Venezuela – Food is Fuel Too!

Today is your young sons birthday, “Daddy, can we go to McDonald’s? Please?” You know that is just not possible but how do you explain to a six year old? You know its been almost a year and this would indeed be a fantastic treat, but a weeks wage would be needed to take your family out for fast food.
Venezuelans like Jose Manuel Gonzalez, 50 are facing much harder situations every day. As the Washington Post puts it, “Venezuela is running on empty”.

In a land where you can fill your car with fuel for a fraction of the cost of a Happy Meal, food, the fuel for your family, is both scarce and expensive.

To survive today in Venezuela you have to be creative and patient says Manuel Gonzalez. Lines at the supermarket, lines at the bakery, lines, lines, lines! Those lines are often hours long and sap you of more than time. Shortages are horrible when it’s the very basics of life that are lacking. You tell yourself, “tomorrow will be better,” but deep down you know that’s just what you tell yourself to get through today.

Resilient determination may well be a trait the average Venezuelan parent knows more about than their children know about the broken economy, but what DO you say to a six year old on their birthday?

Gold Market Discussion With Phillip Diehl President Of The U.S. Money Reserve

The website PRNewswire recently launched an article that comprises a talk by U.S. Money Reserve President Phillip Diehl talking to a podcast host about several topics including his business background, the gold market and its future as well as the U.S. Money Reserve customer service. This was one of many media appearances by Philip Diehl and showed off his leadership strengths to the public.
Prior to taking up the new position as acting President, Phillip Diehl was the Director of the U.S. Mint. He has since been one of the most successful men to take up the position, having accomplished many milestones along the way. He successfully started the 50 States Quarter program as well as the minting of United States governments first platinum coin. During the interview Phillip Diehl reflects back on his term at the U.S. Mint and describes his tenure. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

During his 6 year run Phillip Diehl shares the companies transformation. They went from a backward agency to a real entrepreneurial business thanks to their focus on customer service. Customer service was an area they lacked in and has since shown to be the key to their success. The U.S. Money Reserve now features up front with some of the best of America’s business’s.

The U.S Money Reserve is now the biggest issuer of government issue metal bars, bullion and coins and this is all due to Phillip Diehl’s strong leadership, keen business sense and his focus on customer satisfaction. The U.S. Money Reserve has now officially launched its own IRA program which allows customers to purchase gold as a retirement option as well as take advantage of any increase in gold prices. Read more: US Money Reserve Promo Codes, 4 Coupons 2016 and US Money Reserve Austin TX, 78730

Gold has been a great form of investment as prices of gold have been very stable over the years. Recent volatility in the market place has also increased the price of gold which is beneficial for anyone looking to invest now. Customers can choose from a large range of precious metals, including platinum and gold bullion, bars and coins. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The U.S. Money Reserve and its customer support center can provide its customers with the best possible information when it comes to making a significant decision such as this one. The customer service staff have years of experience and also offer a 30 day buy back guarantee for any unhappy customers.

George Soros the Investment Guru’s Greatest Gain In Britain

In Sri Lanka during an economic forum, the prestige wealthy George Soros cautioned investors about the current economic China tries to get a new way to grow its economy, the rest of the world is feeling its impact. According to Soros, China’s currency is losing its value thus the rest of the paying dearly for it.

George Soros says the current situation is recurrent of the 2008 global market crisis. The developing world has a challenge because of the return of the positive interest in the markets. In the first week of the year, with the devaluing of the Yuan, the world currency, commodity, and stock market were under siege. The economy of China on changing from manufacturing and investment to service and consumption.

$2.5 trillion was recently lost from the global market and it was worse in Asia and in Chinese, trade come to a stop for almost the whole day. China has to make a major adjustment crisis. According to Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Soros’ hedge fund company had a profit of about 20 percent and its worth is $27.3 billion.

The Communist party in China has promised to raise the value of the Yuan currency by the year 2020. Even after the People’s Bank of China cut the interest rates and hundreds of billions of dollars put in the economy, weakness still remains in China. The data released shows a slow manufacturing sector.

The global market had a prediction that Britain’s currency would lose its value and nothing would change that. The stockholders and Soros had their day when Britain was announced that it would be leaving ERM. George Soros refers to 1992 September 17th as the ”Awesome Wednesday.” This is the financial history of Britain which has been named the ”Black Wednesday.”

When Britain currency was floated, it fell 15% to the Deutschmark and 25% to the US Dollar. George Soros’ Quantum Fund had estimated $15billion on betting, that the British currency would lose its value versus other currencies. The worth of the fund rose from $15BN to $19BN and months later its value was estimated to be almost $22BN. The information was published via Value Walk.

George Soros being a philanthropist, he is the chair and founder of the Open Society Foundations. The foundations are found in more than 100 countries worldwide. His approach to open society is to have a government that is accountable, citizens’ rights respected and no one holding the truth.

Soros began his charity work by giving education opportunities to black South Africans. This was in the year 1979. George Soros extended his humanitarian work in Africa, Asia and United States.

Thin Hair Rescue – Wen by Chaz

WEN are cleansing, conditioning, and styling products all-in-one. This sephora endorsed brand claims to work on any hair type. The results depend on which formula is selected.
After watching an infomercial on filled with beautiful models flipping their luscious hair around, writer Emily McClure wrote about the results for her thin locks after using Wen by Chaz for a week. Her full article is featured here, on

On Day 1, she began with greasy, flat, and thin hair. Worried that the directions called for too much product, she went ahead and followed the recommendations. Immediately, Emily felt like her hair was thicker.

The next morning, however, her hair was already greasy and flat, where normally it didn’t fall until the afternoon.

After day 3, Emily was extra cautious about making sure she rinsed the product out completely. She loved the results immediately after shampooing and blow drying, but the beautiful volume and shine just didn’t last all day.

On the fifth day, Emily showered in the morning, blow dried and curled her hair. The curls flattened sooner than she would have liked, but she had super soft strands, which she loved. If she wanted longer lasting curls, she would need to use additional products to help hold.

By day 6, Emily was completely confident and in routine with the Wen products. She had decided that too keep her hair fresher, fuller, and shinier during the day, she would need to shampoo in the mornings instead of at night.

In conclusion, Emily found that Wen Cleansing Conditioner is fantastic for those with fine hair who shower and style their hair each morning.
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FreedomPop Plans To Use WhatsApp To Gain A Foothold In Spain

Mobile phone service provider FreedomPop is trying to make further inroads in the global phone market by establishing a presence in Spain. The launching of FreedomPop in Spain would be the third country the mobile virtual network operator has entered. Started in 2011, FreedomPop has established itself in the US market, and has recently expanded in the UK market.

So how does FreedomPop plan to establish itself in Spain? The answer to that is that FreedomPop will subsidize the costs of using WhatsApp for Spanish users. WhatsApp is the most widely used texting service in Spain. It accounts for about 70% of all text message users in the country. Creating zero rated or free usage of WhatsApp will let FreedomPop establish a quick and strong presence in the Spanish mobile phone market.

The number of users in Spain that Use WhatsApp is probably millions, maybe even reaching into ten million plus. The goal of FreedomPop offering zero rated WhatsApp is pretty simple. Get the company name and brand out and try to attract customers to try out FreedomPop’s other services.

How will FreedomPop turn a profit you may wonder? The mobile virtual network operator hopes that by offering free WhatsApp service in Spain, it will hook a significant segment of the Spanish WhatsApp users and bring them on board to using their service.

FreedomPop offers limited free service, such as 200 call time minutes, 200 text messages and 200 MB of data on a smartphone. The goal of the free service in WhatsApp is to ultimately obtain some additional customers and hope that they sign up to FreedomPop. The other hope and what the company is hedging on is that some of the users obtained through WhatsApp will sign up for additional services that will generate a revenue for the company.

Spain is seen as a trial for FreedomPop to experiment with using WhatsApp as a means of customer acquisition. Success in Spain through WhatsApp could lead FreedomPop to using a similar model in other countries where WhatsApp is highly popular. For more on WhatsApp and the entry of FreedomPop In Spain check out this article on VentureBeat, where it was originally published.

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Yeonmi Park’s Harrowing Journey to Freedom

In the current climate of fear and concern over the movement of refugees into Europe and the risks they undergo, Yeonmi Park, a slender and delicate young woman is her early twenties, is an eloquent reminder of just how harrowing such an experience can be. In her autobiographical account of escape from North Korea, Yeonmi describes what it’s like to be driven by starvation to flee one’s country, to be trafficked and sexually abused, and to be sold and traded like cattle. Yeonmi is a political activist who speaks out about the plight of the North Korean people, but whose suffering is also a relevant reminder of the struggles of others.

A recent article at ( reviewed Yeonmi’s journey out of North Korea to final freedom in Seoul. It’s a harrowing account. In 2007, Yeonmi and her mother put themselves into the hand of a trafficker who got them across the Yalu River, which forms the border between China and North Korea. Their trials had only begun. Yeonmi’s father, a political prisoner recently released, joined his wife and daughter after several months, spirited out by the man who had promised to fetch Yeonmi’s father at the price of her becoming his concubine. But her father was suffering from untreated lung cancer, and died soon after. Left alone in a strange land, Yeomi and her mother moved on through the Gobi Desert and across to Mongolia. They were sold and traded, but whenever arrested, they threatened suicide. Eventually, however, they found some Christian missionaries who were able to transport them to Seoul . Arrived there, Yeonmi was able to finish high school and begin her university education.
Since then, Yeonmi Park has emerged as an outspoken proponent of human rights in North Korea. She has written for the Washington Post, and interviews with her have appeared in the New York Times and other newspapers. She has spoken at a number of conferences devoted to global human rights. Yeonmi’s book about her escape from North Korea was published by Penguin in 2015. Entitled In Order to Live: A North-Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, the book has been enthusiastically received. However, the North Korean government has responded very negatively, even issuing a video claiming that Yeonmi is a “puppet” of the West.

Shaping The World Of Shopping

Have you ever loved something that your friend was wearing and asked where they go it, but of course they couldn’t remember where? What if you could just snap a picture of their shirt, and be able to find the exact same one or products that were similar, and then purchase right from you smartphone? That’s exactly what image recognition technology is going to be able to do for you in the upcoming years.

By being able to snap a photo, the image recognition technology will be able to take certain attributes of the item and find the exact same or very similar products that are for sale right now. Stores like Macy, JC Penny, Neiman Marcus and others are already in the process of making this available to shoppers.
The leading company in the field, Slyce Inc, is already ahead of the game. They have developed a mobile app with image search technology and have already partnered up with six of the top 20 retail companies in the United States to operate this technology. Based in Toronto, Slyce launched it’s product recognition technology in February of 2013. Since then, Slyce has generated about $10.75 million in funding and welcomed many well known app developers to their team.

Though Slyce has many products and services it offer’s its clients and customers, the favorite happens to be their Snap-to-Buy product recognition platform. By integrating Snap-to-Buy into the retailers already existing website, it allows the application to take the customer to the companies website of the identified products. Also, with it’s visual search recognition technology, it can find products that are similar to the product in the photo that was snapped.

Slyce has been called “The Shazam of Shopping”. Not only can you snap a photo of something that you see in person, you can also take a picture of something in a magazine, on Facebook or Instagram, and the technology will find that product or similar ones for you.

How to Develop an Awesome Investment Banking Resume with Madison Street Capital

Many students of investment banking who are looking to land their first big job in the banking industry struggle to put together a list of achievements and qualifications to present to their potential employers that will make them stand out of the crowd. Developing a great resume can be a daunting task in any field, but it is particularly difficult to do in the field of investment banking. It is necessary for future investment bankers to understand some of the key achievements that employers seek on the resumes that lead to job interviews. By listing these sorts of achievements, students can increase the likelihood of being offered an interview by an investment banking firm by up to 40%.

The most vital qualification that most investment bankers have sited with regards to the resumes of potential candidates for a banking position is the internship. Investment banking firms want to know if a candidate has had any real, day to day experience in the banking industry. Being qualified only through academics is simply not enough to secure a position in the banking industry in today’s time. Ideal candidates will possess several completed hours with a respected and reputable investment banking firm before applying for a paid position. Candidates without adequate internship experience or candidates who have buried their experience on the bottom or back page of a resume will likely have their resume quickly tossed in with the pile of rejected candidates. Alternatively, candidates who list 1 or more prominent internships as one of the first qualifications on the resume are much more likely to be called in for an interview with the employer.

Madison Street Capital is an extremely beneficial company to individuals who find themselves in the difficult position of having to stand out among a sea of qualified candidates for an investment banking job. This company provides essential corporate financial advisory services to those interested in investment banking. Utilizing the years of the combined financial experiences of Madison Street Capital professionals will undoubtedly provide banking candidates with a unique outlook on the preferred qualifications of a potential banker.

Madison Street Capital offers services to potential investment bankers as well as established financial institutions. With offices on several continents including North America, Asia, and Africa, the company is qualified to provide consultations in international finances. Job seekers who wish to begin their careers in the investment banking field can gain unique information regarding their fields of expertise and eventually broaden their job outlook with knowledge about foreign markets. This company is an ideal platform for students and professionals alike to develop useful skill related to the investment banking market, as well as educate themselves regarding profitable business ventures and projects.

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For Variety Nutrition, and Taste, Beneful is Number One

Whether our dog is a lively puppy or a sedate senior citizen, an immense Rottweiler or a tiny Chihuahua, a go-getter or given to frequent meditative spells, Purinastore the creator of Beneful, has something excellent for them all. Beneful provides dog-owners a great range of choices to select from, allowing us to feed our pets tasty and varied meals while being confident that the foods and treats they eat are providing 100% of their nutritional needs.

Take puppy food, for example. Beneful’s Healthy Puppy is a dry food that is loaded with calcium for healthy teeth and bones, DHA to promote brain and eye development, and all of the nutrients necessary for healthy growth. Puppies love its flavor; made with real chicken, peas and carrots are blended in to make it extra tasty. If we have a dog who’s reached his adult years but still loves to play like a puppy, we can try Playful Life, another dry dogfood but this time enriched with beef and egg, accented with blueberries and spinach. More sedate dogs may need to watch their calories, of course, so Beneful has developed Healthy Weight. This tasty dry food gives our senior pets all the nutrients they need but with fewer calories. There’s still lots of flavor in their bowls, though; Healthy Weight is made with chicken and seasoned with apples, carrots, and green beans.
Smaller dogs can gobble up dry dog food too, of course. But if they’d prefer savory bits in their bowls, then we can give them one of Beneful’s yummy Chopped Blends. These meals look and smell absolutely delicious. They come in six different blends, so our dogs can have a different meal almost every night of the week: turkey with sweet potatoes, brown rice, and spinach one night, beef with carrots, peas, and barley the next. Chopped Blends come in 10-ounce tubs, so they are suitable for both medium-size and small dogs. Those of us who feed little dogs and like the convenience of single-portion cans will appreciate Beneful’s Incredibites. Conveniently sold three 3-ounce cans to the pack, Incredibites come in beef, chicken, and salmon, all accented with a variety of vegetables to make mealtime really special.
We can’t go wrong with Beneful’s treats. For nutritional excellence, economical price, and variety, Beneful is unsurpassed. Like Beneful on facebook:

George Soros Has A Prediction That Looks A Lot Like 2008

George Soros is a brilliant businessman who has invested his money well in the past, and he has billions to play with when he is managing his own business. However, George Soros is going to give people the best information he has on every new financial item that turns up in the news. He is watching the world economy more than anyone else, and he is helping people get the results that they want instead of just waiting for them to figure it out. He remembers how much value was lost in 2008, and George Soros wants people to look around and wonder if they are not in 2008 right now.

2008 was a different time because people in America where losing value in their loans, but it is was also a time when there was a problem with debt and other issues in Europe. Europe is a place with a lot of countries and a union on that might not last that long if people are not careful. These countries are scared of the refugees they are getting, and they are afraid to pay their fair share to help them. That could drag down Europe, and it will make the whole continent unstable.

The people that investing in China probably remember how volatile China got in 2008, and they are going to remember that they had a hard time investing in the yuan. The Chinese government has actually stopped people from investing on the yuan, and they are looking for ways to grow better. They are listening to calls of people like George Soros because they know that he knows what he is talking about. They know that he has a very good idea what the economy is doing, and they know they have to reach their growth projections.

The next big thing that has to happen is that people in America need to make sure that they take their presidential election seriously. George Soros is pretty involved in American politics on, and he knows that the election of Barack Obama helped the world economy in 2008 and beyond. He also knows that there has to be a good president in America is there is not to be another fallout in the world economy. Anyone who is deeply concerned can do their part to keep the economy going through these hard times.

The big part of this is that people will see history repeat itself many times until they do something about it, and anyone who is listening to George Soros will keep up their confidence in the markets while they get worked out. He has never been shy about investing, and he does not want people to pull back. A loss of confidence is going to tank the economy, and George does not want to see people losing value because they allowed 2008 to happen again. He wants to better leadership in Europe and China, and he wants to see people not afraid to keep investing while the markets work themselves out.