Graeme Holm Educates Clients on the Way to Becoming their Own Personal Financial Managers.

Graeme Holm has maintained his passion for helping the Australian ordinary financial customers who survive on credit from the financial institutions to get through their financial challenges. Most of the everyday citizens in the country depend on loans to finance their projects, whether business or personal projects. When the institutions in the region realized this, they began taking advantage of the situation by lending money to the clients at very high rates. They also neglected the aspect of guiding the customers on the preparation of repayment plans which would guide them on the repayment process. As a result, many borrowers found themselves in situations where they were involved in fights and disputes with their lenders due to failure to meet their debt obligations.


Graeme Holm was an employee of a large financial institution in the city at the moment. He made keen observations on the trends that were happening in the market and realized that there existed some challenges facing the customers that required urgent solutions. The challenges revolved around the quality of customer care that the financial institutions gave to their clients and hence directly impacted the customer satisfaction. As part of the solution, he decided to start a financial firm that would address these challenges by providing the right services to the customers so that he could boost their satisfaction. He named the company Infinity Group Australia. He founded it with his life partner, who then became a business partner, Rebecca Walker.


After the establishment of Infinity Group Australia, the main focus became to address the real issues that affected the everyday client that required credit assistance from the institutions. The first challenge that needed urgent attention was the defaulting of loans by the customers. One of the reasons that cause the customers to default their loan repayment was the lack of understanding of the terms and conditions that were offered by the financial institutions. Infinity Group Australia, under the close monitoring of Graeme Holm and his wife, set out a customer service attendant that could explain to all the customers the terms and conditions of the company as illustrated in the loan schedules. This was a very brilliant step because it helped to elaborate to the less learned customers on the terms of borrowing so that they could never enter into contracts that they never knew in the beginning.


Besides the recruitment of the customer attendant, Infinity Group Australia hired a personal banker that would assist the clients in choosing the right credit products to suit their financial needs. This was aimed at ensuring that the customers got the products that sufficed their needs and hence more satisfaction. The other role of the personal banker was to guide the clients on the preparations of repayment schedules. This would include personal budgets that would regulate the amount of expenditure that the clients made so that they could afford to repay the loans as well as meeting the other financial needs of their families. As a result, the clients have become more responsible managers of their finances. Learn more:


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Refuses To Become Complacent And Continues To Educate Himself:

These days, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is one of the leading figures in the Dallas, Texas area plastic surgery industry. He has cultivated his current standing in his industry through his tireless dedication to his patients that he has been serving now for more than twenty-one years. A big part of Dr. Sameer Jejurikar displays at total commitment to his patients that revolves around his dedication to the cause of advancing the practices of plastic surgery procedures so that they are more effective and safer as well.

One of the most amazing things about Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is the fact that after all these years, his love of what he does is still the thing that keeps him moving forward. At the heart of that work are his patients. This commitment to aiding people has been instrumental in helping Dr. Sameer Jejurikar from becoming complacent or taking his work for granted. He actually finds that he loves his job more every year.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has developed such a great reputation that many non-locals come to his plastic surgery practice for procedures as well. His reputation has truly begun to proceed him and make him one of the most well-known doctors in his field. This has all led to Dr. Jejurikar’s practice seeing massive growth in recent years, an accomplishment that he is highly proud of. To keep his practice at the top of the plastic surgery field, Dr. Jejurikar is always looking for ways to innovate and improve. He has a deep understanding of the fact that every patient is a unique individual and that each patient has a different set of needs. One of the best things for Dr. Jejurikar is the fact that continuing technological innovation is allowing him to better serve those patients needs as he continues to expand his own horizons. It looks like only a bright future ahead for Dr. Sameer Jejurikar.

A Look at InnovaCares Leadership Including Dr. Rick Shinto that Has Taken the Healthcare Industry by Storm

InnovaCare is one of the best healthcare companies in North America. It has beaten odds to become a leader in provision of Medicare Advantage plans as well as physician practice services, thanks to its capable leaders. The leadership of Dr. Rick Shinto, the company’s President & CEO, and Penelope Kokkinides, the Chief Administrative Officer, has played a major role to make InnovaCare successful in creating progressive and value-based models for patients and physicians.



Dr. Rick Shinto’s background



He has over 25 years of experience in clinical as well as operational healthcare, specifically managed care. His work record speaks volumes as he has done a lot including developing innovative care models in an effort to improve treatment efficiency, patient satisfaction as well as financial performance. For more details visit LinkedIn.



He has held many executive positions in various companies. Between 2008 and 2012, he was the President & CEO of Aveta. Before joining Aveta, he was NAMM California’s Chief Executive Officer. Prior to that, he worked in Medical Pathways Management Company as the COO and CMO. He has served at a couple of other companies in leadership positions.



Aside from the different capacities he has held, Dr. Rick Shinto has published several articles, majorly about issues related to healthcare as well as clinical medicine. The B.S. graduate from the University of California (Irvine) has achieved a lot in his career life, the achievements that have made him gain recognition across the world. He is also a holder of a medical degree from the State University of New York (Stony Brook) as well as a M.B.A from University of Redlands.



Penelope Kokkinides’s background



She is another member of the InnovaCare’s leadership team, having joined the company in 2015. Prior to that, she served as COO at InnovaCare as well as COO at Aveta Inc. In addition, she was the Vice President of Clinical Operations.



With over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Kokkinides specializes on managed care and government programs. Armed with a biological sciences and classical languages degree from Binghamton University, social work master’s degree from the New York University, alcohol and substance abuse post-master’s advanced degree and public health master’s degree from Columbia University, Kokkinides has built a legacy.



About InnovaCare



The New Jersey-based company has over 120 years of experience in care delivery and managed care. Currently, it is leading in provision of Medicare Advantage plans as well as physician practice services in North America. InnovaCare is always working to offer its clients high quality as well as affordable services. For more details visit Crunchbase.



It inspires both provider and patient engagement through development of technologies and distribution of risks. The company has developed a wide and integrated portfolio and over 500,000 lives have been saved as a result of its efforts.


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Sahm Adrangi: Ad Fraud and QuinStreet

A conference that focuses on short selling has been in demand for a long time. The Kase Short Selling Conference gave the attendees what they had been waiting for and more. Among the variety of investment professionals that shared their insight on the industry was Sahm Adrangi, Kerrisdale Capital Management’s Chief Investment Officer. Despite the fact that many people involved with short selling have been having problems picking good picks for their portfolios, Sahm Adrangi has used diligence and research to avoid this.

When choosing companies to short sell, Sahm Adrangi takes an interesting approach as a value investor. Not only do his stock choices create a source of revenue for his business, they also make a difference in society. The businesses that Kerrisdale Capital choose to short generally aren’t just businesses doomed to see a drop in their stock prices, they’re engaging in business practices that are misleading and sometimes participating in fraud

At the Kase Conference, Sahm Adrangi discusses a few of these businesses that have caught his interest in recent years. One of these being QuinStreet, a company that is paid to place advertisements and generates traffic for their clients. While they have recently seen a significant increase in business and traffic to their clients, it’s not likely to be coming from where their clients believe.

It is believed that QuinStreet is one of the many companies that are practicing ad fraud. Through the use of traffic generated from sites like Swagbucks that pay users to click on ads and even completely artificial methods like bots. Clients pay firms like QuinStreet for each click that their advertisements get, but they expect them to be from parties that are interested in their services.

While these less than honest practices may drive up the stock prices of these advertising companies temporarily, Sahm Adrangi is certain that it will come to an end soon as their practices are discovered. While users who get paid for clicking on these links may enjoy the extra few bucks they earn, the businesses that are paying for those clicks are wanting valid traffic to their websites,

How To Soak Up Polynesian Culture While Visiting Samoa

Fagali Island in Samoa is one of the most beautiful places on earth you can visit. Whether vacationing as a single person, couple, or family, there are plenty of things to do as well on any size budget. This is just a taste of the interesting and fun things for people to do while visiting this adventurous island.

No vacation to Fagali Island is complete without doing Fiafia Night. Extraordinarily talented local professionals mesmerize people with the Siva Dance and songs. They perform traditional Polynesian dances and the performance is capped by the knife-fire dance. Men do a dance where they twirl a sword, alit with fire on both ends, all around their bodies in sync. After this is over the guests are taught some of the moves and there is a buffet with local tropical fruit, smoked pork, palusami (coconut cream baked in taro leaves), oka (raw fish that has been marinated in a mixture of lemon juice, onions, chili, and coconut cream), and other authentic dishes.


The Samoa Cultural Village is a very popular place to visit for a number of reasons. Located at the westernmost end of Fagali Island, it is open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Visitors are taught all about Fa’a Samoa, or the Samoan Way. Visitors can see with their own eyes the traditional life of the Samoan people as it had been conducted for centuries in villages across the country. This attraction is staffed with locals who are more than happy to share what they are doing and the customs of the Samoan people according to People who visit this place have the opportunity to learn firsthand by weaving baskets, wrapping crayfish in leaves in order to cook them, and learn about how other goods and foods were processed.

Janet’s makes for a great place to stop when you are preparing to leave Fagali Island. This is a shop that has a lot of local products for sale according to They have jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. They also sell bags, sandals, and clothing that is produced in Samoa. They also sell other items so that people can be reminded of Polynesian culture once they are home.

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Shervin Pishevar Makes Bold Predictions in His 21 Hour Tweet Storm

Shervin Pishevar went on a Tweet storm that lasted 21 hours on February 5, 2018. Shervin Pishevar touched on and made predictions of topics from Bitcoin, Silicon Valley, SpaceX, and the stifling of United States based startups.

Shervin Pishevar began his stream of tweets with the bold prediction that the markets would drop 6,000 points in the months ahead. He predicted “financial storms” as there would be volatility in the bond market that would create instability in other markets as well. Shervin Pishevar also addressed the future of Bitcoin and gold, as he tweeted that gold would rise in response to recent economic instability and that Bitcoin would continue to crash and then stabilize at the $2-5k range. Pishevar predicted that after the initial stabilization, Bitcoin would continue to rise at a slow and steady pace.

Shervin Pishevar then went on to address his thoughts on the decline of Silicon Valley. He tweeted that Silicon Valley, while still a physical place, has transcended into a greater idea in technology. Pishevar went on to say that “entrepreneurship is a movement” and described it as “borderless”, meaning that innovation is no longer considered to be confined to California or the United States as before. Pishevar warned that the United States was falling behind to countries such as China in its infrastructure growth. He accused the United States government and companies to be “trapped in short-term thinking”. The only exception Shervin Pishevar gave to this thought was the SpaceX program, which he believes will flourish when executed.

Finally, Pishevar’s Tweet storm concluded with his thoughts on the stronghold that the tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook have on economic development. Pishevar hypothesized the monopoly that these companies have created have suffocated the development of any future United States based startups.

Super Charging Your To-do List, From Upwork

Upwork is the largest freelancing website in the world. It has more than twelve million freelancers and five million clients. In addition, Upwork has what it calls the ‘Hiring Center’ that is “your guide to trends and strategies shaping the future of work.” A recent blog published there gave tips on creating a useful to-do list that will help get stuff done and give you more free time.

  1. Capture everything

Our brains tend to focus on unfinished tasks. Putting everything on your list gives your mind the chance to forget about the unfinished tasks and focus more on the work at hand.

  1. Prepare your list in advance

You have the most energy and are most productive in the morning. Getting your list done the night before allows you to devote your most productive time to getting the most important tasks done.

  1. One Place

Having your tasks all in one place gives you a complete picture of what needs doing.

  1. Time Attributes

Add things like when you will start the task and how long it will take. Sticking to those times means you can plan how to finish your list, not hope you finish it.

  1. Define priorities

Prioritize tasks so when the unexpected happens, you can react accordingly.

  1. Keep re-evaluating

Does a task have value? If not, then it might not need to be on your list.

  1. Stress-free delegation

Assign tasks and subtasks, so they don’t slip through the cracks and get forgotten.

  1. Zoom in and out

Create subtasks and projects. You can zoom out and look at the big picture or zoom in and see what needs to be done to finish a specific task.

  1. Batch process

Group similar tasks together, it will be easier to get them all done in one sitting.

  1. Assign energy levels

Our energy levels fluctuate throughout the day, assign tasks that require high energy to times when your energy is highest.

Your to-do list should be more than a list of things to do. It should be a ‘productivity console’ that lets you breeze through your day.

Betsy Devos and the Education Reform Movement

Betsy Devos recently gave an interview with “60 Minutes” in which she talked about the success of the new educational choice options in certain states and what she plans to do about school safety reform. She was appointed to head up the school safety movement by President Trump earlier in 2018. So far, she has been working with advisers to change the face of school to be more focused on security and gun safety in 2018.


However, Devos has been working within school reform for most of her life. She started at Calvin College and joined political campaigns in her younger years, fighting for better education opportunities. It was difficult to do so, as she had grown up with a mother who was a public school teacher. This made her see public school systems differently, as she often heard her mother complain about the different pitfalls of the system, including standardized testing.


Educational reform is the priority for Devos, but she has been working on school safety in recent months. While many people see her believes in educational choice as dangerous, she believes that these groups are just misunderstood and don’t really understand what educational choice is before they criticize it. In fact, she doesn’t believe that public funding has anything to do with it. The most successful programs are funded by philanthropists.


Devos has been backed by quite a few donors, including Sam Walton of Wal-Mart, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, and Bill Gates of Microsoft. These big donors have helped her to get programs started in places like Florida. She considers this state to be the most successful since it has the most educational choice options, as well as a tuition-based scholarship fund. The educational choice options include magnet programs, virtual schools, homeschooling, private schools, and charter schools. Students don’t have to go to a failing school just because they live in that district.


This is the biggest reason that Devos has fought so hard for reform. She wants the focus to be on the education of the student and not on the administration aspects. That’s also how she feels about school safety. She wants to create the best environment for students to learn, and she’s not sure that means arming teachers. She does want students to feel more protected. New security policies for schools have already been rolled out for the 2018-2019 school year.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.

Matt Badiali and his Investment advice

Matt Badiali is a gentleman who enjoys science. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State University. He later earned his masters’ degree in geology from Florida Atlantic University before 2004. Matt started his financial career after talking to a friend before enrolling for his Ph.D. The friend wanted Matt to help him come up with ways that an average investor could invest his money. He was ready to help because he had seen his dad struggle with investments as well as help others make sound decisions when it came to investing their resources. Through his advice and articles, Matt Badiali has helped many people in making the right investments and increasing their capital. Matt loves to travel around the world to share his ideas and advice.

According to Matt, his educational background in science made it easy for him to come up with ideas about investing in natural resources for a newsletter. Matt Badiali’s average day starts from 6:30 am where he reads a newspaper and ensure that his daughters have gone to school on time.

He also watches some news and weather on television before he starts his day. He argues that most of the ideas that he has come up with are derived from personal experiences. He uses what he has gone through to guide him to come up with the advice that he offers to others. Matt has traveled the world. He has visited several countries and understood how people live in these nations. Thus, he uses these experiences when he wants to change the information around or write about a new topic.

Matt Badiali is fascinated about the future. He believes that we are approaching a breakthrough concerning energy consumptions. The use of kerosene is likely to become a gone experience as more efficient resources of energy will be employed. Moreover, when it comes to his day, Matt handles one task at a time. This allows him to ensure that the issue is fully completed before tackling another one. Given a chance, he could take internship courses at organizations for free for him to gain more experience. Matt Badiali recommends that it is essential to fill your mind with knowledge. It requires one to have the latest information to make the right decisions.

Consumer Bases Loaded: NewsWatch TV Review

NewsWatch TV is a series broadcasted throughout the United States. This award winning program has a format consisting of consumer news, celebrity news, mobile app reviews and sponsored consumer reviews to name a few. The program’s first episode was released March of 1990 and currently airs on the AMC network. When dealing with ethical issues, NewsWatch TV has had celebrity appearances by those who have personal experiences of the issues that are being covered. In addition to the editorial portion of the show, they also provide paid segments for companies that would like to market their brand. The show has three main hosts who contribute self contained reporting as well as other information. NewsWatch TV offers an archive of previous episodes on their website. So if you’ve missed any shows or would like to look up certain topics, they have made this an option. Many of the topics they cover on air are also on the website as well. This is not only important but also convenient because if someone does not have access to the AMC network they can still benefit from the consumer friendly information they provide.

As we are in a technology forward era, their Appwatch segment garners high ratings. During this segment of the show they review hot apps and the latest technology.

Many companies have sought after their services for paid marketing. All of these companies have been overly satisfied with the results of their campaigns. It’s reach of 95 million households gives businesses a much needed boost in promotion. NewsWatch has an in-house production team with over 70 years of combined experience. So all video reviews are done on the premises. Their studio is located along the perimeter of Washington DC. Businesses generally receive a large return on investment when partnering with Newswatch TV. A Danish company, Ockel, generated over a half million dollars after their news watch campaign. Their director of marketing stated their crowd funding project was a major success in large part to NewsWatch TV. He also went on to say that working with them was great overall and they are professionals.

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