in the healthcare environment today. The mission is what drives the growth of the company, always reminding the professionals of what is expected of them at all times. The missions as set by the Chief Executive Officer Dr. Rick Shinto depicts that he is a good leader ready to see his company succeed. He not only wants success for his company but also the best for the entire society through providing adequate and best quality medical services. With the mission of the company in mind, Rick works to ensure nothing less than that is achieved.

Clay Siegall devises cancer treatment with few side effects

The 20th century saw major improvements in the way that cancer is treated. In the 1930s and 1940s, new treatments, such as radiation therapy, chemotherapy and advanced surgical techniques, came online, promising to dramatically lower the incidence of mortality for various types of cancer. These treatments proved to be a watershed in the survivability of many different forms of the disease. Some forms of cancer went from being almost universally fatal to being highly treatable and even curable. Diseases such as melanoma, breast cancer and prostate cancer went from being serious killers to merely inconvenient chronic ailments.

But despite the dramatic improvements in survivability that these new treatments brought with them, they also had a terrible cost. The majority of these treatments were administered almost to the point where they killed the patient. This was an unfortunate but necessary consequence of the ability of these treatments to kill malignant cells being completely dose-dependent. The higher the dose, the more lethal the effect of the treatments was on the tumors they were intended to target.

But the side effects associated with this type of lethal bombardment of the patient’s body were truly grievous. These included such problems as neuropathy, dementia and severe heart problems. In many cases, the chemotherapy itself was responsible for the patient’s ultimate death, rather than them being killed by the disease. This led many researchers to look for new solutions to treating cancer, ones that would not involve such horrible collateral damage.

One of those researchers was a man by the name of Clay Siegall. While working at pharmaceutical giant Bristol-Myers Squibb, Clay Siegall began developing a completely revolutionary class of drugs, known as antibody drug conjugates. By using synthetic human antibodies, antibody drug conjugates enable large doses of cytotoxin to be delivered directly to the site of the malignant tissues, decreasing side effects to almost unnoticeable levels, while drastically increasing the effectiveness of the treatment itself.

Today, Dr. Siegall is recognized the world over as one of the key figures in the development of this revolutionary new class of drugs. Antibody drug conjugates have saved thousands of lives and promise to make cancer a disease that will claim far fewer victims in the future.

The Affluent Dentist, Dr. Akhil Reddy

Few people know what they want in life at a tender age. Dr. Akhil Reddy is an accomplished dentist who always wanted a hands-on career from his childhood. He was born in Lubbock Texas, and his experiences during summer made him realize the importance of a professional degree. While growing up, he was a staunch member of the Red Cross and Scout Movement. Dr. Reddy received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Pacific at the age of 23 years. The adept doctor also holds a BS in Biological Sciences from the same institution. While attending his dental programs at the university, he was a member of Sigma Chi Fraternity.He is now a leading practitioner at MB2 Dental Solution. MB2 was established in 2009 by Dr. Chris Villanueva.The organization offers dentists resources and capacity to work in different locations across the United States of America. It has about 60 dental offices and has over 70 employees.

MB2 allows dentists to practice better while depending on a strong affiliation. What are the inspirations, business acumen, and habits that make him a successful entrepreneur? After graduating from dental school, Dr. Reddy established a practice in Dallas Texas. He encountered challenges that made him sell a practice he had bought at a loss. However, he appreciates the failures as vital lessons even in his current practice Your text to link…. He got his first patients through word of mouth marketing. His current marketing strategies which generate new business involve internet use, gathering analytics and allowing feedbacks from customers. He earns revenue from consultancy and dental work.

Dr. Reddy draws his inspiration from the need to help people and his interest in practical aspects of life has earned him an excellent reputation as a dental care provider. He is committed to giving dental health care services that do not discriminate. He also attributes his success to the employees under him, who he says they should be understood and motivated for them to perform better. The determined dentist works eight hours a day during weekdays and half a day on Saturdays. He is inspired by “How To Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie book. The book has basic concepts such as practicing pure motives, thoughtfulness, and respect, these values increase positive energy. Dr. Reddy is a firm believer of healthy living, and he listens to audio books while driving. He has partnered and consulted different dental practices so that he can provide comprehensive treatment.

Todd Lubar: Smart Homes Real Estate Champion

The current world has realized the simple life in adjusting to smart homes. When some few homes have typical features, others have high technology incorporated materials. Such features include toilets that have the capability of detecting a health disorder and send information to your doctor. Many clients waste no time when they hear a smart house that is on the market. This is because what was deemed as futuristic has now been implemented in reality.

Technology systems such as Siri and Alexa are used for personal assistance at different levels. In spite of many products being of existence in this booming industry, there is still more which is yet to be developed. This, in turn, inflicts competition in the market.

Homes in Washington are connected with standard features such as nest thermostats, Caseta wireless smart lighting, detector doorbells, and automatic windows. These essential features attract various customers. Seattle Company is known for its prowess in the building of smart homes. It has served as a hub for many graduates and technology startups. Visit Medium to know more.

The population of the United States is predicted to rise higher in the coming years, and this may affect cities around the country. It may have an effect on security, and this is where the smart homes fit in. Features such as fingerprint lock and facial recognition have already been implemented.

According to Patch, the primary challenge with smart housing is the population that is targeted. The seniors are seen as the best beneficiaries, but the cost makes them hold back. Seniors feel that their privacy is being altered hence hesitate.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is a real estate entrepreneur whose interest is based on smart homes. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Global Ventures. He is also the vice president of legendary investments. Todd Lubar has more than 20 years of experience and was ranked among the top mortgage originators in America.

His passion for real estate has, in turn, caused him to have the heart to help people become home owners of their dream houses. His company has helped people overcome many barriers in financing. His joy has always been seeing people succeed in the entrepreneurship arena.

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