The Success of Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is a very successful women in the business which started as soon as she left college. She mentioned that success of her older siblings led to her wanting to outdo them and become even more successful than them. Senecal was mentioned in the article as being a very knowledgeable woman who has improved every company she has ever touched. Her life was described as “ being nothing less than a success story”. Lori Senecal has worked for top companies like Staples, Nestle, and Xbox with great success and has been a part of numerous other big name companies. Over her incredible span of work, she has received multiple awards like Quantum Leap Award which she won in 2013 for being an innovative and impressive leader. Senecal has other talents listed in the article like, having expertise in fields of advertising, integrated marketing, and a digital strategist. She is described as having a passion for entrepreneurship and having amazing leadership skills. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Lori Senecal is a graduate of McGill University with a degree in Commerce, Marketing and Finance (BCom). She is currently holding a position at Crispin Porter and Bogusky, where she has been doing tremendous work since March 2015. Senecal has skills in digital strategy, advertising , and integrated marketing which has helped her succeed in life. She has many achievements like being named the Most Creative People in Business in 2017 and the woman to watch in the industry and world of advertising in 2014. She created the Isaac Award organization, that she gives to students who are being innovative in their field of study. In 2003, Senecal also launched the TAGIdeaton which is a unit for young adult marketers. Check out campaignlive to see more.

Other titles and positions Lori Senecal has held throughout her career is Global Chief Innovation Officer for McCann Worldgroup and President & CEO at Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners. Lori Senecal is a well recognized leader amongst the business industry and is known internationally and locally for her incredible leadership and marketing mind. She has been featured in numerous article explaining her success and sharing advice about the business industry. At the moment she is focused on continuing to grow Crispin Porter and Bogusky.

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Lori Senecal Transforms The Advertising Industry

Adhering to a particular way of life enables a person to stand as a role model for others in the same industry. Lori Senecal has led the CP+B team to understand one crucial factor, and that is possessing the best idea makes a person the boss. A perfect view is usually considered to be better than a big title.

The source of an idea is not a significant determinant, provided it can help to advance a particular mission, and in the end lead to the development of success in a specific field of specialization. When employees are enabled to feel comfortable as they provide services to clients, then they can approach the managerial team with suggestions that can enable them to rise above their workmates. Lori Senecal identifies leaders who can be elected to handle different administrative posts through the ideas that they possess.

According to Campaignlive, Lori Senecal encourages her teams to adopt collective support. The objective, in this case, is typically achieved through round-table discussions, or bringing different groups together to see how a particular notion can be actualized. Lori Senecal admires the transformation that is taking place within the industry in which she operates, and that is the continuous adoption of brand actions. Initially, companies were continually using brand messaging to advertise products. Check out Adweek to know more.

Brand Action is more practical than messaging as the latter only provides information about a product. However, Brand Action involves changing the culture of clients, and the belief that they have about a product that is supplied. Actions are better than just words, and that is precisely what Brand Action promotes. When an enterprise lives up to the expectation of clients, and it successfully retains the quality of a product, then it becomes possible to conquer more segments of the industry efficiently. For more details visit Crunchbase.

One significant aspect that motivates Lori Senecal to continue discharging her duties as a CEO in the global industry, is the fact that she approaches matters of leadership as with high expectation, and she always tries to cement the vision of the organization so that employees can continually discharge their duties with a particular objective in mind.

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