Nathaniel Ru and his friends often used to have trouble in finding places they could eat healthy food and also have fun while at it. They prospected the 560 square foot tavern which turned out to be their answer.

Six years after their senior year, they eatery they had opened, Sweetgreen, has become a high-quality Salad Franchise. Coincidentally, the landlord of the space was the same landlord of the building where Ru and his classmates lived. In his own words, getting hold of the landlord to explain to her what he wanted to do was very hard. In fact, the first time he called her she just hang up. Read more: Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

This, however, did not discourage him and his friends. They kept on calling the landlord every day for a month until they were able to schedule a meeting with her. At that time, they only had almost three pages of a business plan, and one page of that was the financials. They initially intended to call the place greens.

The landlord, seeing the determination and passion in these students, advised them to look for an architect and business backers who would help them come up with a better plan. Ru and his friends were grateful that the landlord listened to them leave alone advising them. It took them three and a half weeks to find an architect and business backers.

Up to date, Sweetgreen, has been successful despite the initial inexperience of its founders in restaurant and food industry. It has stores in many cities such as Philadelphia, Washington, Boston and New York.

Sweetgreen has a reputation for selling fresh food to its customers since most ingredients are bought from local farmers and purveyors. Sweetgreen has decentralized operations where restaurants are independent of any single headquarters to dispense policy.

For certain weeks in a year, corporate employees are required to work at actual restaurant locations. This allows the headquarters to be fully informed about the challenges restaurant owners face.

Ru has always shown the interest in building a good customer relationship. He, at a conference hosted by PSFK consulting, said that one of the key initiatives of Sweetgreen is to build customer intimacy.

Sweetgreen is unique and different from its competitors because it is based on providing or building a connection between people and the food they eat. Other than this, RU has worked together with top artists and producers to organize the Sweetlife Festival which is a yearly celebration involving music and world-class food.

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The Success of Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is a very successful women in the business which started as soon as she left college. She mentioned that success of her older siblings led to her wanting to outdo them and become even more successful than them. Senecal was mentioned in the article as being a very knowledgeable woman who has improved every company she has ever touched. Her life was described as “ being nothing less than a success story”. Lori Senecal has worked for top companies like Staples, Nestle, and Xbox with great success and has been a part of numerous other big name companies. Over her incredible span of work, she has received multiple awards like Quantum Leap Award which she won in 2013 for being an innovative and impressive leader. Senecal has other talents listed in the article like, having expertise in fields of advertising, integrated marketing, and a digital strategist. She is described as having a passion for entrepreneurship and having amazing leadership skills. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Lori Senecal is a graduate of McGill University with a degree in Commerce, Marketing and Finance (BCom). She is currently holding a position at Crispin Porter and Bogusky, where she has been doing tremendous work since March 2015. Senecal has skills in digital strategy, advertising , and integrated marketing which has helped her succeed in life. She has many achievements like being named the Most Creative People in Business in 2017 and the woman to watch in the industry and world of advertising in 2014. She created the Isaac Award organization, that she gives to students who are being innovative in their field of study. In 2003, Senecal also launched the TAGIdeaton which is a unit for young adult marketers. Check out campaignlive to see more.

Other titles and positions Lori Senecal has held throughout her career is Global Chief Innovation Officer for McCann Worldgroup and President & CEO at Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners. Lori Senecal is a well recognized leader amongst the business industry and is known internationally and locally for her incredible leadership and marketing mind. She has been featured in numerous article explaining her success and sharing advice about the business industry. At the moment she is focused on continuing to grow Crispin Porter and Bogusky.

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The Provision of Alternative Income by Market Unfranchise America

Similar to any franchise enterprise, Market American Unfranchise provides system standardization, sophisticated management systems, various marketing tools that include multiple merchandising devices. Market American Unfranchise provides its clients with the ability to operate their businesses from numerous locations. Currently, the only difference between this business and general franchise businesses is that Market America Unfranchise doesn’t impose any form of territorial restriction, necessitating high amounts of capital to start and finally, the company doesn’t charge their clients or members of their team any charges.

The company uses a unique marketing system and platform; market America unfranchise is currently availing its product to their clients. The company has been using this channel to make its products available on the global market. The unfranchise business has its headquarters in North Carolina. The company has an excess of 650 members of staff on its payroll. In 1992, the company was established by Loren Ridinger.

The products the company offers are extensive in range. The merchandise on sale by America unfranchise usually comprise of jewelry beauty products, health products, beauty products and various health supplements. The company provides its services to clients via its online website. It is worth noting that the company uses the domain; which it acquired from Bill Gates. One of the benefits of working with market America Unfranchise is that members get to earn various royalties through the company’s loyalty program. If you are seeking for an alternative source of income, market Unfranchise America is the comprehensive income generating investment that requires minimal to no paperwork to start.

For you to be successful while working with market Unfranchise America, the first thing you need to do id to sell to a relatively small cluster of individuals that range between 10 and 15 persons. Additionally, you can create a partnership with individuals offering the same services like yours. Doing this enables the formation of a robust and efficient sales team within the organization.


Adam Milstein Talks about the Real Way to Success

Adam Milstein is known in the Jewish community and beyond as an activist, philanthropist, community leader, and businessman. In an interview, he was asked what is one strategy that he uses to grow his business. To him, he explained, goals are limiting and stop you from reaching your full potential. He explained that he is very self driven and always works as hard as he could. Since that is so, he just does his very best and knows that it is his very best, without having to worry about goals. In addition, he added that you have to do what is right and what will bring you to success while ignoring those who belittle you and criticize you and those who say that you are being used and abused. You have to realize that if you are in real estate, it will take a few years to make money.

When asked what was one failure he had as an entrepreneur and how he overcame it, Adam explained that it was wanting to achieve huge success in a very short amount of time. You have to realize that the long way is the real way towards success, as opposed to the short way. In addition, you can not put all your time, money, and effort into one thing hoping that it will pay off immediately. As an example, Adam Milstein points to an experience he had as an entrepreneur. As a student, he was selling art to clients, who were usually temples in Israel. Since it was going well in the beginning, Adam decided to buy a large stock. However, in the end, they did not sell as he expected. In retrospect, he realizes, he shouldn’t have tried to make a large fortune overnight.


Adam Milstein the President of the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. He focuses on strengthening the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

David McDonald: President and COO of the OSI Group

Iowa native David McDonald grew up around animals. He was raised on a northern Iowa farm. McDonald then attended Iowa State University where he earned a B.S. in animal science in 1987. A bright student, David McDonald won the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. After graduation, he was hired by the global meat and food processing giant the OSI Group. Over the years McDonald has held a variety of different positions of increasing importance with the company. Today, David McDonald is the chief operating officer and president of the OSI Group.

A husband and father of 6, David McDonald lives in Warrenville, Illinois with Belinda, his wife, and their children. He is very much involved in his community and St. Michael Parish located in Wheaton, Illinois. McDonald is also active in Iowa State University. He helped to organize the schools’ Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. In 2011 David McDonald arranged for a group of ISU students to go to China to visit the OSI facilities there. He also funds scholarships at the school and helped set up internships opportunities at the OSI Group for ISU students.

In addition to his work with the OSI Group, David McDonald is also the North American Meat Institute chairman and member of the board of directors. His work with the American Meat Institute, knowledge of industry operations, experience working with farm animal and natural aptitude for international business have made him a valuable asset to the OSI Group. Over the past 30 years, David McDonald has played a key role in the OSI Group’s international expansion. He helped the company set up a global network of offices and production facilities all over the world that positioned them very well.

According to David McDonald, the company’s size and use of local management teams that understand the taste of the local people enabled them to gain a foothold in many communities worldwide. Plus, the OSI Group’s efficient production methods, large scale operations and value-added products helped them become a powerful force in the global food industry. The company has grown to the point where they now have over 65 facilities located in 17 countries around the world.

Over the past 20 years, the OSI Group has made deep inroads into the Chinese market. McDonald explained that China is the company’s focus because it’s the world’s largest consumer market and has a huge population that’s becoming more affluent.

Meeting a World Demand in Manufacturing

The Global Expansion Of OSI Group By Sheldon Lavin

There’s one goal on the mind of Sheldon Lavin. It’s called expansion.

The corporate level of professionals in manufacturing look toward emerging nations for business. These corporations are now taking advantage of the productivity of countries like China and the Philippines alike.

Since these countries are only reaching the need of modern productivity, those who enter this market now will do well. The OSI is being led by Sheldon Lavin into this international market. Sheldon does this while his agency is already leading the world market. This brings to question just how expansive companies will be.

The work the OSI Group accomplishes now is only a fraction of what the international markets are requiring.

The Number-One Processor In The Meat Industry

The OSI Group enters an era where corporations could make more money as a business than do countries as standing governments. We only bring this to mind because of the ambition in Sheldon Lavin. The company’s CEO is the first of his kind to experience the vast market in the manner that the OSI Group has.

What’s to be seen from his position is a world market that has no competitors to face. The OSI Group uses a long standing presence as the number-one processor in the meat industry. The business model it succeeded with in the United States is used now as the foundation of business for an overseas market.

This Goes A Bit Further Than Beef

The process is what’s important to consider regarding how the OSI Group does business. Though Sheldon Lavin operates the largest and most successful meat processing group, the process of world development is truly where success is had. The fundamental force behind this expansion is in the act of emerging nations.

The entire process takes into account the fundamental of business and growth. An entry level into business teaches us that business seeks to meet the demand for something with supply. There’s a growing ambition in world societies that give their people better jobs and wages. This increases the typical, daily demands of that nation and as people begin to earn more and have more. The OSI Group works now to meet this demand.

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Fabletics and its Journeys for Customization of Products

Fabletics has impacted the online fashion industry during the last three years – it was founded in 2013. When most people believed that the brand has no growth prospect in the industry that is ruled bigger players like Amazon, the founders thought differently. Due to that reason, the firm surpassed $250 million revenue per year milestone, last year. Fabletics is also one of the few online brands that register significant sales growth year after year. What made the impossible possible? It was executing few strategies to rule the segment – fashion-centered athleisure brand. The most important one among them was customization of products based on customer needs.


It introduced a new shopping experience to the customers called reverse showrooming. With this, the customers have the choice to visit Fabletics local stores in their city and check the products physically before planning to make a purchase. They can buy it from Fabletics online store or get it from the local store itself. Fabletics analyses online data, including purchase preferences of local customers, social media sentiments, real-time sales activity, and more, and customizes product listing in the local stores based on popularity.


When the firm was founded in 2013, it was tapping the opportunities of the market of no high-quality, fashion-centric smart-wear brand during those days. The brands were also not competitively priced on those days. The founders created the brand with a strong focus on fashion along with quality and reasonable pricing. Kate Hudson, co-founder of the firm, took an active role in the designing process and ensured that the team is coming out with styles that are fresh and appealing the masses. She also reviewed the sales numbers, devised the social media strategy, rebuilt the customer service, and more.


The strategy worked clearly in the favor Fabletics, and it displayed growth consistently over 40% every year. The firm is currently on rampant expansion plans and laid out the timeline for stores in all the major cities in the country. To improve the customer experience further and individualize their needs, Fabletics introduced Lifestyle Quiz – a questionnaire that includes fashion preferences, body features, and more. Once people fill it, Fabletics use the data to design individual fashion products for the customers. Fabletics encourages people to test the firm’s customization level by filling out the Lifestyle Quiz.

Curing Cancer: Eric Lefkofsky’s Mission

Born on September 2nd, 1969, Eric Paul Lefkofksky is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus. Eric is also a co-founder and chairman of Group On, Innerworkings, Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics, Uptake and Light bank. His entrepreneurial, ambitious journey began at the University of Michigan where he began by selling carpets. He graduated with a degree in law.

Eric Lefkofsky is also interested in the well-being of his community. This inspiration has led him and his wife Elizabeth into starting a private charitable organization, Eric Lefkofsky Family Foundation. This foundation drives initiatives for enhancing the lives of those in the societies where the foundation is based. Eric is also a trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, and the Art Institute of Chicago among other organizations.

Tempus, which was co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky is a technology firm that is assembling the largest consortium of clinical and molecular data with an operating system that will avail and make this information useful. Tempus’ primary goal is to ensure that current patients can gain from others who were before them. This is made possible by Tempus providing doctors with an interactive, analytical and machine learning platform that enables them to offer personalized care to cancer patients.

Recent studies and surveys have shown that there has been an increase in the cost of healthcare. This can be attributed to the fact that most people and health centers are inclined to wanting and providing personalized care. It is also clear that other factors include population, growth and age. Various diseases become a factor in the amount of money that is spent in the healthcare sector alone.

A lot of patients recently have been diagnosed with the different types of cancer. This has led to many inventions aimed explicitly at treating, curing and curbing cancer-related deaths. It is essential to know and note that money is not the push for innovations in the care for cancer patients. The intention is to provide personalised care for patients, treat and prolong lives. Of great importance to is that the data that these innovations record will tremendously help to further the research.

End Citizens United Promotes Political Reforms

It is a grassroots non -profit political action committee that is funded through local contribution by locals support. The main objective of the organization is to lobby for the reformation of the United States campaign finance system.

End Citizens was founded in the aftermath of a controversial Supreme Court judgment in 2010 that allowed unlimited donations to political parties or candidates by corporate. The organization hopes to attain these reforms through a wide coalition building that will pressure lawmakers to take action and reform campaign financing rules.

The objective

The mission of End Citizens is elimination of big money in political funding through ensuring that only reformists are elected so that the use of undisclosed money with questionable background in campaign funding can be brought to a halt. This they want to achieve through making undisclosed funding for campaigns a major national priority, campaign for election of pro-reform candidates and usage of its grassroots membership to campaign against use of dark money in campaign financing.


End Citizens says Russians were involved in 2016 elections

During the 2016 presidential elections, it is alleged that a Russian company with connections to its political headquarters bought out political advertisements to help influence the elections to favor Donald Trump. Foreign involvement in funding US campaigns is banned but this rule has been flouted severally and is generally ineffective since the laws are weak, politicians have always instructed lobbyists flout the rule by making payoffs that are illegal, or fund their campaigns with cash that cannot be traced.

Foreign Governments seize the reins of Government

The alleged Russian involvement was through running campaigns with heavy innuendos in certain critical campaign battlegrounds. An example was one alleged Melvin Redick making posts on social media campaigning against Hillary Clinton’s candidature. Investigations later revealed that no such person existed with his profile picture, which he had stolen, being traced to a Brazilian.


Other contents posted on the website included information that Russian Hackers had stolen from unsuspecting Americans. These stolen materials would be used in smear campaigns against Hillary Clinton. Trump seemed to be in the know since he kept accusing Mrs. Clinton and Democrats at large, had planned to steal the presidential election, this seemed like a diversionary tactic to drive attention away from Trumps benefiting from these Russian hacks. Russians continued to post fake news on social media platforms to encourage anti-Clinton propaganda.


It is examples like the one above that has organizations like End Citizens United speaking up against weak rules that do not support the enforcement of these laws. Organizations like these cannot be known since they provide sanity in the complicated world of politics. They also serve to help America from falling into the hands of foreign oligarchs who may be keen on ruling America on proxy by virtue of their donations to campaigns. Join End Citizens and help save America’s failing political system.

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Relocating The World Of Finance

The Image Of Wall Street In Chicago

It’s a challenge to imagine Wall Street in any other area expect New York. The world’s largest market for stocks, bonds and investment tools didn’t end up in New York City by accident. What may seem like a mistake is how Madison Street Capital reputation reaches New York though the firm is in Chicago, Ill.

Madison Street has this power because of the vision it operates on. The agency sees itself as a premiere international investment bank and why locality doesn’t hurt business. This vision of Madison Street Capital was a mental image of Wall Street but in Chicago.

This is exactly what happened considering Madison Street’s success.

Now That Intel Can Be Found Anywhere

Part of the agency’s success comes from how it leverages information.

Madison Capital is a specialists in financial advisory services. This area is what truly lets the firm reach higher levels in the financial market. The agency was clever to use information as its insight.

No matter what investment product or service you use, the effectiveness of it is based on strategy. Strategy is based on the information available. Both strategy and information on Wall Street are hard to come by. Mastering the two lets MSC leverage better clients and produce even greater results. Read more: Charles Botchway | Ideamench

The agency’s reputation is being written in history and because of the firm’s advice, information and vision.

Access To The Best In The Investment Market

It takes access to the best to be the best or to trade like the best. Madison Street Capital understands this concept in entirety. Remember, the bank doesn’t stand out by doing things normally. Becoming the best as a financial specialist is possible because of Madison Street Capital’s ambition.

Madison’s desire to be the best led it to work as if it was.

The lessons and failures along the way revealed something incredible to the agency. Nothing on Wall Street can beat accurate advice, and no one in finance knew as much as Madison Street Capital did.

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