Customers Having Impact on Company’s Online Reputaiton

Recently, an article was posted in stating that customer can have a big impact on a company’s reputation. The author of this post stated that reviews can make or break a company’s reputation.

Overall, I disagree with this statement. A few bad reviews are not going to deter customers from purchasing a product or service from your company. Especially if they have done business with your company before and were happy with what they received. For example, imagine getting online and finding a pair of shoes you love. Someone says that the color was bad, and the material did not hold up well. Sure, this may be something you take into consideration when buying those pair of shoes. However, is this one review going to deter you from buying those shoes you love? Of course not.

Though, I can see where the author was coming from when he made his statement. If there are multiple reviews all complaining about the same thing, that might be something that would deter me from buying the product. With that being said, any positive reviews would make just as great of an impact on my decision in purchasing.

The thing people need to remember is that the author is talking about the company’s reputation being impacted. I believe this accusation is false. Just because people read a few bad reviews does not mean that everyone is going to stop buying what the company is selling them. Not only that, but not everyone takes the time to read reviews. A lot of people see something they like and purchase it immediately.

As long as people review products honestly, and the company creates high-quality items, no problems should arise. I do not believe reviews strongly impact a company’s reputation.


The value of your feedback: White Shark Media

To serve customers, like we do at White Shark Media, it requires a careful understanding of the needs of the client. This were the defining works of the team at White Shark Media as per their CMO and co-founder Andrew Lolk. He further said that when the needs of the customers are not given priority, the reactions is a string of complaints.

Some of the typical complaints that the company has purposed to fix are featured here.

Offer tracking services

Customers complained that they do not know how to track their campaign’s performance. They cited keyword performance, conversion, and other metrics. White Shark Media Complaints team realized the importance of client tracking, especially when it is done periodically.

Customers can now track their campaigns through the company tools. The company offers Google or other analytics to the client. The customer is informed and can know when to request an action. The firm is provides tracking of calls through its partnership with Marchex and Ad Word tracking using Google Analytics.

Enhance communication

The company noted a great deal of complaints regarding the quality of communication. Most customers wanted to be updated adequately and their questions answered forthwith. The company has had a dedicated team of front office call assistants, but they have not properly handled technical aspects of the services. The company has opted to assign managers. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

The managers will be in charge of the client and his or her campaign. When a customer calls, he will call the manager directly, and the manager will pull the client’s case immediately to facilitate effective communication. The managers will also make regular status calls and offer teleconferenced meetings to customers.

Client managers or contact persons are assigned SEM consultants. In case they have any difficulty with a client campaign, they can always forward the case. This was a response to the complaint that some of the contact professionals were not in sync with the customers’ demands.

Improve overall quality

Clients complained that the company’s services are overhyped, and they do not deliver on the promise. Part of quality services is a quality planning and an execution team. The company made an effort that every campaign must be developed individually to enhance success.

Whether it is pulled from a working playbook or not, it must be formulated and approved by a senior team of SEM consultants. The overall expectation is that every new optimized campaign outperforms the old campaign and lives up to its billing.

White Shark Media Helps Customers to Build Profitable Websites

Anyone who has ever built an online business understands the frustration and stress that comes along with the creation and expansion of a business plan.

Business owners must always be aware of the ultimate purpose of the business they have created in order to successfully create a plan of action. During the current dawn of the internet age, it has become almost impossible for business owners to successfully operate a business without utilizing online business.

If a company does not have a website, many consumers believe they are not a relevant or successful company. Because the very nature of business development is changing at a rapid rate, it is important that business owners are aware of the necessity of creating a profitable and user-friendly website.

By utilizing the services of White Shark Media Complaints team, an advertising company that focuses on helping business owners get their messages to the general public, business owners can successfully create websites that rival those of million dollar companies.  Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

White Shark Media aids customers in the expansion of their business ideas by helping the customer to think about what they really want to communicate to their audiences. Upon hiring White Shark Media for advertising services, business owners are asked a series of questions regarding the purpose of the business and the markets that business owners want to reach.

By having this conversation with White Shark Media representatives, business create the focal points of the advertising campaign and develop a relationship with the customer service representative.

Following the introductory conversation with the client, White Shark Media helps customers to build profitable websites and business platforms. By implementing the advertising campaign strategies that are provided at White Shark Media, business owners can successfully optimize their websites to gain more traffic and ultimately reach a larger amount of people.

By building a foundational platform, business owners can effectively market to a specific group of people who will remain loyal to their services and products.

White Shark Media is proud of their efforts to continue to communicate the business ideas of their customers. By helping business owners to reach the customers that they desire to serve with their products and services, White Shark Media is building the small business community.

By providing excellent service and support to its clients, White Shark Media has become one of the most sought after advertising companies in the small business community and has developed a reputation of excellence.

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Why You Need Reputation Management

Darius Fisher is the president and co-founder of Status Labs. Darius has worked hard to ensure the success and growth of Status Labs. Recently, Mr Fisher received a prestigious award for his excellent service and recognition of his dedication.

The renowned annual PR World Awards is one of the world’s best in recognizing investor relations, corporate communications, marketing, public relations, and business development professionals, departments, teams, and achievements from every major industry in the world. Mr Fisher gladly accepted this prestigious award and thanked the organization for recognizing his outstanding performance.

Fisher motivates his staff with exciting sales goal incentives and performance awards. He also incorporates community service opportunities to ensure efficient team building. He is a great leader and has promised to keep providing top notch service in the industry.

Reputation management is essential in today’s society. People go online to research companies before making a purchasing or requesting service. If what they find out about the company is negative, they will not patronize the company. If it is positive they will gladly do business with company and will feel confident that they will receive great service.

Every business owner or company needs to monitor their online reputation, to ensure that only positive reviews or posts are visible to online searchers. If derogatory content shows up about you or your business, then you will need a way to have it removed as soon as possible. That’s where online reputation management firms step in, to provide you with a system that will address any threats to your profile.

Status Labs aims to provide businesses with the ability to manage how they are viewed on the internet. Past problems, issues, or unforeseen circumstances do come back to haunt people on the internet unless they make a conscious effort to eliminate them and rebuild their profile. It is important to be aware that you or your business should always have the resources to control your online reputation. Status Labs places the management or control of your online reputation into your own hands. Visit Status Labs at their website, to learn more about how their services can help you.