George Soros Has A Prediction That Looks A Lot Like 2008

George Soros is a brilliant businessman who has invested his money well in the past, and he has billions to play with when he is managing his own business. However, George Soros is going to give people the best information he has on every new financial item that turns up in the news. He is watching the world economy more than anyone else, and he is helping people get the results that they want instead of just waiting for them to figure it out. He remembers how much value was lost in 2008, and George Soros wants people to look around and wonder if they are not in 2008 right now.

2008 was a different time because people in America where losing value in their loans, but it is was also a time when there was a problem with debt and other issues in Europe. Europe is a place with a lot of countries and a union on that might not last that long if people are not careful. These countries are scared of the refugees they are getting, and they are afraid to pay their fair share to help them. That could drag down Europe, and it will make the whole continent unstable.

The people that investing in China probably remember how volatile China got in 2008, and they are going to remember that they had a hard time investing in the yuan. The Chinese government has actually stopped people from investing on the yuan, and they are looking for ways to grow better. They are listening to calls of people like George Soros because they know that he knows what he is talking about. They know that he has a very good idea what the economy is doing, and they know they have to reach their growth projections.

The next big thing that has to happen is that people in America need to make sure that they take their presidential election seriously. George Soros is pretty involved in American politics on, and he knows that the election of Barack Obama helped the world economy in 2008 and beyond. He also knows that there has to be a good president in America is there is not to be another fallout in the world economy. Anyone who is deeply concerned can do their part to keep the economy going through these hard times.

The big part of this is that people will see history repeat itself many times until they do something about it, and anyone who is listening to George Soros will keep up their confidence in the markets while they get worked out. He has never been shy about investing, and he does not want people to pull back. A loss of confidence is going to tank the economy, and George does not want to see people losing value because they allowed 2008 to happen again. He wants to better leadership in Europe and China, and he wants to see people not afraid to keep investing while the markets work themselves out.

George Soros Warns the World that China is in Trouble


George Soros is a billionaire that has an uncanny ability to accurately predict how a situation is going to turn out before it happens. While the Hungarian billionaire magnet is not 100% on everything that he says; he has made some pretty bold claims in the past that have come true. As a matter of fact, this is how Soros made his fortune. He accurately predicted that the British pound was going to lose its value back in the early 90s.

Since that time, Soros has been fairly consistent with predicting what will and will not happen in the world of business and politics.

In January of 2016, Soros provided some insight to business and government leaders about China’s declining economy. Soros pointed out that China is no longer growing like they did in the past. Instead, the nation is losing its position as the second best economy in the world. China’s problems has to do with its consumer driven market that is now emerge. Up until recent years, China had remained strong because it was a producer and manufacturer that shipped trillions of dollars of products all over the world. China is also the world’s leading trading nation.

China’s economy has now switched to a consumer driven model. This means that China is now consuming just as much as it is selling. Businesses know what is taking place and so do the organizations that control the nation’s economy. As a matter of fact, the Chinese people are trying to push China’s currency for more than what it is worth. This is dangerous because it means that China is trying to push more of its debt off to outside countries. This in turn could trigger a global recession.

America’s economy suffered in 2006 and things went belly up from a bloated credit market that did not have anything backing it. The housing situation in America had also contributed to the economic decline. People were being allowed to move into homes who clearly could not afford them. These factors (and a few more) is what knocked the bottom of the American economy which sent negative financial shockwaves across the globe.

Soros wants the world to see that China has to make changes for things to get better. These changes would require that the nation not overvalue its currency. China would also have to put a limit on consumer spending and revamp its manufacturing. George Soros has more to say about this issue in the article George Soros Sees Crisis in Global Markets That Echoes 2008.