OSI Industries A Company That Values Diversity

As one of the largest meat processing companies in the world, OSI Industries employs 20,000 people. That means providing jobs for folks in more than 17 countries — but it also means creating a workspace where multiple ethnicities, races, ages, genders and nationalities all come together to work on a common goal and a shared mission.

OSI Industries is an organization that has never taken workplace diversity for granted. In fact, this company is deeply committed to creating jobs for people from all walks of life — and bringing them together in an environment where all are treated with dignity, respect and equality.

OSI Industries is extremely proud of the deep level of diversity it has achieved among its 20,000 employees. For example, in OSI’s European and American (North and South) facilities, 40% are women. In the Asia-Pacific zone, 40% of those holding management positions are also women.

Age discrimination is also something OSI officials have looked at and taken proactive measures to ensure nondiscriminatory policies. Consider that 32% of all employees in the Americas are age 50 to 65.

OSI Industries is also proud of the fact that its employees have developed a deep sense of loyalty and belonging as they work for a company that strives to treat everyone like family. That’s probably why almost a quarter of all OSI employees have worked for the company in excess of five to 10 years. That’s one of the highest employee retention figures among large, international corporations.

OSI employees are also encouraged by company policy to become active in their local communities. That means getting involved in charity drives or programs — but also taking the initiative to start their own projects. An example is OSI’s major partnership with Feeding America, the premier organization in the United States which provides for food banks that feed families experiencing food insecurity. OSI employees contribute hundreds of thousands of pound of food per year to Feeding America outlets across the nation.

From internal company diversity to giving back to their local communities, OSI Industries serves as a world model for its people-friendly policies.

Ryan Seacrest Hosts New Years Rockin’ Eve 2019

It may have rained a full inch on “Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years Eve” 2019 but this did not hinder this years host, Ryan Seacrest. Dressed in black jeans and white shirt from his own collection, Seacrest said he would rather have the rain than the freezing cold like last year. He reamained calm even when he backed into a heater and his jacket started smoking. Like many years before, He and co-host Jenny McCarthy braved the New York City weather and brought in the New Year in Times Square with the rest of the city.

Ryan Seacrest began hosting the famous New Years Eve celebration in 2005 to help out Dick Clark. This year marks his 14th year filling this position. However this is just one of the many positions Mr. Seacrest has held through the years. He hosted American Idol from 2002 to 2016 and even signed on to host their reboot. This postion made Ryan Seacrest known around the world. In the early years he contributed to a variety television shows including: several childrens game shows, Gladiators 2000, NBC Saturday Night Movie, and Ultimate Revenge. Seacrest currently radio hosts On Air with Ryan and has since 2008. Also, Live with Kelly and Ryan has been airing since 2017.

Mr. Seacrest’s foundation, Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF) was created to help children in hospitals by himself, his parents and sister. He uses his foundation to bring joy to terminally ill and hospitalized children. One way the foundation helps is by building studios in hospitals for entertainment for the children. His goal is to build these Seacrest Studios all accross the nation and hopefully the world. The studios provide distraction for familys and children who are facing difficult times. The RSF website has more information and how you can help.

Jose Auriemo Neto: How JHSF has Benefited from His Stellar Business and Real Estate Leadership

JHSF has graced Brazil with its real estate brilliance in these recent years. It, however, would have had a substantially harder time impressing everyone so much without the guidance of Jose Auriemo Neto. This man is leading JHSF’s charge in his prized CEO position, and he made the progressive business decisions to build luxury residential properties, retail properties and even an exclusive airport. Auriemo is proving to be extremely adept at finding the best opportunities for his business to exponentially grow and move further forwards.

Brazil first saw JHSF come into the market in 1972, and Mr. Auriemo’s father made the bold decision to found it. It has been very lucrative for the company to now operate with the vision of Jose Auriemo Neto as its sole compass. JHSF has also been known to contribute significantly to a few important causes, and one of the strongest ones it has donated to is the area of sustainability.

There are many things that Brazil is thankful for regarding the projects of JHSF, but there are actually a number of newer markets that it has been operating in recently, and these are much-coveted international markets. There are successful JHSF projects located in parts of Uruguay, New York and Florida. Jose Auriemo Neto is lucky, clearly, to have such a wonderful team of leadership with whom he can work in order to bring his thoughts of JHSF’s future into the physical reality.

Jose Auriemo Neto has gained Brazilian real estate respect for all that he has done with JHSF, and that is something that is extremely well-earned for this talented chief executive officer. Developing new, and usually luxurious, properties is what he is best at, and there are hotels, malls, offices and academic projects that have been heavily influenced by him and this entity.

FAAP University gave to him an education that thoroughly prepared to lead JHSF. Jose Auriemo Neto is on pace to become even more successful with Jimmy Choo, Pucci and Hermes all agreeing to form partnerships with him and the powerful organization with regards to JHSF’s retail endeavors.

Ms. Devos is Known for her Wealth Being Overshadowed by her Hard Work and Determination

Betsy DeVos is no stranger to being in the public eye, or “in the ring” when it comes to politics. Admirers and critics of DeVos alike both characterize her as a polite and cordial politician, who can truly break out the big guns when it comes to the ideals that she believes in.


Ms. DeVos grew up in western Michigan, and even spent time in her youth working for her father, Edgar Prince, at his company supplying auto parts. Prince, too, was a fighter. Like Betsy, Edgar was a devout backer of causes both conservative and Christian at home; at work, he built his company into a billion-dollar business. Her brother Erik’s company also represented conservative values as an overseas contractor for personnel from the United States. Betsy’s husband, Dick, came from a wealthy family, shares conservative values, and is similarly a political fighter with a hand in many businesses.


Mr. and Mrs. DeVos each were educated in private schools, as were their children; because of this, opponents tend to believe that they have a bit of a disconnect with the average American family. Supporters of her plan to redirect tax dollars from public schools toward charter or private schools will cite that this move actually gives more choices to lower-income families; further, it creates a sense of competition that will encourage improvement for all schools in the long run. Due to the effort of Betsy DeVos, along with husband Dick, the largest concentration of charter schools is in the city of Detroit, where the couple has put in great effort in the education system with their philanthropy.


Ms. Devos has been known over the years as not only an advocate of charter schools, but also as an advocate for school vouchers and a major donor to the Republican party. Those who know her in a political light warn against the belief that she will be meek, or will be focused on seeking approval as a team player. While she puts on a sweet and gracious face publicly, there are politicians who know her better than that. They describe her as effective and relentless. She is reputable as resourceful; especially because, in her case, she has great resources to work with.


The effectiveness of Betsy DeVos is proven greatly in her home state. Those who know her, and have seen her in action, are well aware that her resources and family wealth are vastly overshadowed by her hard work and determination.


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Wes Edens of the Milwaukee Bucks: Article Search + Recap

Wes Edens Interest In Sports Has Gone International

Wes Edens is CEO and co-founder of the Fortress Investment Group. He began his successful journey in the finance industry by receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Business Administration at Oregon State University. However, finance is not Wes Edens only love. He is also a big sports fan.

In 2014, he and his partner purchased the Milwaukee Bucks from previous owner Herb Kohl. Kohl sold the Bucks for 555 million dollars with the understanding that he would build a new arena for the team. Edens also promised to keep the team in Wisconsin.

After having much success with owning a basketball team, he has gone international. Wes Edens, along with billionaire Nassef Sawiris, recently purchased a majority stake in the Aston Villa Football Club. Sawiris and Edens, however, are new to the soccer experience. To help guide them on this new journey, the previous owner, Tony Xia, a Chinese business, will stay on as co-chairman of the board. Xia is excited to have both Sawiris and Edens on board and hopes this investment will significantly help the club.

Find out more about Wes Edens at wealthx.com

The club itself is considered to be an upcoming team despite the fact that they once a popular club in the Premier League. However, the club over the last several years has fallen on a bit of bad luck. In 2016, they were kicked out of the Premier League to the second tier due to too poor performance. The Villa Club had also started to have financial difficulties due to lack of interest in their team.

The team has begun to restructure and narrowly lost out on the bid for the big leagues this past May. However, with the new investment from Edens and Sawiris, the club is not giving up. After all the Premier League is always interested in teams that come with money and with Edens and Sawiris backing them, they should be playing for the league soon.

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Alastair Borthwick Memorable Life

Alastair Borthwick, a very renowned author, will forever remain historian legend for the role he played before, during and after World War II. During his time, Borthwick made his name through his atheistic writings, favorite shows he broadcasted and his achievements during the Second World War. Most of his writing related to mountaineering and hill climbing as well as World War II from the perspective of a captain and infantryman.

Borthwick Early Life and his Career

He was born in 1913, in Troon but at the age of 11 Borthwick and his family moved to Glasgow, a place he attended high school. Borthwick was not fond of education, at the age of 16 he dropped out to become a copytaker at Evening Times and after a short while he qualified to work at the Glasgow Weekly Herald. Due to limited employees in his place of work, Borthwick played a variety of duties including writing and editing film pages related to mothers and children, gave responses to readers queries and compiled crosswords.

In 1935, Borthwick landed an opportunity in London to work at the Daily Mirror although the job ended after one year. This created room for him to venture into better working areas where he could fully exploit his abilities. Borthwick would briefly run a press club and later join the BBC. He had incredible broadcasting skills outdoing other broadcasters in that era of formal broadcasting; however, Borthwick perceived it as a natural gift to speak catching the attention of many.

Borthwick Participation in the War

After the break out of Second World War, Borthwick signed up for the war to fight against Germany. The experienced gained during mountaineering activities invigorated him. He joined the 51st Highland Division`s 5th Seaforth his main operations being in North Africa and Western Europe. At one time, Borthwick received the rank of the captain, serving as the battalion intelligence officer.

Towards the end of the war, Borthwick made a heroic achievement, when him alone, lead the whole battalion of 600 men during the night behind German enemy lines. The following morning, German`s found Highlanders dug in behind them.

EOS Lip Balms: So Much More Than Just a Fun Shape

Evolution of Smooth brand Lip Balm, better known as EOS, has become so popular in the last decade for quite a few reasons. Those who try EOS balms routinely buy them for their fun shapes and the fact that they actually work, but those customers who dig deeper find even more reasons to love it!

Evolution of Smooth was founded by Craig Dubitsky and Jonathan Teller in 2006 as the personal care division of their company, The Kind Group of New York. Teller almost immediately began focusing solely on EOS, which he has since ran and grown into a successful endeavor. One of the first things consumers notice about EOS balms is their unique egg shape, which is actually one of the biggest reasons for their success. The sphere shape has the advantage of standing out among a crowd of tube shaped lip balms; also, it is a bit easier to find in your purse!

EOS has not made it this far just because of its fun packaging. There are other ways that the company has made an everyday essential, like lip balm, a fun part of the user’s day. They frequently release Limited Edition series with intriguing flavors, that are fun for the customer and come in more interesting packaging. The most recent series is partnered with RED, and gives a portion of the proceeds to breast cancer research.

On top of the fun look, great colors and packaging, and even the Limited Edition series, EOS’s biggest draw to most consumers is the ingredients. The all-vegan, completely hypoallergenic, and gluten-free line is fully dermatologist-tested and, most importantly, it is completely cruelty-free to animals. EOS avoids artificial fragrances and parabens, and instead fills its balms with ingredients such as jojoba oil, shea butter, and rich cocoa. Today’s consumer may come for the fun sphere shape, but they are staying with EOS for their high-quality ingredients.

Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides: InnovaCare Health’s Driving Force

Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto is a skilled healthcare professional with more than 25 years of experience. He started his career in the healthcare industry as an internal medicine specialist and pulmonologist in Southern California. He has served a number of companies. He was the CM Officer at North American Medical Management of California and was the CEO of Aveta Inc. He served at Aveta Inc. from 2008 until 2012, which was when the company was sold. Rick Shinto also worked at Medical Pathways Management as the CM Officer and CEO. At the MedPartners Company, he was the VP in charge of medical management. He also served Cal Optima Health Plan in Orange County, California, as the CM Officer.

Mr. Shinto’s expertise and dedication to the healthcare industry are why he has won a number of awards. He was presented with the Access to Caring Award for his dedication to helping individuals gain access to affordable healthcare plans. He was also named a Top Minority Executive in 2018 and was the Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012. Mr. Shinto earned his bachelor’s of science degree at the University of California. He also has a medical degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and an M.B.A. from the University of Redlands.

Penelope Kokkinides

Ms. Kokkinides has over two decades of in the healthcare industry. She is Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health, but she was also the company’s Chief Operating Officer at the firm. She has also held positions at Aveta Inc., Touchstone Health, and Centerlight Healthcare. At Aveta Inc., she was the VP of clinical operations. She was the Chief Operating Officer and VP at Centerlight Healthcare and the VP for Care and Disease Management at AmeriChoice. At Touchstone Health, she was the Chief Operating Officer.

InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is based in Fort Lee, New Jersey, and is a top healthcare management provider. The company has more than 200,000 registered members and 7,500 network providers. The firm’s mission is to create and implement healthcare solutions that are affordable and sustainable. The firm’s Medicare Advantage and Medicare plans were given the highest accreditation from the NCQA. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services gave the firm’s Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans 4.5-star quality ratings. InnovaCare Health has a subsidiary company, MMM Healthcare, which is based in Puerto Rico.


Bernardo Chua Is A Global Business Leader

The beverage industry is one of the leading sectors in the retail industry with various hubs around the world from Seattle to Istanbul. Bernardo Chua is the head of the Organo Gold company which specializes in providing gourmet coffee, tea, and other beverages for its customers who order their products Online or from the many sales representatives who are building a career around the world. Chua has a long, storied history within the direct sales industry and has been working to bring this sector to the North American market for many years. See more of Bernardo Chua on Slideshare.

The career of Bernardo Chua began in the Philippines with the Gano Excel brand which supplied various dietary supplements to the public through a team of direct sales specialists. The business model of Organo Gold is designed to bring business success to as many people in the world as possible through the supply of products sold by home-based representatives. Among the many reasons why this is such a positive business model is the fact the salesforce have the ability to work at their own pace and set their own hours. Members of the sales team in developing nations are given the chance to achieve their dreams of financial security in areas of the world often seen as disadvantaged.

One of the most impressive parts of the work of Chua is his belief in bringing a healthy lifestyle to the people of the world. Bernardo Chua has been a consistent supporter of the use of healthy dietary supplements, such as the mushroom-based Ganoderma which Chua uses for the majority of products produced by his Organo Gold brand. The use of Ganoderma has been a major part of Chinese medicine for thousands of years and has been proven to be an effective antioxidant and cholesterol regulator. The desire to bring a healthier way of living to the people of the world remains one of the greatest achievements in the life and career of Chua.

See more: https://www.thestreet.com/story/13132871/1/bernardo-chua-expands-organo-golds-operations-into-turkey.html


The rise and growth of OSI Group

OSI Group has continued to rise since its establishment and is among the leading privately owned companies in the globe; the company continues to offer the best products to its clients. The firm has its headquarters in Aurora Illinois. It has overcome the vast challenges facing many food companies around the globe and thus established a great scope in the broader parts of the world. The firm started as a small butcher shop before the owners engaged experts with greater minds in its management. The executives appointed to take up various leadership roles in the firm led it to its growth through engaging other companies in signing lucrative deals in favor of OSI Group.

OSI Group has today established about 65 facilities in various countries, and it is the leading food processing company in the world. Additionally, it has been honored for the vast number of jobs that it has created for people across the globe. The company continues to cater for the welfare of its people by creating a conducive environment for them to perform their activities. Besides, the leaders also strive to ensure that the products they produce are safe for consumption and as a result, they strive to engage qualified personnel to help them, in determining the best environment and procedures that are safe in the food production proves. The steps taken by the companies executives towards ensuring that the firm moves fast towards its success have borne fruits thanks to the cooperation of every party. The firm has received numerous awards for its contributions towards the growth of the economy in various countries. Additionally, it has also been honored with many awards for the safety of their products and ability to help people maintain good health by serving them with nutritious food products.

OSI Group has also striven to work together with other companies across the globe to help them grow their businesses by bringing together their leaders and employees for the sharing of ideas. The facilities established by OSI Group have also addressed the many needs of customers in the entire world by offering them employment opportunities and a chance to acquire ideas on food production.