George Soros Returns to the Political Battleground

Billionaire George Soros has once again become involved in the political arena by opening his wallet to Hillary Clinton, other Democratic candidates and political interest groups. Soros has donated or pledged $25 million.

According to Politico, the 85-year-old investor feels that this election is of paramount importance on Bloomberg. He has faith in Hillary Clinton and fears about Donald Trump.

George Soros has been a consistent donor to Democratic causes, but this year the political stakes are exceptionally high, according to Michael Vachon, spokesman for Soros. ‘They were high even before Trump became the nominee because of the hostility on the other side toward many of the issues George cares about and has for many years, including immigration reform, criminal justice reform, and religious tolerance.’

George Soros had faded from the political world in 2004, after targeting Bush and Cheney for defeat in that year’s election. He felt another term would be disastrous, in fact calling it ‘a matter of life and death.’ However, this brought heavy criticism down on him by right wing radio and television outlets and politicians. He was called a self-hating Jew and a communist, among other things.

Stung by the criticism and disappointed at the Bush victory, Soros turned to his philanthropic endeavors. Over 30 years, George Soros has donated $13 billion to various causes, including the Democracy Alliance, which fights for causes such as climate change, health and education expansion worldwide, and human rights.

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Soros hopes his generous donation, which may be added to as the election nears, will spur more wealthy donors to chip in as well. Those who have donated so far have put Clinton at a solid financial advantage over Trump, who does not have the support of top Republican donors.

Soros has donated to these groups so far:
– $7 million to Priorities USA Action, with Clinton the largest recipient, according to the Federal Election Commission.
– $2 million to American Bridge to the 21st Century, an investigative political
– $5 million to a group targeting voter restriction laws
– $2 million to a voter mobilization group
– $1 million to various state voter groups
– $1.5 million to a PAC supporting Democratic candidates for the Senate and Planned Parenthood Votes

Soros has strong opinions on the Republican candidate for president. He said that Trump ‘is doing the work of ISIS’ by scaring the public. He has also written to voters, ‘Resist the siren song of the likes of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz if the US is to effectively fight terrorism. See:

Born in Hungary, he survived the Nazi occupation as a Jew by living with a Christian family as arranged by his father. He then lived under communism after the war, but left and found his way to England where he studied at the London School of Economics.

After arriving in the United States, he eventually became an extremely successful hedge fund trader, now being worth $24.9 billion.

Disadvantage: Incorporate Olympic Valley


A business venture is a great endeavor that not only seeks to enrich the individual, but also provide to the immediate community near it. In as far as there is a consideration for every service provided, or product offered, the needs, rights, and health, both political and economic as well as the spiritual health of the society should be a great motivation on whatever course of action they decide to take.

An article published in the Reno Magazine has opposed the incorporation of the Olympic Valley. The integration is seen not only as a threat to the business environment and the political climate but also a threat to the residents. The step, if taken, would result in higher taxes being imposed on the residents and a decreased level of service to that inhabitants depend on, such as the road maintenance and deep plowing. This coupled with the isolation of Olympic Valley from other north shore communities, that usually corporate to deal with regional issues is what has made Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, spend thousands of dollars opposing the efforts.

Andy Wirth
The company has grand plans for the area, which it cannot let the incorporation deny them the chance, to impact the lives of the residents let alone improve the area. The company’s CEO, Andy Wirth, an educated man, yet philanthropic works tirelessly to make skiing among the leading tourist destination in the world.

A skydiving accident that was near-fatal opened eyes, Andy’s eyes. He co-founded a team that supports the wounded warriors. Hence your trip to the skiing zone may not be devoid of accidents, but there are people on hand to help you overcome all this. You require the support of a few individuals to get over a crash and many times your family is there for you, however, recuperating alongside other great warriors is a great milestone that will help you overcome your fears as well.

Andy has taken all the efforts needed to see that skiing succeeds and that his dream of making it a tourist destination is achieved. His recent contributions on the matter being, appointment as chairperson of the Reno-Tahoe airport authority. Here he works alongside a team of experts to improve the air services. He has earlier worked in other airlines hence has adequate international resort management experience. Andy believes that enhancing air services is vital for the ski industry, gaming and business community. While on the board, he has served as a liaison between Lake Tahoe and the Reno-Sparks region, while still representing the airline which links the Lake Tahoe to the rest of the world.

Unpaid Loans Land Non Profit Agency In Hot Water With The State

An unpaid loan installment by Middlesex County Improvement Authority (MCIA) sheds light on dealings of New Brunswick Devco.
The MCIA a $20 loan from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) and failed to make good on last month’s $1 million interest and principle installment. The MCIA has a record of not making good on payments is $7 million in arrears dating back five years.

According to the Press Of Atlantic City, the original 2005 loan was given for the construction of the New Brunswick Hotel, The Heldrich. Before the hotel was purchased and renovated, it was rundown and abandoned. The hotel and conference center was developed by the New Brunswick Development Corp., an area non-profit organization.

Although the organization has been touted as an extremely efficient model of success when public dollars are used correctly, it hasn’t quite lived up to its name. It’s sister firm, Atlantic City Development Corp., is having much more success in its namesake.

Christopher Paladino, attorney for both corporations, insists the debt will be paid very soon. “Due to the economic downturn and misjudging of the market, the Heldrich wasn’t quite as profitable as we thought it would be,” said Paladino.

The 237 room establishment only had an occupancy rate of about 63 percent last year. The hotel is extremely cash-strapped and barely has enough money to provide basic services. The hotel was forced to tap its own funds to pay for items such as carpet and mattresses.

Paladino says he is confident they can make it work. “It’s just going to take some time.”

“We believe the economics and forecast look a lot better. We have no doubt that all financial obligations will be satisfied,” said Paladino



White Shark Media Helps Customers to Build Profitable Websites

Anyone who has ever built an online business understands the frustration and stress that comes along with the creation and expansion of a business plan.

Business owners must always be aware of the ultimate purpose of the business they have created in order to successfully create a plan of action. During the current dawn of the internet age, it has become almost impossible for business owners to successfully operate a business without utilizing online business.

If a company does not have a website, many consumers believe they are not a relevant or successful company. Because the very nature of business development is changing at a rapid rate, it is important that business owners are aware of the necessity of creating a profitable and user-friendly website.

By utilizing the services of White Shark Media Complaints team, an advertising company that focuses on helping business owners get their messages to the general public, business owners can successfully create websites that rival those of million dollar companies.  Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

White Shark Media aids customers in the expansion of their business ideas by helping the customer to think about what they really want to communicate to their audiences. Upon hiring White Shark Media for advertising services, business owners are asked a series of questions regarding the purpose of the business and the markets that business owners want to reach.

By having this conversation with White Shark Media representatives, business create the focal points of the advertising campaign and develop a relationship with the customer service representative.

Following the introductory conversation with the client, White Shark Media helps customers to build profitable websites and business platforms. By implementing the advertising campaign strategies that are provided at White Shark Media, business owners can successfully optimize their websites to gain more traffic and ultimately reach a larger amount of people.

By building a foundational platform, business owners can effectively market to a specific group of people who will remain loyal to their services and products.

White Shark Media is proud of their efforts to continue to communicate the business ideas of their customers. By helping business owners to reach the customers that they desire to serve with their products and services, White Shark Media is building the small business community.

By providing excellent service and support to its clients, White Shark Media has become one of the most sought after advertising companies in the small business community and has developed a reputation of excellence.

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Why You Need Reputation Management

Darius Fisher is the president and co-founder of Status Labs. Darius has worked hard to ensure the success and growth of Status Labs. Recently, Mr Fisher received a prestigious award for his excellent service and recognition of his dedication.

The renowned annual PR World Awards is one of the world’s best in recognizing investor relations, corporate communications, marketing, public relations, and business development professionals, departments, teams, and achievements from every major industry in the world. Mr Fisher gladly accepted this prestigious award and thanked the organization for recognizing his outstanding performance.

Fisher motivates his staff with exciting sales goal incentives and performance awards. He also incorporates community service opportunities to ensure efficient team building. He is a great leader and has promised to keep providing top notch service in the industry.

Reputation management is essential in today’s society. People go online to research companies before making a purchasing or requesting service. If what they find out about the company is negative, they will not patronize the company. If it is positive they will gladly do business with company and will feel confident that they will receive great service.

Every business owner or company needs to monitor their online reputation, to ensure that only positive reviews or posts are visible to online searchers. If derogatory content shows up about you or your business, then you will need a way to have it removed as soon as possible. That’s where online reputation management firms step in, to provide you with a system that will address any threats to your profile.

Status Labs aims to provide businesses with the ability to manage how they are viewed on the internet. Past problems, issues, or unforeseen circumstances do come back to haunt people on the internet unless they make a conscious effort to eliminate them and rebuild their profile. It is important to be aware that you or your business should always have the resources to control your online reputation. Status Labs places the management or control of your online reputation into your own hands. Visit Status Labs at their website, to learn more about how their services can help you.

Securus Technologies Demands High Industry Standards

Securus Technologies, a Dallas, Texas based communications technology leader, serves over 3,450 in corrections agencies, public safety, and law enforcement. Securus also provides services to inmates across the United Stated totaling well over 1,000,000. Securus has made excellence in service a foundational part of meeting the needs of consumers in every area in which the company functions. From public information to inmate self-service, emergency response and biometric analysis Securus provides technology communication solutions with integrity and a focus on excellence. However, other communication technology providers within the field have not been so integral, and as such, create an atmosphere of distrust within the industry and within the hearts of consumers.

Securus Technology’s Chief Executive Officer, Richard A. Smith, has honed in on a particular culprit that, as far back as 1998, has operated outside the established industry standards and legal bounds of the communication technology field, at the expense of the very consumers they are pledged to serve. Global Tel Link (GTL) has been found overcharging for inmate calls, adding time to phone calls, and operating in other ways that are illegal and unethical. The details of Global Tel Link’s unsavory activities as outlined in the Order from the Louisiana Public Service Commission, Docket No. U-20784 and more recent findings about GTL will be released, by Securus, over the next six months.

It is unclear what GTL will be influenced to change during the months of disclosure to come, but Securus is making the atmosphere ripe for industry accountability to facilitate consumer driven service and innovations. The disclosure of GTL wrongdoings coupled with Securus’ ethical, no-nonsense approach in the field are easy to discern contrasts. GTL would benefit greatly from moving more toward Securus’ provider practices in the communication technology field if it is to continue to function successfully therein.

IAP Worldwide Has A Way Of Managing Large Facilities

IAP Worldwide is a facilities management and logistics company that can help anyone with a large building or facility that needs to be managed. Hiring someone to do this work is very hard, and it can be even more difficult if that person has no resources. They are going to have a hard time taking care of the building without a large company behind them, and that is why IAP Worldwide is the right company to hire.

The IAP Worldwide staff will come into the building to figure out what needs to be done to help it run well. They want to know what they can do to make a difference in the building, and then they need to know what can be done to make the customer happy. They put those two things together to create a management style that works for everyone. They will actually put their own manager in place, and then they will go out and look for other services as they are needed. Every facility is different, and that is why IAP Worldwide wants to handle the work on their own.

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Iap Worldwide Services, Inc Jobs in Virginia |

Everyone who is trying to get services for their building will actually get reports on their building. They will learn what is going on around the building, and they will find out what needs to be changed for the future. They get a lot of information from the manager, and they can call into the manager at any time. The manager will take visits from the owner, and they will offer help with learning how the building works now. That is something that a lot of owners need when they are not around often, and that is why IAP Worldwide puts professionals on the ground to help.

A building that is supposed to create profits is going to be in much better hands if someone is hired to come in and handle the work. That means that a manager will come in to do everything like collect rent, handle security and handle maintenance. It is a much easier thing to do with IAP Worldwide on the job.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide:

The White Shark Media Free Evaluation Session

White Shark Media wants to be sure anyone and everyone involved with internet marketing succeed. Specifically, the company wants those who have an AdWords campaign running or thinking about running a campaign to experience solid returns on their investments.

White Shark Media Review team is in a position to help people achieve those goals by offering complete Google and Bing AdWords management services.

To prove the company is in a solid position to help, White Shark Media is offering up a completely free evaluation session. No commitments are required. No added costs are necessary. The free evaluation requires nothing more than a time commitment.

White Shark Media has handled a tremendous number of AdWords accounts and these accounts reflect a significant amount of revenue. The sheer dollar amount of AdWords revenue that has been managed is in the $36 million range. The figure clearly proves that White Shark Media is up to the task of running AdWords campaigns for clients.

The firm is available to prove what it can do through the aforementioned free evaluation. The evaluation takes place on a completely no-cost video streaming service. Once again, this highlights the fact free positively does mean free. During the meeting, a live search engine marketing specialist will discuss what White Shark Media can do.

The presentation provides a detailed overview of general points about AdWords campaigns and also affords specifics about any AdWords campaign a would-be client already has up and running. The valuable advice given through the meeting is sure to be enlightening and helpful. The SEM specialist is going to be very open and honest with questions asked. Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

White Shark Media is a company that consistently uses video streaming and online meeting services. When customers logged certain complaints about the company’s communications and campaign updates, White Shark Media worked an arrangement with GoToMeeting to set up monthly online status report meetings. Yes, the company does respond quickly to any and all concerns clients have.

The free evaluation will be conducted with the same level of seriousness as the normal monthly client meetings. No obligations are required. The free evaluation exists solely so people can see what White Shark Media is capable of doing.

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Martin Lustgarten and his Role in the Economy

The financial crisis of 2009 and the real estate bubble are two events, which many Americans dread to relive. Retirements were destroyed. A baby boom generation poised to enjoy their glory years became lifelong employees. They cannot afford to stop working.
How would you feel if 40 year’s worth of retirement benefits disappeared? There are those who died from the shock. Then there are those who sought the services of Mr. Martin Lustgarten. A double citizenship, a career in investment banking and a brilliant mind define the man.

He has a special place in his heart for retirees. Retirement is a goal. He believes ones needs help to achieve it. His financial and success model is simple; retirees need to become international investors. Diversifying across counties is frowned as spreading oneself too thin. However, he believes it can be done with a close financial eye.

His model of spreading wealth across many countries reduces risk. He makes money from having a clear birds eye view of where the economy is going.  Taking the same experiences through a different looking glass could unearth avenues to make wealth beyond the imagination.

A similar model was used by Sir John Templeton. The most famous international investor is George Soros. He borrows from the same book. He works very hard to make his clients rich. George Soros made a killing with the British currency. He read the signs right. According to Martin Lustgarten, a diverse global portfolio is necessary to expand your wealth.

For retiree looking for a mentor Martin is perfect for the role. Investors who do not know where to take their money can benefit by following his steps. For him, it is not about paying the bills, but about making money.

A recovering US economy is a source of more stability for the dollar. Martin has already identified the recent moves as fertile ground. The Federal Reserve Bank low-interest rate policy means you can get cash at very low rates. Martins’ advice is to get deeply into debt, while there is still a chance.

Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker. He was born in 1958, and he lives in Florida.  Follow Lustgarten on Instagram @mlustgarten to learn more.

Beneful: Here For Your Best Friend From Puppy To Senior

If your looking for a dog food brand to help your pet live to his fullest from puppy to senior; Beneful is exactly what you need. All their foods are made with farm raised meats and accented with vegetables for a flavor your dog will love and you can feel confident feeding him.
Your new puppy should be fed a puppy food until about one year of age, Beneful’s Healthy Puppy formula would be a great first food for your new best friend. It is enhanced with DHA to help in brain and vision development during this critical stage.

As your puppy grows into adulthood, his needs will change. Is your dog extremely active? Their Playful Life blend has extra proteins for active muscles. Maybe your dog is a little on the heavy side. Try Beneful Healthy Weight, with 10% fewer calories to help your dog loose weight while still filling full.

The Amazon best selling adult food Originals are great for all adult dogs, even seniors. They come in flavors of beef, chicken, or salmon. They even have a small breed adult dog food Incredibites that comes in beef or chicken.

Beneful dog foods are trusted enough to be sold in most major grocery stores like Walmart and pet stores. Nothing is worse than running out of dog food on a Saturday night, especially if you use a brand only sold in doggie boutiques not open until Monday morning. You can rest assured knowing that Beneful will be there for you and your best friend anytime you need them.

Beneful also make treats, see For more info, visit the website at