Jim Hunt’s Ideas And How He Generates Them Through VTA Publications

Jim Hunt is one man you should get to know if you want the latest tips on stock trading or want the word of someone whose made it on his own as an independent investor and financier at vtapublications.co.uk. No, he doesn’t have the household name of Warren Buffet and he seems to enjoy staying off the mainstream media’s grid on ideamensch.com, but he does have a YouTube channel where his followers can find tidbits of useful investing information and see how he operates. Ideamensch, an independent business blog that posts books and ideas for entrepreneurial-minded individuals decided to interview Hunt to see how he gets ideas.

For Hunt, his usual day starts with a morning workout followed by his investments and strategies from VTA Publications where he executes trades or buys new stocks, and then tends to slow down a little in the afternoons. He gets his ideas from listening to what his own customers want to know about, and then spending time relaxing and letting them come out on their own. Hunt is always researching and likes to stay ahead of the game when it comes to investing trends, and if it were left up to him to spend $100, it would be spent on research journals like VTA Publications with inside information in them.

Jim Hunt also founded VTA Publications, a company he started to help those with the drive to manage their own money and get ahead without the banks. The company has information about retirement planning taken from the bible, learning how to use stock charts and making use of little-known trades, and a list of seminars recorded on DVDs featuring some of the world’s savviest investors and businessmen. VTA Publications also has access to “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire,” two programs Hunt started to show how simple stock trading can be, and how simple math can be used.

Unveiling Secret Wisdom to Higher Consciousness: Kabbalah

To study Kabbalah, a wisdom of the soul in the Jewish tradition, is to seek answers to many of the questions we all have about human existence. Why are we here? Who are we? How can we live a fulfilled life? These are but a few. Kabbalah, literally translated as the ‘received wisdom’, is based on ancient teachings communicated to Kabbalists by divine revelation over five thousand years ago and eventually published in the Zohar, the sacred book of these teachings. Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, a Talmudic mystic of the second century is known to be responsible for this remarkable text which has been passed from one generation to another. It was in the late 13th century that Kabbalist R.Moshe De Leon brought it all together in the Zohar and this divine knowledge became the core of Kabbalah studied all over the world today.

Because Kabbalah has many different meanings and has gone through many transformations, the Kabbalah Centre presents this coded wisdom in all its varieties of interpretation, not just to study but as a way of life. A non-profit organization founded in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag, who wanted to make this mysterious source of enlightenment available to all, the Kabbalah Centre offers a series of courses to reveal the teachings of the great Kabbalists, guiding each student to the path of higher consciousness through understanding the spiritual laws of the universe and the essence of being human.

Including online study for those unable to attend in person, daily and monthly events, and mentorship one-on-one available to anyone, regardless of race, creed, religion, sex or social status,the Centre embraces today’s modern teaching of the Kabbalah. By using five core principles: Sharing, Awareness and Balance of Ego, Existence of Spiritual Laws, We Are All One, Creating Miracles, the Centre, now in the capable hands of Rav Berg and staff from all over the world, helps to activate the highest potential in each individual with these oldest principles of spiritual wisdom.

In a world of up and down emotions and worries, the Kabbalah reveals a way of living that transcends self, allowing us to see that all that exists is the Infinite Light. Becoming aware that everything has meaning and purpose, we can all access the secrets of the universe and rejoice in living as the beings of light we are meant to be.

The Importance Of Flavors in Lip Balm

For the longest time, people have been trying to separate pleasure from business. Often times, it is believed that if something is good for someone, then it does not have to be pleasurable in any form. Among the products this concept applied to is lip balm. However, it makes no sense that something that is healthy should not be pleasurable. After all,there is no reason for pleasure to have a stigma. Fortunately, lip balm companies have added flavors to their lip balm products. This gives people extra incentive to keep using their lip balm. As a result, people with chapped lips will experience improvements to their condition.

Among the cosmetic companies that are adding flavors to their lip balm products is Evolution of Smooth. EOS not only adds flavor but also brings forth new flavors. People’s taste buds will be satisfied with all of the variety that the company has to offer. However, the main draw to EOS lip balm product is that they are filled with Shea butter and other ingredients that are effective at moisturizing lips. Therefore, people will have an easier time actually keeping their lips free of symptoms that come with dryness.

EOS lip balm also offers different shapes of products, see, https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/lip-balm.html. This makes it easier for people to apply their products. Some of the products come in stick form. Others come in ball form. Such creativity shows a company that is passionate about the products that it presents to its customers. Customers will not only enjoy great taste, but experience long lasting relief.

For those that are interested in buying the product, they could shop online at Well.com or thru (https://www.amazon.com/Organic-Smooth-Strawberry-Passion-Honeydew/dp/B009QTDYYA) and find the flavor they want. Then they can fill in their information. Once they pay for it, they just have to wait for it to show up at their doorstep. Then they can experience moist lips. For more information, visit the EOS official Facebook page.


GTL Angers Securus Technologies

Having several statements that were made in a derogatory manner from GTL, Securus Technologies takes a stand in article they published. In the article they correct the false statements, and explain to the public what they really do. They feel that it is important that the public know that they invent technology to ensure the safety of the public.


In another way to let the public know what they do, they have opened up their Dallas, TX headquarters to them for a presentation. During this presentation, they will be able to see the latest technology that they are working on, and why it is so important. The people can ask questions, and find out a lot more about what the company stands for.


Securus Technologies is a company that is a leader in the public safety field. They work closely with the government on a variety of issues, including the civil and criminal sectors of justice. Since the company works with over a million inmates on a regular basis during the year, they are aware of what needs to done. They use videos, incident reports, investigations, and many other techniques that can make sure that everyone continues to be safe. The company has a dedicated team that always completes missions to the highest of standards. They create new technologies for safety on a weekly basis in order to make the world a safer place. Since they strive for excellence, they are known and respected across the nation and throughout the globe. In the future, they will prove to be even more successful as they continue to be in even more demand.

UK Vintners Provides a List of the Best Wines for the Festive Season

The festive season is all about the gathering of family and friends and having fun. You get to enjoy all your favorite meals and drinks. We cannot talk about drinks during holidays without mentioning wine. As the year draws to an end, an independent wine merchant, UK Vintners PLC which deals with the acquisition and sale of the finest wines has provided a list of the best wines you can get for the holiday season. The top five wines for the 2016 holiday season, chosen by experts at UK Vintners, are as follows.

Ducru Beaucaillou is one of the great options for the holidays. The wine originates from the Ducru Beaucaillou winery (among the oldest in the Saint-Julien appellation in Bordeaux, France). A bottle of the wine which is a decade old (from 2005) is dark purple in color and has an aged flavor.

Pichon Baron 1998- it is mature and ready for consumption this festive season. The wine blend has traces of black currants, charcoal, and sweet tasty oak. The amount of acid in it is low. Its origin is the Pauillac appellation in Bordeaux, France.

Beychevelle – the wine is from 2008 and is mature considering that the recommendation is to consume it within 15 years of bottling. The soft, fruity wine has a tinge of cranberry and raspberry.

Montrose 1998 – it comes from the St. Estephe region and is an excellent option for merrymakers this holiday season. Merlot grapes make up a large part of a bottle of Montrose 1998.

D’Yquem 2009 –considering that honey, apricot, sweet spiced pears and many other spices are included in the making of a bottle of D’Yquem, it is perfect for consumption especially after meals during the festive seasons. It gets its name from where it comes from Chateau d’Yquem in Graves, France. The place is famous for wine because they have been making them for around four centuries.

UK Vintners is an independent wine company which works hand in hand with an extensive network of wine traders, brokers and merchants in a bid to find the world’s finest wine. The company has a team of wine consultants who use their experience to come up with a list of the best wine and champagne for various occasions. The primary duty of the company is to provide the market with wine for investment and consumption. The other is to act as brokers for people/institutions which wish to sell investment grade wine held in a UK bond.

The dedicated team of wine consultants at UK Vintners utilizes their wealth of knowledge to guide their customers through the many options of wines available. If a client has any specification, he/she can always contact one of the team members. The company’s mission is to help their customers in choosing the most prestigious wines from some of the most famous vineyards in Spain, Italy, and France. Some of the clients look for wine for drinking while others wish to invest on the finest wines for sale in the future. Vintners in the UK have connections in the wine trade that enable them to handle all types of wine clients.

Buy wine from UK Vintners online here.


Smartphones And E-Commerce Are Changing The Way We Shop Says Jose Borghi

The CEO of ad agency Mullen Lowe says that smartphones are revolutionizing e-commerce and online sales. Jose Borghi says that proof of this is the fact that Uber is one of the strongest ranked brands in Brazil and Airbnb is rapidly climbing in terms of brand strength. Both Uber and Airbnb are online based platforms for taxi services and living accommodations. Uber takes advantage of on demand smart phone apps and Airbnb takes advantage of the internet to connect potential hosts with potential guests.

The Brazilian economy is in a recession right now but e-commerce continues to increase year after year points out Jose Borghi. Online sales increased over 15% in 2015 when compared to the previous year. It was worth around a $41 billion real (currency) market segment in the economy in 2015. By the end of 2016, forecasters project that e-commerce will rise by yet another 8%. The first quarter of 2016 saw more than 24 million online orders placed and revenue of almost $10 billion dollars.

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An increase in online commerce despite a weakening economy has put traditional brick and mortar stores on notice continues Jose Borghi. E-commerce continues to rise because many online retailers offer lower prices, a vast product selection and all of this from the comfort of home without having to get up and go to a store. Smartphone applications also play a major role in the rise of e-commerce says the CEO of Brazilian ad agency Mullen Lowe formerly called Borghi Lowe. The apps allow people to purchase items faster and more conveniently straight from their phone even while on a train or park for example. In our world of looking for ways to do things faster and more conveniently, these smart phone apps are impacting the world e-commerce in a positive way by boosting sales.

Which industry is most affected by online commerce and smartphones? It is the fashion and clothing industry. Mr. Jose Borghi states that sales of clothing through smartphone and tablet applications is responsible for about 40% of all sales, even when traditional stores are taken into account.

Jose Borghi also states an interesting survey to purvey just how big a role smartphones now play in online commerce. A study done by Criteo in 2015 found that sales of items through smartphones and tablets now make up more than 50% of all online sales. After the fashion and clothing industry the travel industry is the most widely impacted industry by smartphones and online commerce. All retailers should realize this trend and adapt or miss out on a major market segment summarizes Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe.

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Find out more about Mullen Lowe Brasil at Portfolio de Agencias

WEN Cleansing Conditioners Have Been Tested And Reviewed And Provide Great Results

Not too long ago, Emily McClure published a review through Bustle Magazine on the effects of WEN cleansing conditioners on different profiles of hair, specifically her very fine hair. She tested out WEN Hair Fig version of cleansing conditioner for a week and then detailed her experience in a review for her readers. Being an enthusiast for hair care, Emily had known about WEN for a long time, but was skeptical because many products out there fail to live up to their hype. It turns out testing the cleansing conditioner was one of the best decisions she could have made, as it worked wonders for her fine hair, giving her the strength and fullness she’s always wanted. She even posted before and after pictures to show off proof of WEN’s amazing results.

In Emily’s case, she started to see results within a couple days of using the product, though she also did not use anything else in her hair and the effects at first were not what she wanted. She tweaked her routine a little big and she found that applying it early in the morning provided the best results for a good portion of the day. She also noticed that the recommended dosage was not good for her very fine hair, but a small portion worked best instead. By the end of her week period testing out WEN, she had been getting a number of compliments from her friends asking her what she had been doing, which quickly changed her skepticism into a love for the product.

WEN’s amazing effects are result of Chaz Dean’s effort testing the formula over and over to ensure it worked well on various different hair types and stayed within an affordable price that women on any budget could use it. Today, WEN products can be ordered on online exclusively, from retailers such as Ebay (http://www.ebay.com/bhp/wen-hair-care) and Amazon.

For more details, visit the products’ Twitter account and Wikipedia page.


Doe Deere: A makeup Revolution

Doe Deere is the Founder and CEO of the cosmetics company Lime Crime. She was born in Russia. Then moved to the United States and was raised in New York. Doe feels makeup has more to it than just hiding imperfections, but rather should be used as a form of self-expression. She wanted makeup to be a feeling of what feels right in the moment, not just natural and self-enhancing. She decided to launch her own cosmetics company in 2008 that focused on allowing individuals to express themselves freely and openly.

The result of this was Lime Crime, a line of intensely pigmented, bold color, and vibrant makeup line. All of the products in the line are cruelty free and not tested on animals. The name for the company is a combination of her favorite color and to create makeup that was so outrageous it would break the law.

Her journey has made her an advocate and supporter of women owned businesses. She has spoken at many events about finding your own voice and following your passion and dreams. She also mentors many young women would have ambitions in business and she encourages all to ask for her advice on Instagram.

The idea for Lime Crime was inspired by the fact that Deere had a difficult time finding bright and color makeup to match the clothing she was designing in her clothing line. So she decided to make her own and eventually launched the makeup line. She is very hands on with her makeup line. She is involved with every step of development with all of her products. Deere also tests out every new makeup product before it goes to production.

Deere feels that trusting your gut and starting early are the keys to success for any woman wanted to have her own business. Also it is important to treat your employees and people around you with kindness and respect. She also continually donates to charitable causes which keeps her grounded. She feels educating yourself and knowing your brand are keys to success in the business world. Her husband Mark is one of her biggest influences.

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Customers Having Impact on Company’s Online Reputaiton

Recently, an article was posted in onlinereputationreviews.com stating that customer can have a big impact on a company’s reputation. The author of this post stated that reviews can make or break a company’s reputation.

Overall, I disagree with this statement. A few bad reviews are not going to deter customers from purchasing a product or service from your company. Especially if they have done business with your company before and were happy with what they received. For example, imagine getting online and finding a pair of shoes you love. Someone says that the color was bad, and the material did not hold up well. Sure, this may be something you take into consideration when buying those pair of shoes. However, is this one review going to deter you from buying those shoes you love? Of course not.

Though, I can see where the author was coming from when he made his statement. If there are multiple reviews all complaining about the same thing, that might be something that would deter me from buying the product. With that being said, any positive reviews would make just as great of an impact on my decision in purchasing.

The thing people need to remember is that the author is talking about the company’s reputation being impacted. I believe this accusation is false. Just because people read a few bad reviews does not mean that everyone is going to stop buying what the company is selling them. Not only that, but not everyone takes the time to read reviews. A lot of people see something they like and purchase it immediately.

As long as people review products honestly, and the company creates high-quality items, no problems should arise. I do not believe reviews strongly impact a company’s reputation.


Dr. Brian Bonar Leads Companies To Business Success

Brian Bonar is a noted entrepreneur and financial expert who is currently based in San Diego, California.

Bonar holds a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Masters Degree in Business Administration, and a Doctorate Degree in International Business Development.

Bonar is originally from Scotland, attended universities in Scotland and England, and spent much of his early life in Europe.

Bonar has held a wide array of positions throughout his career. He began his professional career in 1969 as a procurement manager with IBM. After leaving IBM, Bonar worked as the Director of Engineering for QMS. Bonar has also held numerous sales and marketing management positions for several different companies.

In 1994 Brian Bonar launched his first entrepreneurial venture with the founding of Bezier Systems. Under his leadership, Bezier would develop the first SCSI printer. Bonar’s next entrepreneurial venture came in 2006 when he founded AMS Outsourcing, which specializes in helping companies outsource their non-core business support activities.

Bonar’s most recent business startup is a bit different. In 2016 he opened a restaurant, Bellamy’s Bistro, in San Diego. News reports indicate that he is also working on developing a 144-acre property in Bandy Canyon near San Diego, which will include a second larger restaurant.

Currently, Bonar is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman of the Board of 2 separate companies, Trucept and Dalrado Financial Services. He has been with Trucept since 2011 and under his leadership, Trucept has become a leader in providing temporary staffing and comprehensive human resource services to businesses throughout the United States.

Bonar has been with Dalrada Financial since 1992 and took over leadership of the company as CEO in 1998. He became Chairman of the Board in 1999. Dalrada specializes in comprehensive financial and benefit services for businesses.

In 2010 Dr. Bonar’s business accomplishments were recognized when Who’s Who’s named him distinguished business executive of the year for finance. Bonar is active in his community, serving organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club, The Lions Club, and Escondido Children’s Museum.

From his roots with IBM to his current leadership of Trucept and Dalrada, Brian Bonar has succeeded in managing numerous business entities to success and has created several businesses from scratch. Only time will tell what his next great success in business will be.