The WEN Beneath Your Hair

Let’s be seriously honest most women take pride in their hair. Using the right type of products that works for your hairstyle can become an exhausting challenge or an exhilarating discovery. All hair textures aren’t the same, reveals, so not every shampoo and conditioner offers the exact same experience. Respecting the pH of your scalp should help increase the product knowledge your hair needs.

It’s highly important to moisturize and soften the capillary fiber in your hair. WEN hair care products focuses on infusing your hair with natural ingredients. Chaz never uses bleach or developer with high levels of peroxide when coloring hair. Chaz loves to educate his clients on how to maintain the health and integrity of their hair. Often Chaz teaches that shampoos, bleach and irons are extremely damaging and drying to the hair. Chaz dean has not used shampoo on himself or clients since 1993.

Chaz’s research and philosophy has proven harmful detergents can be found in shampoo. Therefore his line of products are geared towards cleansing and conditioning the texture of your hair for a healthier outcome. Wen has developed a five in one formula that replaces your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner. Chaz’ QVC sold products mentally defies the chemical physics of what we’ve have been taught to use on our hair. Visit the official website at

Most girls or women have been taught to wash your hair every three days, but any more often and you’ll produce excess sebum. Sebum makes hair become greasy and all women want silky, shiny, lustrous locks. Women’s hair will always be there primary weapon for beauty. Keeping a healthy luxurious head of hair will never be second to anything on the priority list of things to do. Caring for your hair all year round could become a walk down the red carpet with WEN by Chaz hair care products. Follow Wen on Twitter @wenhaircare.

Igor Cornelsen’s Career And Business Life

Igor graduated from the Federal University of Parana in 1970 having done engineering and economics. After graduation, he took a job at an investment bank and rose up to Rio where he worked as an investment banker. Being the best of his class, Mr. Cornelsen was promoted in 1974 to be a board director member of Multibanco and the CEO two years later. When the Bank of America bought Multibanco in 1978, Igor Cornelsen moved to Unibanco, one of Brazil’s forefront investment firm, until 1985 then moved to work at a London Merchant Bank, Libra Bank PLC. Together with his London colleagues, Mr. Cornelsen moved to a Merchant Bank; Standard Chartered. He was Brazil’s representative and board director member for seven years then left in 1995 to form his Investment firm with the same services as those of London Merchant Bank.

Mr. Cornelsen’s investment advising career idea came as a result of his investment banking experience. His typical day is made of watching international news, studying companies and economies, and adapting his fund’s portfolio. Other days he goes for meetings with his colleagues or meets up with friends to know of their views. He brings his ideas to life by investing assets in improving economies and selling those in counties with political or economic problems. Mr. Cornelsen gets excited when he notices a new trend that would lead to market change before anyone else does and this has helped grow his business. He believes he is a productive entrepreneur as a result of the number of times he directly gets information from Reuters News, a web service that reports what’s on-going without bias.

Igor Cornelsen advises young managers to not depend on people’s opinion on markets rather they should read the information for themselves. When it comes to ideologies people may tend to think; differently, Mr. Cornelsen, however, believes there is always somebody thinking like him on a subject although in the past most market participants disagreed with him. He has no favorite quote and prefers filling his mind with facts instead of opinions.