WEN Cleansing Conditioners Have Been Tested And Reviewed And Provide Great Results

Not too long ago, Emily McClure published a review through Bustle Magazine on the effects of WEN cleansing conditioners on different profiles of hair, specifically her very fine hair. She tested out WEN Hair Fig version of cleansing conditioner for a week and then detailed her experience in a review for her readers. Being an enthusiast for hair care, Emily had known about WEN for a long time, but was skeptical because many products out there fail to live up to their hype. It turns out testing the cleansing conditioner was one of the best decisions she could have made, as it worked wonders for her fine hair, giving her the strength and fullness she’s always wanted. She even posted before and after pictures to show off proof of WEN’s amazing results.

In Emily’s case, she started to see results within a couple days of using the product, though she also did not use anything else in her hair and the effects at first were not what she wanted. She tweaked her routine a little big and she found that applying it early in the morning provided the best results for a good portion of the day. She also noticed that the recommended dosage was not good for her very fine hair, but a small portion worked best instead. By the end of her week period testing out WEN, she had been getting a number of compliments from her friends asking her what she had been doing, which quickly changed her skepticism into a love for the product.

WEN’s amazing effects are result of Chaz Dean’s effort testing the formula over and over to ensure it worked well on various different hair types and stayed within an affordable price that women on any budget could use it. Today, WEN products can be ordered on online exclusively, from retailers such as Ebay (http://www.ebay.com/bhp/wen-hair-care) and Amazon.

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Doe Deere: A makeup Revolution

Doe Deere is the Founder and CEO of the cosmetics company Lime Crime. She was born in Russia. Then moved to the United States and was raised in New York. Doe feels makeup has more to it than just hiding imperfections, but rather should be used as a form of self-expression. She wanted makeup to be a feeling of what feels right in the moment, not just natural and self-enhancing. She decided to launch her own cosmetics company in 2008 that focused on allowing individuals to express themselves freely and openly.

The result of this was Lime Crime, a line of intensely pigmented, bold color, and vibrant makeup line. All of the products in the line are cruelty free and not tested on animals. The name for the company is a combination of her favorite color and to create makeup that was so outrageous it would break the law.

Her journey has made her an advocate and supporter of women owned businesses. She has spoken at many events about finding your own voice and following your passion and dreams. She also mentors many young women would have ambitions in business and she encourages all to ask for her advice on Instagram.

The idea for Lime Crime was inspired by the fact that Deere had a difficult time finding bright and color makeup to match the clothing she was designing in her clothing line. So she decided to make her own and eventually launched the makeup line. She is very hands on with her makeup line. She is involved with every step of development with all of her products. Deere also tests out every new makeup product before it goes to production.

Deere feels that trusting your gut and starting early are the keys to success for any woman wanted to have her own business. Also it is important to treat your employees and people around you with kindness and respect. She also continually donates to charitable causes which keeps her grounded. She feels educating yourself and knowing your brand are keys to success in the business world. Her husband Mark is one of her biggest influences.

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Customers Having Impact on Company’s Online Reputaiton

Recently, an article was posted in onlinereputationreviews.com stating that customer can have a big impact on a company’s reputation. The author of this post stated that reviews can make or break a company’s reputation.

Overall, I disagree with this statement. A few bad reviews are not going to deter customers from purchasing a product or service from your company. Especially if they have done business with your company before and were happy with what they received. For example, imagine getting online and finding a pair of shoes you love. Someone says that the color was bad, and the material did not hold up well. Sure, this may be something you take into consideration when buying those pair of shoes. However, is this one review going to deter you from buying those shoes you love? Of course not.

Though, I can see where the author was coming from when he made his statement. If there are multiple reviews all complaining about the same thing, that might be something that would deter me from buying the product. With that being said, any positive reviews would make just as great of an impact on my decision in purchasing.

The thing people need to remember is that the author is talking about the company’s reputation being impacted. I believe this accusation is false. Just because people read a few bad reviews does not mean that everyone is going to stop buying what the company is selling them. Not only that, but not everyone takes the time to read reviews. A lot of people see something they like and purchase it immediately.

As long as people review products honestly, and the company creates high-quality items, no problems should arise. I do not believe reviews strongly impact a company’s reputation.


Dr. Brian Bonar Leads Companies To Business Success

Brian Bonar is a noted entrepreneur and financial expert who is currently based in San Diego, California.

Bonar holds a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Masters Degree in Business Administration, and a Doctorate Degree in International Business Development.

Bonar is originally from Scotland, attended universities in Scotland and England, and spent much of his early life in Europe.

Bonar has held a wide array of positions throughout his career. He began his professional career in 1969 as a procurement manager with IBM. After leaving IBM, Bonar worked as the Director of Engineering for QMS. Bonar has also held numerous sales and marketing management positions for several different companies.

In 1994 Brian Bonar launched his first entrepreneurial venture with the founding of Bezier Systems. Under his leadership, Bezier would develop the first SCSI printer. Bonar’s next entrepreneurial venture came in 2006 when he founded AMS Outsourcing, which specializes in helping companies outsource their non-core business support activities.

Bonar’s most recent business startup is a bit different. In 2016 he opened a restaurant, Bellamy’s Bistro, in San Diego. News reports indicate that he is also working on developing a 144-acre property in Bandy Canyon near San Diego, which will include a second larger restaurant.

Currently, Bonar is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman of the Board of 2 separate companies, Trucept and Dalrado Financial Services. He has been with Trucept since 2011 and under his leadership, Trucept has become a leader in providing temporary staffing and comprehensive human resource services to businesses throughout the United States.

Bonar has been with Dalrada Financial since 1992 and took over leadership of the company as CEO in 1998. He became Chairman of the Board in 1999. Dalrada specializes in comprehensive financial and benefit services for businesses.

In 2010 Dr. Bonar’s business accomplishments were recognized when Who’s Who’s named him distinguished business executive of the year for finance. Bonar is active in his community, serving organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club, The Lions Club, and Escondido Children’s Museum.

From his roots with IBM to his current leadership of Trucept and Dalrada, Brian Bonar has succeeded in managing numerous business entities to success and has created several businesses from scratch. Only time will tell what his next great success in business will be.

Wearable Tech Use to Increase in the Future

Wearable technology has become one of the most significant advancements in both the technology and fashion industries. Today, many people wear a range of technology including watches, glasses, and other accessories. While these gadgets are already popular, it is likely to become only more popular in the coming years.

One way that technology is going to meet fashion is when it comes to active wear. For those that like to ride a bike, it can seem unfashionable to wear a helmet and other pads, even when they are helpful for safety purposes. In the coming years, it is likely that some advancements in technology will make safety features on the bike and on the rider even more discrete than before. A developer is currently working on a neckwear that a biker would wear while riding. When an accident occurs, this will act as an airbag and will work by protecting both the neck and head.

Those that work as firefighters, wearable technology could also become very helpful and help search and rescue team members save lives. The technology that is being proposed is an advanced glove technology that will come full equipped with a GPS, communication ability, and other components that will help firefighters find each other while on a search and rescue mission.

Technology is also being used to recycle old items into clothing. One company has been collecting and recycling bicycle inner tubes and have found a way to convert the items into clothing. The developer is also looking to expand their search in an attempt to recycle other items into clothes.

One of the leaders in the fashion and technology industry is Chris Burch, who is the president and owner of Burch Creative Capital. His company is a venture capital firm that specializes in providing capital to small businesses that are looking to grow. His investment strategy often focuses on tech companies that are working on an idea or project to help make the world a better place.

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How The SEC Whistleblower Program Works

An SEC Whistleblower is a person that alerts the Securities and Exchange Commission about securities, stock or investment fraud. This includes insider trading, market manipulation, foreign bribery, false statements in financial filings, accounting fraud, fraud in offerings and any other type of securities fraud. A person can use the SEC whistleblower program if they are an expert analyst, an insider or whether they are personally affected by the fraud or not. This gives the SEC an opportunity to act on the information. The whistleblower’s first step should be to contact an SEC Whistleblower attorney.


The types of violations typically reported by whistleblowers include Ponzi schemes, Front running, accounting fraud, Pump-and-dump schemes, mutual fund fraud, insider trading, and the use of bribery to retain or obtain business. Anyone can become an SEC whistleblower. All they have to do is voluntarily give original information related to the possible violation of the federal securities laws whether such violation occurred in the past, is about to occur or is ongoing. The whistleblower doesn’t have to work for the company to provide the information. However, the information must result in the SEC taking successful action which results in financial sanctions in excess of $1 million.


People who report securities fraud are provided with several protections. The SEC whistleblower program has an anti-retaliation provision which protects whistleblower that are employees. The program also offers complete anonymity if the whistleblower is represented by counsel. Once the whistleblower provides signs and submits a completed Form TCR when they make their anonymous submission to the attorney that attorney can act on their behalf with the SEC.


People are encouraged to become securities whistleblowers because securities fraud costs investors an estimated $40 million annually in losses. Plus whistleblowers can receive 10% to 30% of the monies recovered if the information they provide leads to the recovery of $1 million or more. The whistleblower can receive more than 30% if its a significant case and the amount of assistance they provided. The Dodd-Frank SEC Whistleblower Program is an important SEC tool that has helped to uncover a vast number of fraudulent activities and brought the perpetrators of the fraud to justice.


If you are aware of securities fraud and want to participate in the Dodd-Frank SEC Whistleblower Program all you have to do is contact an experienced SEC Whistleblower lawyer. They will guide you through the necessary steps required for participation.

Ricardo Tosto: How one Brazilian Lawyer Built an Empire from Scratch

It’s no secret that lawyers are among the highest paid professionals in Brazil. There are certain prerequisites needed for one to enroll in a law school in the South American nation. The intense training takes close to six years to complete. To step foot inside the university, one has to have passed their high school examination. In Brazil, the prospective lawyers get subjected to an additional test known as the Vestibular.


Passing the Vestibular

Whether it’s a public or a private university, the rules are the same. The learning institutions have to get the authorization and the accreditation of the National Commission on Legal Education of the OAB Federal Council. Another yet significant regulatory body is the Federal Ministry of Education (MEC). Upon graduation, one goes for their internship.


Internship Placement

The Brazilian Bar Association abbreviated as OAB gives students a chance to take the exam three times a year. Students are expected to get a pass mark of at least 60%. The bar exam is structured into two-steps. One part MCQ and the other essay.


Brazilian Law Vs US Law

It is important to note that the Brazilian legal system is different from the U.S legal system. The main difference lies in the fact that the system in Brazil borrows heavily from that of the Portuguese. That is in stark contrast, to the US system which company past legal precedence from local rulings.

Another notable difference is that in Brazil, the judges take charge of the litigation proceedings. The presiding judges are responsible for all investigations and cross-examining the witnesses.In the States, however, those tasks are handled by the lawyers.


About Ricardo Tosto

Mr. Tosto’s main area of expertise lies in corporate litigation law. Ricardo is a self-made man. He started his career in a small shack of an office and then worked his way up to building the biggest law firm in his nation. His career has seen him defend and represent clients from all corners of the globe.

His legal enterprise is renowned for offering pro bono services for non-profit organizations and other notable courses as well. Mr. Tosto has won numerous awards and accolades for his milestone achievements and contribution to the legal world.

The Importance Of Having A Good Reason For Events

Events are always fun to host and attend. However, it is important for people to make sure that they have the right reason for hosting an event. Among the examples of good reasons to run events are celebrating holidays, celebrating a birthday, celebrating a milestone or other types of celebrations. One could also run an event because he just wants to bring forth a change of pace for people. However one goes about it, it is important for him to decide on a reason to host the event. This is actually one of the important steps to get out of the way before he looks for event planners in NYC.

When one figures out the reason for hosting an event, then he is one step closer to being ready for one of the event planning companies in NYC. For one thing, it makes it easier for him and the event planners. He can hire a New York event planning company like Twenty Three Layers. The professionals of the company are very familiar with the event planning activities. All that is needed is for the host to make clear what types of services he is going to need. When the event planners know the types of services that are needed, then they will be able to provide the services.

Among the services the host needs to let event planners know about are catering, photography, set up, clean up, and plenty of other aspects of the event. While the events are fun, it is important to know that they can also be very messy. This is why it is important that the host has a plan for everything. He has to be willing to clean up any types of mess left by the attendees of the party. It is also important for people to know what to do with the excess.

Handy Cleaning Company Becoming Uber for Household Chores

Handy cleaning company is targeting to become a trusted service provider in offering all cleaning services for their clients. It was founded in the year 2002 by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua to provide you with services such as cleaning, handy work and plumbing. You can easily booking an appointment with them using your cell phone depending on the time and day you are available. The cleaning service provider will be in a position to help you maintain your home in a pleasing manner and ensure you receive quality services.

Services Offered by Handy

For easy access to Handy.com services, you can use their web page or download their app. With this, you will be in a position to provide information such as your area code and the time you would wish to have the cleaning job started. After completing this, you will receive a quote that contains the price, tips as well as tax charged for the services. All the employees working in Handy are trained and experienced to ensure they offer quality services to all their clients. You will also feel safe working with them since they have been screened by the company to ensure they are trustworthy. In case the services you received are not of good quality, your money will be refunded by the company instantly and any damages will be replaced.


You will be in a position to fully concentrate on your job since the service provider you receive will offer you services any day you require them. The service provider has the required skills and knowledge to handle all your household items and ensure they are well cleaned. You will be able to maintain a clean home and go on with your busy schedule throughout the day. Handy Cleaning Company will ensure you get the right expert to offer you the services you require.


The incredible success of Kenneth Goodgame

Kenneth Goodgame is a famous and highly influential principle executive. He was worked with multiple organizations in the past and is currently based in the United States. His primary objective has been to create winning business strategies, which always lead to success of institutions. Because he has worked in the industry for many years, he has gained the skills and knowledge needed to handled complex challenges in his line of work.

Goodgame has always ensured that the institutions he works with get a right balance in employee engagement, corporate alignment, quality assurance and formulating effective programs. He strives to make programs that improve profitability and performance of those companies. His extensive experience has made him a veteran when it comes to formulating effective marketing tricks.

Kenneth Goodgame is popularly known for his success at the True Value Hardware Corporation where he worked since 2013. The institution is located in Chicago, and he has been serving as the principal executive, the Senior Vice President, and the Chief Merchandising personnel. Kenneth Goodgame’s success is attributed to his solid education background. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing from the University of Tennessee.

While Mr. Goodgame’s success has been highly experienced in the recent past years, his early years with several companies were successful but went unnoticed. Take for instance in 1999 where he was Director of Propriety Brands; he completed the company’s first nationwide agreement with John Deere. The business step was highly instrumental for the company as it led to further product launches. It helped the company achieve most of its goals.

Mr. Goodgame has contributed to other successful ventures in Rubber Maid and Home Depot. He also worked for Ace Hardware and introduced successful programs. He later joined True Value Company where he is the Principal Executive. The kind of success experienced by Kenneth Goodgame speaks of nothing but hard work and dedication. He is also highly educated, having schooled in the best institutions in the country.

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