George Soros Shows Why He Is More Than Willing to Support

George Soros will go down to history in this year’s American presidential race as the top most sponsor in the campaigns. He is prepared to spend an enormous amount on the campaign since he did it last in 2004 when he supported the groups that wanted to oust the then president George Bush. HE is supporting Hillary Clinton this time and is not leaving anything to chance to ensure that she wins. He revealed to a supporter of Clinton the regrets not supporting her in the 2004 race. He, however, say that this years’ presidential race reminds him of the presidential campaigns of the year 2008.


It gives him the right to say and comment whatever he feels is right for him and to the general public. He is a Hungarian-born, but various issues made him land in America. The Nazi invasion made him escape to England where he would earn his education and graduate from Law School of Economics in London. He learnt so much experience in the business industry, and when he landed in America, he began his business which has turned out to be the most fruitful and profitable.


Forbes billionaire George Soros has always been philanthropic towards the right course. He started helping out blacks in Cape Town to be able to attend University education through the foundation. He never tired, and he went ahead and funded an organization that is operating over 100 countries globally known as Open Society Foundation. The foundation is a group of the foundations that has networks ensuring that free societies are bred in the world.


Open Society Foundation advocates for a free society where people should be treated equally; the government should be always involved, and the truth is open to all not to a few with what is happening in the society. Soros is willing and has already started signs of supporting Clinton as he has already donated $ 8 million US dollars to his campaign. He views Clinton as the leader who can bring some sense to the society as it reminds him how he didn’t support Clinton’s campaign by then and supported Obama. He reveals that he is willing to work with Clinton as long as he is given the chance. All that is important is the welfare of the people of the state. His humble beginnings remind him to serve the people better. That is the reason he is ready to support a leader who will promote business in the world so that markets can be stable.

Shaygan Kheradpir Has Grown Coriant to All-time Heights

Coriant is a networking solutions provider formed in 2013 as a merger of Sycamore Networks, Tellabs, and Nokia Siemens Networks Optical Networks, the three largest networking companies before the merger was completed. Nine of the top ten tier 1 communications service providers use Coriant’s networks, marking the company’s significant market share.

Shaygan Kheradpir is currently the CEO and chairman of the board of Coriant. Kheradpir previously worked at Marlin Equity Partners, the financier of Coriant, and has extensive experience in the science and practice of electrical engineering. Kheradpir’s first big-time job was with Verizon Communications as EVP and CIO. He implemented thirty-day review cycles to change the company’s direction at any time, oversaw the production of FiOS, and cut his division’s budget in half without sacrificing performance.

Coriant maintains strong customer relationships in more than one hundred countries. The company provides clients with advanced physical routers and network management systems as well as unique solutions to phone networks, submarine networks, rural networks, digital financial problems, among many others. Coriant also provides clients with network system training to improve overall employee performance.

Kheradpir’s outstanding career is seeded in his learning experience at Cornell University: he holds a doctorate, master’s, and bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. Kheradpir has served on Cornell University’s Engineering Council, an advisory board to the US National Institute of Standards and Technology. He also has patented several payment systems, telecommunication facilitators, and media ideas.


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Investing 101 With Igor Cornelsen

There is a lot of be said for the world of financial experts. There are those people like Dave Ramsey that have extreme views on living within your means and making every dollar count. You also have others like Suse Orman that have information on stocks and investing for retirements. Both of these people have had bestsellers. Then, there are lesser known – although equally helpful – investors like retired banker Igor Cornelsen.

I would like to state that Cornelsen has advice that is worthy of listening to because it comes from his experience in this field. There are lots of other people that have what I would call unrealistic principles of investing. Even though Suze Orman is known for her investing seminars and books, many people have complained that it is impractical for the average middle-class person to invest the way that she invests. She is speaking about money that the average person just doesn’t have. I think that Igor is a better investor to follow if you are part of the middle or lower class. He gives the practical advice that you can use regardless of whether you have a little or a lot.

Cornelsen sends out a lot of warning signals on newsvine to the investor that is not familiar with what is happening in the investment world. He tells people about how they should look out for all the things that could go wrong. Most investments firms do not give this type of information. Most brokers are going to talk heavily about big profits and such great returns on investment. Igor gives you the cut and dry version of investing. He doesn’t say that everything is going to be smooth sailing.

When it comes to Brazilian investing, for example, he clearly tells people that are investing that there will often be some red tape. Cornelsen states on bizjournals that it is worth the time that it takes to get all entangled into this. The return on investment is worth it. He also warns those investors to keep track of their stocks and know what their portfolio companies are doing. I don’t think that he could emphasize this enough. I have seen people with portfolios that are falling apart, and I have to wonder why they didn’t monitor the progress of their companies. Sometimes it is obvious when you look at the direction that a company is going in. That is why I keep up on the products that companies in my portfolio are providing.

Liquor Provides The Latest Business Challenge For Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is well known in the state of Michigan for the high level of philanthropy and charitable works he has recently undertaken with his wife, Betsy. However, DeVos is also well known as a business leader after leading the AmWay corporation on a long period of expansion after taking control of the group in the mid 1980s, Wikipedia reports. In 2010, DeVos looked to expand his business empire into new areas in and around Michigan when he formed the Windquest Holdings company, which has recently been reported by MLive to be the latest investor in the popular Coppercraft Distillery; Coppercraft is well known in Michigan and the surrounding states as a small producer of liquor drinks.

Dick DeVos has always been willing to take a risk on entering new industries and to make sure his family push their business interests to their limits. A good example of this is the leadership DeVos showed when he took control of the international business at AmWay, and led the company to new levels of success that included a tenfold increase in international sales after he took control.

In the 21st century, DeVos has become almost as well known for his role as a philanthropist as he is for his business career. Dick and Betsy DeVos head up a foundation that has focused its efforts on the development of educational and medical programs for the people of Michigan and beyond. DeVos has also looked to provide funding for major arts foundations around the country, alongside establishing charter schools across Michigan to ensure the children of the state have the best possible educational opportunities.

Coppercraft has been a growing business that was in need of extra investment to ensure it continues to grow at a fast pace in the coming years. The injection of funding from the DeVos family and Windquest has included an application to transfer the liquor production license from Walter Catton III to Windquest.

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Maximizing Your Profit Through CCMP Capital

A visit to a local store is all you need to do these days to confirm that economic times are worsening. The price for practically everything is rising and salaries aren’t keeping pace. Many people are scared that they would lose their jobs. Others are worried that their nest egg is bound to collapse. If you are one of these people worried constantly about your financial future, then you should consult a sound financial firm like CCMP Capital for advice.

When your financial portfolio is taking a nosedive in an economic time like this, acting like an ostrich and burying your head in the sand won’t take you anywhere. The only smart course of action is to do something about it like consult a financial expert and take some strain off your mind. Financial experts at CCMP Capital are well-versed with plans and strategies for investment, savings and capital management. It is a practical approach to delegate the task of improving your financial status through them so you can have the things you need in the future. Looking ahead, no one can tell where the economy is heading. But the strategies you will learn from these experts to get through hard times will surely pay off later. Developing good financial habits is another way to create more health and CCMP Capital experts have plans for this too.

These strategies and planning ideas are a diet for your investment. Like deciding whether to invest in a particular stock or not, you will have plan laid out before you for everything from simple repayment of your loan to retirement planning. There are many finance tools at CCMP Capital that will let you understand where you are currently standing in terms of finance and where you are heading in the future. All you need to be able to do is seek the service you need from the firm. This is where your portfolio will make sense and honesty will be added to the process. Investing hard earned money is a worthless exercise if you are not seeking professional advice.

CCMP Capital is an investment banking firm founded and presided by Steve Murray popularly known as Steve Murray. Steve Murray graduated from Boston College earning a degree in economics and later completed his Master’s degree in Business Administration. Since the company CCMP Capital was founded, Steve was a well-known figure as a private equity investor and philanthropist. Sadly, the company and the world of investors lost him in 2015.

Russian Authorities Ban Foundations Funded By George Soros

Two foundations sponsored by billionaire philanthropist George Soros have been banned from operating by Russian authorities who have claimed the foundations are a threat to national security. Constitutional issues have also been raised by Russian political figures over the operation of the Open Society Foundations and the Open Society Institute Foundations within Russia, according to Fortune. Both George Soros and those in high ranking positions within the foundations have questioned the reasons for the ban, which they believe could be linked to calls from Soros for a $50 billion aid package to be delivered to the Ukraine.

Soros has made a success of his financial career after surviving the Holocaust in Nazi Germany before studying finance in London. Eventually, the Hungarian born financial expert arrived in the U.S. to establish the hedge fund that would eventually make him a billionaire, according to the George Soros Website. George Soros has since become one of the most influential figures on in philanthropy on the planet, largely because of the global reach of his charitable programs.

By placing a ban on the work of the foundations in Russia the authorities have taken a different approach to the historical view of the work of George Soros in the country. The Open Society Foundations spokesperson explained the group has often been praised for the work it has completed in Russia over recent years. The push for a ban comes as President Vladimir Putin has been stepping up his efforts to extend the use of Russian force around the world, including the seizing of land in Ukraine. Soros himself has been critical of the invasion by Russian forces, and has explained how this has threatened the future of the European Union on numerous occasions.

People in more than 70 countries now benefit from the work of the group, which began as a educational program for young men suffering human rights abuses during South Africa’s apartheid regime. George Soros has sought to aid the future of people across the globe after he was subjected to a childhood spent in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany. The work of the Budapest born financial expert now seems to have pitted him against the authority of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Ross Abelow: How To Choose A Competent Attorney In New York City

If you are dealing with a legal problem or conflict that does not pertain to a criminal matter, then you definitely will want to consult a civil litigation attorney to help resolve the matter. A litigation attorney has a good understanding of the civil rights laws and other matters concerning civil matters. A top litigation attorney can provide you with impressive representation, regardless if it’s a complex or simple case.

As soon as you are ready to find a good attorney, your next step can possibly be to ask for recommendations. You can talk to your friends, family and other people you know and trust, for recommendations.

Several people pick attorneys based on their educational background. These individuals usually assume that certain universities produce good lawyers. This may hold true, but rather than focusing far too much on the college where a legal representative studied, you may need to focus on the lawyer’s skill.

Consider how the attorney acts toward you. You might not desire to hire the attorney if you consult with him and headdresses your concerns and your case insignificantly. A high quality legal practitioner needs to be enthusiastic to respond to your questions and to help you fully understand the process that your case will need to follow. It is important to research thoroughly and be sure you choose a reputable attorney.

When it comes to choosing a competent attorney in New York City, look no further than Ross Abelow. Mr. Ross Abelow handles a variety of Family, Matrimonial and Commercial Litigation Law cases, including high-profile disputes. He is a well known litigation attorney in the New York City area, with many years of experience in the field. Not only is Mr. Ross Abelow a force in the court room, he shows the utmost care and respect for his clients.

Ross Abelow has a huge client base, comprising of business owners, multinational companies and large corporations. His colleagues respect him for his outstanding litigation and negotiation skills. Ross Abelow is highly dedicated to ensuring complete satisfaction of his clients, and has made a habit of instantly returning phone calls promptly.

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Igor Cornelsen the Darling of Brazilian Stock Markets

Investment advisers come in handy when making attempts at new markets. In a globalized world full of opportunities, investors seek productive sectors to invest their money for future returns. However, an investor has to acquaint themselves with a person of clout, deep knowledge, and understanding of the market profile.

Let’s go to Brazil, for instance, a booming economy and one of the best destinations for investors today. Here, we would need the input of one Igor Cornelsen. He is a seasoned and respected investment adviser whose expertise in long-term investment portfolios endears him to investors. He makes use of his knowledge and extensive research findings to navigate his clients’ interests and pick winning stocks.

Mr. Igor Cornelsen devices methods that work to devastating effect, making him a credible source of investment advice for both new and established investors. For instance, he cites the fact that investing is a long-term commitment. He negates the view by some people that stock market investments on work more like lotteries. According to his practice, stock market investments must make a lifetime on profits.

Therefore, one can make a very fulfilling career out of investing in stocks. A career in stocks needs patience and dedication, and when played right, one ends up making even up to 500% on initial investment. The old motive of getting money quick and running from the stock market must be done away. According to Igor Cornelsen on findthebest, this arena is the place to make witty and intelligent moves to bring you success down the road.

The element or risk in the stock market must be understood. We live in times of economic turmoil, and market fluctuations are custom occurrences. Therefore, a smart investor according to Igor must learn to make small but diversified investments on performing stocks. Such a move shields one from huge losses in case individual stocks take a nosedive. On the flip side, one may want to make huge returns on their initial deposit. Such desires are termed as greed by this seasoned entrepreneur.

To compound his argument, Igor Cornelsen points to the performance of productive and consistent companies on the stock markets. These firms provide investors with a guarantee of making returns thus regarded as safe bets. The same concept applies when investing; one must analyze the trend of stability and performance of stocks associated with companies in question.

Igor Cornelsen also happens to an astute follower of global trends. Mr. Cornelsen cites that such qualities account for the popularity of these income generating exercises.

See Why Men Are Stepping Out of Their Man Caves In Style

We are all familiar with the scene in the shopping mall as a woman purposefully goes from store to store, dragging her man with her, or leaving him sprawled on a bench the mall has so humanely parked in the hallway outside the stores. It is a well-known fact that men hate to shop.

Then how is it that men are seemingly more well-dressed now than in years past? Business Insider recently published an article about why men are dressing better. The author, Lynette Lopez, attributes men’s increased awareness for dressing well to the ease of internet shopping. The internet “has changed the experience of shopping for men. There are no lines; there’s no waiting.”

Because of this, many shops are doing away with brick-and-mortar locations, which allows them to offer lower prices and larger selection. Everything from glasses to suits to shoes can be found on the internet. With generous return and exchange policies, men can now shop comfortably from their man cave.

One such company is Paul Evans, “just a couple guys in New York who want you to look good.” They are in the shoe business, but not just any shoes. Paul Evans sells high quality, Italian made, fine leather italian shoes for a fraction of what you would pay in a traditional retail store. By utilizing the internet, essentially, Paul Evans has fired the middleman, and done away with the overhead of keeping a shop open. This translates to huge savings for shoe buyers.

An important aspect of buying via internet is navigating the websites. Paul Evans has provided a site that is sleek and very user friendly, making the customer’s shopping experience a truly satisfying one.

To learn more about this fashion trend, you can read Business Insider’s article at

U.S. Money Reserve President Philip Diehl Interview: The Penny and the Need to Get rid of it

An interview was conducted on the CNBC Squawk Box with Philip Diehl, the former Director for the U.S. Mint. During this interview, Philip actually gave out some great advice, those moments that you see a penny on the ground and think about picking it up, don’t. It is a waste of your time, according to Mr. Diehl. As the current president of the U.S. Money Reserve, the U.S. Money Reserve is a well-known coin distributor, Mr. Diehl actually talked about how he believes that the penny should be taken out completely.

However, Philip is not the only one thinking this, in fact, he is one of millions who believe that the penny should be taken out of the money circle. One fact that most people do not know about Philip is that he actually had tried in the past, while he was the director working with the U.S. Mint, to have the penny removed, but he just couldn’t get it to happen, people were just caught up in their fascination of the penny.

Now, why would someone want to take the penny out of circulation? The fact is, the penny is just taking money away, it is costing way more for them to make it then it is actually worth when it is put out. Each year that the penny is produced and sent out to the public, the loss of money equals out to millions for the U.S. Mint.

Some people, the people who are wanting the penny to stay, are actually worried that the loss of the penny will create disaster, causing inflation and distortion of all of the prices. However, Philip believes that this is null and void, because almost 100% of the money that goes in and out of pockets comes from cash and electronic forms of money.

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