John Goullet: Showing Them How It Is Done

It has often been said that experience is the best teacher in life. It really prepares people for whatever life might throw at them. They are ready, willing, and able to take on any challenge that is going to be put on their plate. It shows how mentally strong someone is and how mentally prepared they are to handle it. They have to come out of the gate hot and they have come ready to do the job. That is John Goullet and always has been John Goullet. He truly takes this with the utmost level of seriousness. It means something to him and when it means something to him, people know it is important.

When Diversant put him on as a member of their leadership and advisory board as well as being the principal executive, they knew that John Goullet would be able to find those diamonds in the rough. He would get them ready for the world of Fortune 500 companies and make sure that nothing was going to throw them off. It was almost as if they were like his children. He wanted them to be prepared for anything and everything. Again, it shows someone’s character in times of trials and tribulations. Everyone can be happy when things are going well and there are no problems, whatsoever. However, how does someone handle the tough times? Do they rise above them? Do they throw in the towel?

That is what John Goullet is looking for when he is setting up IT professionals with Fortune 500 companies. He wants to know what they have in their heart and in their soul. John Goullet has worked with Fortune 500 companies when he ran Info Technologies. He knew what they were looking for in terms of solutions as that is what was put on his plate.

Now, he knows what they are looking for in terms of IT professionals. While others might miss the big picture or not get it. John Goullet gets it and it does not get pass him. His eye is on always on the end game while staying in the moment.

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Technology Entrepreneur Takes Socializing To The Next Level

The internet and technology has changed the way we interact with each other. Phone calls and handwritten letters through the mail have taken a back seat to text messaging and Facebook. According to Crunchbase, Technology entrepreneur, Billy McFarland, has used these new technology advances to take socializing to the next level with his company Magnises.

Billy McFarland is the founder and CEO of the social networking company Magnises. Magnises is headquartered in New York City. It is an elite members only socializing network that offers its members various perks and special events that are not available to the public.

The club is so elite that potential members must fill out an application and get approval to join. There’s no initial fees to join but members do have to pay an annual fee. This fee comes in at a whopping $250 per year.

Apparently the perks and other incentives are well worth this annual fee because Magnises has over 10,000 members. These members are given access to various community oriented and technology based events. Members also receive various types of advice and tips on how to improve their personal and business lives.

Members can also get various discounts at participating venues such as restaurants, bars, and clubs. Various social events are also available for members to attend. This includes almost nightly gatherings at Magnises’ headquarters in the Hotel on Rivington’s penthouse.

When a member is approved and joins the club they are given a black metal card. The member is able to link their credit or debit cards to the membership card. This allows them to receive any discounts or perks and pay for their transactions all in one swipe.

The club initially started in New York City. Once it was apparent that the popularity was going to spread, planned were made to expand to other cities. Atlanta, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Los Angeles were among the top cities chosen for this expansion This is because these cities are popular hot spots for Magnises’ target market.

Securus Technologies gets accredited by Better Business Bureau

After Better business Bureau (BBB) had evaluated the statements made and issued by Securus Technologies to their clients, it gave the firm a formal accreditation as well as an A+ rating. Securus Technologies tops in providing civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, corrections, investigation, and monitoring as well.

The Senior Vice President of Operations pointed out that it is through working aggressively with Better Business Bureau located in Texas, they received the recognition. He added that by collaborating with BBB, they became compliant to the list of the following required standards:

  • Trust building by creating and maintaining up to date records
  • Ensuring adherence to the existing advertising and selling standards
  • Maintaining honesty about products and services as well disclosing material details
  • Disclosing the necessary information about the business as well that of operations for the customer to make the choice of buying or not
  • Abiding to all written or verbal agreements and representations
  • Being prompt to address any problem in the marketplace professionally
  • Ensure that any data collected is necessary, protected and used responsibly as per the customer’s preferences
  • Maintaining integrity while approaching any business dealings, transactions, and commitments

Securus established the largest in-house domestic call center with 220 seats, and it is a move that improved customer service handling. They had a higher target, but with the current capacity, they still manage to respond to more than 2.5 million calls on a monthly basis. The calls get answered within 11 seconds in average while their customer satisfaction score stands at 4.3 out of 5. Also, Securus representatives are trained on the basis of the BBB required standards. All the above results clearly provide justification for the recent accreditation of the firm.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a firm located in Dallas, Texas that helps in connecting family and friends to those in prison using superior communication solutions. Securus serves over 3400 public safety, law enforcement, and correction agencies as well as 1,200,000 inmates in North America. They focus on connecting what matters.



The Ukraine Will Benefit from George Soros

The Ukraine needs debt relief badly. George Soros is the one who thinks that he will be able to provide that. While he could likely provide that singlehandedly, he is enlisting the help of people in different countries to get awareness about the Ukraine out there. Soros wants to make sure that people know that he is going to be supporting debt relief in the Ukraine and he wants others to be able to do the same so that the Ukraine can get the help that the people so desperately need to have when they are there in that country.

When it comes to influence, George Soros has been a great influence on the people of the United States on As a strong liberal, he has led people to make better political decisions. He has made sure that they are doing the right thing and that they are able to get exactly what they want out of the political system of the United States. He has worked to change quite a few minds about what they can and cannot do in the United States and in the different areas that they are able to vote for.

George Soros has been extremely busy working around the clock for the election but he also wants to focus on other problems in the world. When the election is over, he knows that there will still be issues that he needs to face for people who are in different areas. He wants to make sure that the people of the Ukraine get what they need. Debt relief will not only help the country as a whole but it will also help the people who are in different areas of the country. He knows that it is important for the Ukraine to be able to get exactly what they need from the debt relief.

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Education is the key to success and George Soros knows that it will be a long time before everyone is able to be educated about the Ukraine but he wants to make sure people know that they can help the efforts out on This will allow the Ukraine to come out of major debt and will help people who are quite literally starving as a result of the bad economy and the terrible debt that the country is in. There are many things that people can do to help.

George Soros’ only hope for the campaign that he is on for the Ukraine is that enough people will take notice and will want to help out. He knows that there May be many issues that come with helping the people of the Ukraine out but he also knows that it will create a great benefit for the country. Soros is a supporter of all human rights and he knows that the people of the Ukraine will be able to have the rights that they are entitled to if they are able to get the debt relief that the country deserves to have for its citizens.

What to Consider When Hiring a Party Planner; Twenty Three Layers Continues to Dominate

Why undergo the daunting task of party planning when you can simply hire a professional? Though it is far easier and a better idea generally to invest in professional party planning services, it is important to consider key aspects when investing in these expert services, including:

Why the Need?

People enjoy parties–there is no denying that. However, few people understand why they are throwing a particular party. Rather than pondering the decorations, food, and the price of it all, understand the need for the event instead and why a professional would elevate it to new and better heights.

Outline a Detailed Budget

After researching professionals in the area, interviewing the most promising, and choosing the one right for you and your needs, outline a detailed budget that covers the party in its entirety.

Listen and Negotiate

An expert has that title for a reason, right? Because of this, it is important to listen to what they have to say. If they do not believe a particular feature will work for the event or is not within the budget, listen to them and negotiate other options as well as their rates.

The Final Product

After undergoing the planning process with the professional and witnessing the event that they put together, provide them with your honest feedback. If you were not satisfied with the experience, communicate that to them in order for them to grow as an expert and for your own validation that you will not work with them in the future. On the contrary, boast of their prowess if it was demonstrated and executed in the event.

Conclusively, your work does not end when you hire a professional. However, only the best companies will make certain that the stress never becomes problematic, like Twenty Three Layers, an event planning company in NYC. With a staff of event planners in NYC, this company has put together the most epic events in the area. An extensive and impressive portfolio exists in their favor while their access to exclusive venues makes them both sought after and immensely different from other companies. From first birthday parties to weddings, Twenty Three Layers is proving to be a timeless company.

Equities First Holding: Offering Alternative Finance Options

In these modern times, we have seen tightened lending criteria from banks and other lending institutions. Equities lending, on the other hand, has come as an aid to those people who need to borrow capital and cannot qualify the standards set by banks. Banks have made borrowing difficult by implementing one of the following criteria; First, banks have increased interest rates for people wishing to borrow and don’t qualify. Second, banks have tightened loan qualifications. Finally, one needs security to acquire a loan. Equities First Holdings has designed an innovative way of giving borrowers the fund they need. They offer loan that is collateralized by stocks.

One advantage of this kind of a loan is that it offers a higher loan-to-value ratio compared to margin loans. Secondly, it offers a constant interest rate, therefore, ensuring the borrower has certainty during the whole period of the transaction. For instance, consider a three-year loan term. During this time, market fluctuation will occur. The good thing about stock-based loans is that the investment risk will be lowered to the downside market. Both margin loans and stock-based loans have differences and similarities as they require securities for collateral. On the other hand, for margin loans, you must be pre-qualified, and the loan may require you to use the money for a specific purpose. When it come to the interests rates, they may vary, and loan to value ratios may be between 10-50 percent. Additionally, the lending firm has an option to liquidate any collateral without warning. The good thing about stock-based loans is that they have no restrictions and have a lower interest rate of around three to four percent. Loan to value ratios ranges between 50-75 percent. Another good thing about this loans is that they are non-recourse, meaning that the borrowers can walk away without obligation.

Equities First Holding is a company that specializes in alternative finance solutions for its customers. The company does this by using publicly traded stock as security. The company was established in 2002. Over the years, the company has conducted around 650 transactions with a net value of $1.4.

Equities First holding has offices in nine countries. Some of its well-known subsidiaries include Equities First London; Equities First Holdings Singapore limited as well as Equities First Holdings Australia and Hong Kong.

Evolution of Smooth Makes a Move on ChapStick Territory

ChapStick is a name that many baby boomers will recognize instantly. By contrast, EOS Lip Balm may be something that these baby boomers have never seen or heard of. Coincidentally, the reverse is true for millennials. The EOS Lip Balm may certainly ring bells for young people, but ChapStick may be a foreign in concerns to the products that they know and love. This is happening because EOS set out to market to the millennials first.

People are growing up in an age where they have to connect to social media to see what is new and hot. That is what makes EOS such a hot topic. Fast Company has researched the way that this company is growing, and the evident is there. ChapStick was leading the way, but EOS lip balm was on the rise. ChapStick didn’t have a team that could develop and market the way that EOS did. The end result was a product war with EOS executives pulling out all the social media ammunition. This would be the thing that would topple ChapStick. The Evolution of Smooth has made a smooth transition to the top, and ChapStick is struggling to regain the throne.

The reality is that ChapStick has left the door open for competition for far too long. There is no going back. People have become used to the stylish brand of lip balm. They don’t want to try anything else. They appear to be content with what the Evolution of Smooth is offering. This means that there is less of a chance that ChapStick – or any other company – will come in and overshadow this brand. This is a company that is tied into social media in a major way. The crowds that support EOS are the young people that are telling friends about EOS. To learn more, visit the evolutionofsmooth website, Linked In page and Pinterest (


Sweetgreen: A Fast Food Restaurant that Makes an Impact Every Day

Sweetgreen is a fast food restaurant that features a menu exclusively made up of organic salad ingredients and healthy grains like quinoa. Yes, you heard it right. Sweetgreen is a healthy fast food restaurant.


Unfortunately, though, Sweetgreen has yet to become a household name. However, this is beginning to change rapidly. The Sweetgreen restaurant franchise:


  • Is attracting fans and customers from all income brackets and walks of life,
  • Has begun its own outreach program to educate young people about how to eat healthier,
  • Employs numerous managers and servers in their restaurants, and corporate executive staff, along with organic farmers as well, and
  • Has created its own music festival called the Sweetlife Festival that features the world’s top Pop, Rock, Hip Hop and R&B acts


The chain is creating a lot of buzz for the right reasons. The founders, Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman make every business decision carefully. The hire like-minded staff and they work hard to create viable answers to community problems. This is because they want both the customer and the community to benefit from the impact they create.


Some of the solutions the Sweetgreen franchise offers to local communities include:


  • Resources – Employment opportunities,
  • Health – Access to healthy foods at an affordable price,
  • Dignity – A pleasant fast-food dining experience at a clean, well-cared for establishment, and
  • Life Skills – Education about healthy eating for those that might not get it otherwise


Many adults are so set in their ways. Many schools didn’t start teaching young people about how to eat healthy until the 70s. That means that many older adults grew up eating extremely unhealthy foods and living very dangerously indeed.


Just ask any history teacher. Not only did everyone smoke. They smoked everywhere, including on planes, on buses, in meeting rooms and in offices. In addition, people drove drunk and ate foods we would never dream of eating today.


The best way to help people change unhealthy eating patterns is to actually give them alternatives. A person that has eaten unhealthily for his or her entire life might decide to eat better and go to the grocery store and buy a head of iceberg lettuce, some ranch dressing, fried chicken fingers and a tomato to create a salad and call that a day. Though it’s likely healthy than what they’ve been eating, it still isn’t quite making the dramatic change necessary to heal and cleanse an unhealthy body.


Davos Real Estate Calculator Changes Investment

With the continuing turmoil in the struggling global economy, it is important for people to keep investments diversified. Traditional stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are more volatile than ever. Therefore, many people are looking at real estate as a way to change their investment strategy. Many factors make real estate a unique investment. Real estate tends to appreciate in value instead of depreciating. Real estate also provides a large cash flow. Unfortunately, it can be a challenge to find a solid market to invest in. Everyone knows location is the most important factor in real estate; however, some of the lesser known issues can be difficult to overcome.

That is where David Osio has changed the market. The Davos Real Estate Group has partnered with the leaders in the information technology industry to develop the Davos CAP Calculator. This is an application that enables prospective real estate investors to quickly calculate important factors in a potential real estate investment. These include net income, cash flow, and capitalization rate. Real estate investment requires a large principal that can worry many potential investors. With this tool, many of the uncertainties will disappear. This application is only the latest in a long series of products the Davos Real Estate Group has provided to investors.

David Osio is the CEO and founder of the Davos Financial Advisory Group. Under his guidance, the Davos Financial Advisory Group has grown to unprecedented heights. The company has also expanded across international borders with offices in New York, Panama City, and Geneva. This makes the Davos Financial Group a leader in both the domestic and international real estate markets.

Furthermore, David Osio is on a mission to make a difference in the world with philanthropic efforts. He has made a significant impact in the art, music, medical research, and infrastructure of communities around the world. He has been in constant negotiations with charities around the world for decades. The capital he provides keeps these organizations functioning in their communities. For example, he has provided funding for the Miami Symphony Orchestra. This group was in a dire need of funding to provide the unparalleled concerts enjoyed by thousands in the Miami area. Furthermore, Osio also supports the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. This group makes sure that children with traumatic injuries from sports and accidents have the care necessary to return to their everyday lives. Osio serves as a shining example of a business leader bringing positive change to the world.

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The Gold Market After Brexit

With Britain’s exit from the European Union now a reality, demand for gold coins has been on the rise. Many investors naturally turn to gold in times of economic stress as an alternative that will keep its value over the long term.

Since Brexit, buyers in the U.K. and around the world have been turning to gold coins and bullion as a way of providing security to their financial portfolios. The price of gold has already risen in response to this demand, and is likely to go higher as concerns elsewhere in Europe mount over Brexit’s ongoing effect on the financial markets. Brexit has had a greater impact on gold price than even the valuation of the U.S. dollar. But the coming presidential election in the U.S. is only exacerbating the problem elsewhere.

While the ultimate result of Brexit has yet to be seen, the rising prices are in part mitigated by sellers who wish to take advantage of the jump in price to sell their current holdings at a profit. However, the likelihood is that the value of gold will continue to rise as the economies of Britain, Europe, and the rest of the world face an uncertain fate over the next few years. Gold and other precious metal investments will continue to be seen as a sound financial move, particularly if the worst fears are realized and Brexit wipes out millions in British stock values.

Gold has been a prized and easily liquidated source of wealth throughout human history. Even amid the financial failures of the Great Recession a few years back, the value of gold continued to rise. Gold coins and bullion can be seen as not only retaining their value, but almost guaranteed to appreciate when other sources of wealth are failing. In the five days following the Brexit vote, the rush to buy gold exceeded by 10 times the amount sold at the end of the recession in 2011. That amounts to some $2.7 billion changing hands in the first week alone.

If you’ve thought about getting in on this trend before prices rise much further, you should visit U.S. Money Reserve to get a picture of the current precious metals market and obtain your free Gold Information Kit.

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