Academy of Art University Merges Culture and Design

Many think of art as paint brushes and canvas. But the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California combines traditional art and design into fashion that transforms into a unique niche of fashion design that hasn’t been seen before.

This uniqueness of the Academy of Art University students was on full display during the School of Fashion’s 21st runway showcase at Skylight Clarkson Square on September 9, 2017. There were 10 BFA and MFA graduates displaying a combination of five womenswear and two menswear collections along with two pairs of students collaborating.

The collections included designs that were inspired by personal experiences, landscapes and the use of certain preferred fabrics and materials. These materials included anything from denim to vinyl and PVC and many things in between. The designers’ creations were born from ideas during travel excursions, the passing of a loved one, landscapes including snow-capped mountains, trees, ocean waves and even the emotions experienced by the hardships of ancestors is reflected in these one of a kind collections.

The broad range of designs shown is reflective of the diverse backgrounds of the students attending the Academy of Art University. The school was founded in 1929 and is still turning out many of the world’s finest artists and designers today. The University’s mission is to be an all-inclusive institution preparing students for careers in design, communication and the arts, offering both undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as portfolio development and certificate programs. With a barrier-free admissions policy, if you have the creativity and passion for the arts then there is a place for you.

The Academy of Art University has purposely remained in an urban setting. Both the city of San Francisco and the University have grown together and influenced each other over the years. This relationship has fostered creativity for the student population which in turn allows the students to give back to the community in which they belong. For certain, the Academy of Art University will be turning out the best and brightest of the art and design industries for years to come.

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The Three Phases in Financial Planning- Richard Dwayne Blair

 Three Pillars to Financial Process

Richard Dwayne Blair, the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Wealth Solutions, believes that every individual or business person requires a plan to meet their financial goals. At Wealth Solutions, Richard helps individuals and small business owners to formulate a business and retirement plan to achieve their financial goals.

Over the years, Richard Blair has managed to remain successful in the sector and attract many clients due to his unique financial planning model. His model encompasses three stages that enable him to gain a deeper understanding regarding the current financial position of his clients. Through this, he can formulate a financial roadmap that will be useful to his client. The three pillars include;

The First Pillar

The first stage is the most crucial part in the entire process. Through this stage, Richard Dwayne Blair is in a perfect position to understand the financial goals, strengths, areas of weakness, an opportunity for growth, and risk tolerance of a client. The first phase is designed for Richard to build a close and an honest relationship with the client. Additionally, he gains an understanding regarding the goals and the financial concerns of a client.

The second Pillar

The second phase is designed to develop an effective investment strategy that is tailored towards the goals and concerns of a client. In this stage, Richard Blair relocates a client’s assets during upward market movements to minimize the impact of adverse market impacts on a client’s assets.

The Third Pillar

After Richard has identified the goals concerns and has come up with an investment strategy of a client, he provides adequate growth and liquidity. The final pillar aims at implementing and monitoring the performance of a client’s assets and comparing them to his expectations.

About Richard Dwayne Blair

Richard Blair has vast experience in the financial world with over 20 years in experience. He is mostly renowned for founding Wealth Solutions. Richard always had a dream of venturing into the financial world so that he could help individuals and business owners meet their financial objectives.

Wealth Solution is a financial advisory firm that is based in Austin, Texas.


The Chainsmokers – Starting 2018 With Awards and Songs

Upbeat tempos, sliding scales and talented performers work with Drew Taggart and Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers to develop and create Billboard top hits on an escalating and continuous model of hard work and dedication to their craft.

The two popular DJ’s had humble beginnings that did not include each other. They came together by chance and a shared agent. The two young talents discovered how much they had in common and how much their styles and interests are in synchronicity.

From those simple beginnings, their DJ world exploded in the most positive direction–up. So far in 2018, The Chainsmokers received a huge honor. Billboard’s Dance 100 named them as the First #1 Dance Artist winners. This is the first time the award has been given, and The Chainsmokers ran away with it.

The award for Dance Artist was created to classify the new technology-driven sounds that synthesizers, pitch machines, and skilled music-makers designed for dance floors across the globe. Alex and Drew have been frontrunners in the genre, having developed the music style in their studio and performed live at large and even larger venues across the globe.

But Drew and Alex are not just DJ’s. Drew’s voice is spotlighted on many of their songs. He has proven he is a quality vocalist.

One of their newest compilations, “Sick Boy”, has a coordinating video that has over 136,000,000 views. The January hit was followed quickly in February by “You Owe Me”. At 34,000,000 views on YouTube, this hit is likely to just keep climbing. March was no different with the single “Everybody Hates Me” on its way to the very same level of attention.

After The Chainsmokers received Billboard’s first award in Dance Artist category, they went on to win the iHeart Radio awards in three categories: Best Collaboration, Dance Artist of the Year, and Dance Album of the Year. What a way to bring in the new year!

They aren’t just a one-hit wonder, either. They were been chosen to headline Miami’s Ultra Music Festival. Even though they are on the top of their game, there are still those who do not see their work as art. Being given the opportunity of spotlight at the festival, those who would speak against them were quickly silenced. They played high-energy songs that included six new songs, popular commercial tunes, and mashups for the attending patrons.

The Success Story of Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm CasSelle is a man of many talents. His gift is in working with huge tech companies. He starts and develops companies and grows them into successful multi-million dollar brands. When he is not busy creating the next tech startup, he is investing in other companies. But most of all, he is known for his work he is currently developing. Today, he works to develop and lead WAX. WAX is a leading provider of digital assets.

Cryptocurrency has blew up recently. Gaming is one place cryptocurrency will do well in. Malcolm CasSelle’s WAX bridges the gap between gaming and cryptocurrency. Game makers can now incorporate a platform for virtual transactions for users through WAX’s platform. Malcolm leads the company as its president. He oversees the company’s mission and operations. Currently, he has gotten WAX to being the number one contender in its category.

Malcolm CasSelle has a prestigious education studying at Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He studied computer science and has definitely put his degree to working with having had his hands tied to so many successful technology companies. He is drawn to startups. As a startup founder, he has been able to help other companies flourish from infancy to leading multi-million dollar companies.

The businessman has a very extensive resume of companies he either started or was involved in developing. He has been a president before when he was the leadership for the company formerly known as Tribune Publishing. He also was the company’s head of technology. He was responsible for seeing that the company grow its digital assets. He became an executive and general manager for SeaChange International. This company actually bought out his company Timeline Labs. Being the CEO of Timeline Labs exposed him to the development of a network that allowed business owners to discover social engagement from customers. Malcolm has led many companies in the digital atmosphere. He ran a company called MediaPass that served as a marketplace for consumers to buy medic service subscriptions. He was also heavily involved in Xfire, a social media network for over twenty million avid gamers.

Mark Mofid, Surgeon and Innovator

Dr. Mark Mofid is a plastic surgeon practicing in the San Diego and Beverly Hills areas of California. He earned his undergraduate degree from Harvard University and went on to receive an advanced fellowship at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Mark Mofid, highly trained and specialized in his field, is working on innovations regarding implants and is focusing on how he can make them safer for patients. Specifically, Dr. Mark Mofid has been working on improving gluteal implants for his patients. He was not satisfied with the industry standard gluteal implants, which are generic and do not work well with the human body, ultimately leading to sagging implants. Dr. Mofid decided he would create his own gluteal implant that would make the implants seem and feel more natural for the patient. Dr. Mark Mofid is in a particularly good position to be the one working on improving these implants. For many years he has studied gluteal implants and the associated procedures and has worked with surgeons who are renowned world wide in this field. Dr. Mark Mofid’s plastic surgery practice also offers a wide range of procedures for patients to choose from. Dr. Mofid’s practice has a full-time surgeon (himself) and a full-time dermatologist as well as a nurse so that all patient needs can be met. His practice offers laser hair removal and employs a high-tech laser for the hair removal and vein treatments. Their office also offers some more intensive procedures such as a chemical peel and dermabrasion. Dr. Hamid believes that the best kind of marketing is doing quality work for your patients and follows through on his promise of quality in the thousands of patients he sees each year. His practice is also unique in that he has let it grow naturally from a small practice, to a substantial one offering many treatments for their patients.

Adam Milstein: Bringing Israel to the Perfect Shape

Adam Milstein together with his wife is known to be co-founders of Adam & Gila Milstein Family Foundation. This charitable organization provides philanthropic services to various firms with the aim of growing the Jewish people in the State of Israel as well as strengthen their relationship in the United States. Most of Adam Milstein’s philanthropic initiatives revolve around partnership development, consulting, and fundraising support forums. He targets the Jewish education, pro-Israel advocacy, and continuity of Jewish community. He exhibits three vital principles in all his charitable pursuits: active philanthropy, life path impact, and philanthropic synergy. Under active philanthropy, Adam contributes his energy and time as well as experience in project support and resource services. Through life path impact, Adam finds funds and makes organization developments that will progressively involve their target group through each growth stage. Finally, he uses philanthropic synergy to get funds and guidance in helping most charitable organizations in multiplying the partnerships and synergies. Adam Milstein is a national chairman of the great Israeli-American Council.

Adam Milstein owns a master’s degree in business administration from University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Adam began his career as a sales agent in commercial real estate business. Apart from his philanthropic and career pursuits, Adam is a regular writer of Jerusalem Post on various matters relating to the Jewish community. In a recent article, he narrates how the 70th Israel birthday has brought great pride in the entire of America. Everyone was anticipating the celebration as Israel turns 70. People across the states were busy sharing words, great images, melodies, and videos rejoicing on the evolution the Jewish state has undergone to become accomplished in this modern world. It is something that was unbelievable. Adam points that the events unfolding from that have shown how America is significantly supporting the Jewish community in living their dreams. It is one of the histories in America. The two have been in constant wars in the past until recently that they are experiencing support. They are now dedicated to helping the rest countries in accomplishing their dreams. Israel recognizes the life-changing inventions in the United States and the charitable organizations based there that have brought great support to the communities around the world.

The Presidential Pardon for Sheriff Arpaio and The Fight For Human Rights

The duty of government officials is to always abide by the law, put the interest of the people first and to put their best feet forward. Government service is also not a launching pad for generating wealth, although it may be acceptable for wealthy people to go to government to help others.

In the case with Joe Arpaio, his performance of his duty in the government has been troublesome and questionable. This is even made more problematic when Arpaio was accused of abusing the human rights of journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

The Backstory

The story of Arpaio’s involvement with Lacey and Larkin started about a decade ago when Arpaio detained the two journalists. Both of them even spent time in prison, and if it weren’t for the case filed against Arpaio, the two journalists would not have gotten their release quickly.

The reason that Arpaio eventually detained the two journalists is because he was seen to have been threatened by the journalistic work of them against him. In fact, in 2011, Arpaio was seen to have been lectured by the United States District Judge Murray Snow about how to deal with immigrant rights. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Multiple cases were also already filed against Arpaio for his indiscretion on how he detains the people he accuses. He is also seen to have been a man who isolates and discriminates against Latinos, and oversteps on their rights mandated by the constitution, especially the First Amendment clauses.

While these infractions of Arpaio would have been overlooked, there were put on the spotlight when a formal suit was filed against him because of the terrible conditions of inmates in Tent City under his command. Latinos and other immigrant inmates didn’t get the right treatment that they deserved.

President’s Pardon

Lacey and Larkin also considered the faulty actions of Arpaio to be a cause of investigation. Reports would indicate that this must be the reason why Arpaio finally arrested the two journalists after an investigation was done against the two journalists for a grand jury situation invoving a special prosecution team.

A big highlight in this entire timeline is the fact that President Trump granted pardon for Arpaio. It’s up for debate why Trump gave him pardon, but many analysts would argue that Arpaio gained the favor of the President because of his support for him during his presidential campaign.

The Result of Investigation

Lacey and Larkin got the justice they wanted immediately after they were released out of prison, which lasted for 24 days. They filed a lawsuit against Arpaio, exposing his misdeeds and corruption, and then eventually got a settlement money of about $3.7 million.

The settlement money is now used by Lacey and Larkin to create the Frontera Fund. This is a group that helps Latinos, ethnic minorities and other marginalized sectors get the human rights protection that they deserve. The fund also makes sure that people get the equal protection provided by the First Amendment.

There’s still a lot of uncertainty as to what will happen to Arpaio now that he is pardoned. However, it’s enough to say that Lacey and Larkin will be following through the entire development.

Igor Cornelsen’s Career And Business Life

Igor graduated from the Federal University of Parana in 1970 having done engineering and economics. After graduation, he took a job at an investment bank and rose up to Rio where he worked as an investment banker. Being the best of his class, Mr. Cornelsen was promoted in 1974 to be a board director member of Multibanco and the CEO two years later. When the Bank of America bought Multibanco in 1978, Igor Cornelsen moved to Unibanco, one of Brazil’s forefront investment firm, until 1985 then moved to work at a London Merchant Bank, Libra Bank PLC. Together with his London colleagues, Mr. Cornelsen moved to a Merchant Bank; Standard Chartered. He was Brazil’s representative and board director member for seven years then left in 1995 to form his Investment firm with the same services as those of London Merchant Bank.

Mr. Cornelsen’s investment advising career idea came as a result of his investment banking experience. His typical day is made of watching international news, studying companies and economies, and adapting his fund’s portfolio. Other days he goes for meetings with his colleagues or meets up with friends to know of their views. He brings his ideas to life by investing assets in improving economies and selling those in counties with political or economic problems. Mr. Cornelsen gets excited when he notices a new trend that would lead to market change before anyone else does and this has helped grow his business. He believes he is a productive entrepreneur as a result of the number of times he directly gets information from Reuters News, a web service that reports what’s on-going without bias.

Igor Cornelsen advises young managers to not depend on people’s opinion on markets rather they should read the information for themselves. When it comes to ideologies people may tend to think; differently, Mr. Cornelsen, however, believes there is always somebody thinking like him on a subject although in the past most market participants disagreed with him. He has no favorite quote and prefers filling his mind with facts instead of opinions.

Meet Randal Nardone, an Executive with a Great Heart

Randal Nardone, FIG

Randal Nardone is a co founder of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is the CEO and co-founder of Fortress Investment Group LLC, alternative property managers. He is known for his efforts to help people acquire a better future. Mr. Nardone knows the strategies to implement to make a difference in an entrepreneur life.

Nardone was confident in success techniques he proposed. Fortress Investment Group was established to reach out to many people and assist potential investors to grow their investments. The entity thrived due to the strong foundation and able leadership. Nardone remained active running the company for people to understand how committed he was in making it successful. The vivid leader was after satisfying clients and Fortress Investment Group tailored services to match the needs of the clients.

Another reason that led to Mr. Nardone setting up Fortress Investment Group was his skills. He felt that the company would bring changes to its users. Customers could benefit from his contribution to the firm. Fortress Investment Group dedicated its services to giving its customers a chance they needed to prosper. The co-founder supported the events that took place in the business and gave attention to particular cases.

Nardone encouraged investors to use their ideas to grow their portfolios. He felt that he had a responsibility to lead people towards success. The Fortress CEO helped Softbank acquire Fortress Investment Group. Softbank could continue carrying out their operations and would enjoy more opportunities. The parent company will support Softbank grow and lower administration costs.

Nardone Titles

Randal Nardone has other titles in different organizations. At Fortress Investment Group LLC, he is the principal and director. At Fortress Macro Advisors LLC, Nardone is the chief executive officer. He is the principal, co-founder, and CEO of FM Falstaff Advisors LLC. The talented leader holds the vice president and secretary positions at Newcastle Investment Holdings Corp.

Membership and Experience

Nardone is among the Board of Directors at Florida East Coast Railway Corp, Fortress Investment Group LLC, Springleaf REIT, Inc., Eurocastle Investment Ltd, Seacastle Inc., and Florida East Coast Holdings Corp. Randal Nardone has served as interim CEO from 2011 to 2013 at Fortress before becoming its chief executive officer. He has held executive positions in other firms like UBS, BlackRock Financial Management, and Thacher Proffitt & Wood.


Randal Nardone joined the University of Connecticut for a B.A program in English and Biology. He attended Boston University School of Law for his J.D. The business advisor use his skills and experience to influence potential developers.

The Great Susan McGalla

Ms. Susan McGalla hails from the United States of America state of Ohio, where she was born in 1964 in East Liverpool, a relatively small town packed to the brim with working-class people. Born to a considerably normal, middle-class family, Ms. McGalla graduated with a degree in marketing and business from the University of Mount Union, a top-notch four-year college, which is also located in her home state of Ohio.

After graduating from the popular school, Ms. Susan McGalla found employment at the Joseph Horne Company in its corporate office. This position was something Ms. McGalla was very proud of when she first started as a marketer, as Joseph Horne Company was one of the largest employers in the United States, not to mention that the company itself was nearly the most popular department store in North America.

She served the Joseph Horne Company from 1986, the year Ms. Susan McGalla graduated from the University of Mount Union, to 1994. Susan, just weeks before she left Joseph Horne Company, found employment at American Eagle Outfitters. McGalla had such a strong resume – its hallmark was the rapid ascension of important positions Susan had run through over the latter half of her career with the major department store chain – that she was hired by American Eagle Outfitters without even taking one day’s recess after leaving Joseph Horne Company for good.

Eventually, Ms. Susan McGalla earned the joint role of Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer at American Eagle Outfitters. Later on, McGalla would move into the sole role of President, leaving her time as CMO and one of a handful of Vice Presidents there are American Eagle Outfitters. After her departure from American Eagle Outfitters, Ms. Susan McGalla was hired by Wet Seal in 2011 to work as its experienced CEO.