Sahm Adrangi: Ad Fraud and QuinStreet

A conference that focuses on short selling has been in demand for a long time. The Kase Short Selling Conference gave the attendees what they had been waiting for and more. Among the variety of investment professionals that shared their insight on the industry was Sahm Adrangi, Kerrisdale Capital Management’s Chief Investment Officer. Despite the fact that many people involved with short selling have been having problems picking good picks for their portfolios, Sahm Adrangi has used diligence and research to avoid this.

When choosing companies to short sell, Sahm Adrangi takes an interesting approach as a value investor. Not only do his stock choices create a source of revenue for his business, they also make a difference in society. The businesses that Kerrisdale Capital choose to short generally aren’t just businesses doomed to see a drop in their stock prices, they’re engaging in business practices that are misleading and sometimes participating in fraud

At the Kase Conference, Sahm Adrangi discusses a few of these businesses that have caught his interest in recent years. One of these being QuinStreet, a company that is paid to place advertisements and generates traffic for their clients. While they have recently seen a significant increase in business and traffic to their clients, it’s not likely to be coming from where their clients believe.

It is believed that QuinStreet is one of the many companies that are practicing ad fraud. Through the use of traffic generated from sites like Swagbucks that pay users to click on ads and even completely artificial methods like bots. Clients pay firms like QuinStreet for each click that their advertisements get, but they expect them to be from parties that are interested in their services.

While these less than honest practices may drive up the stock prices of these advertising companies temporarily, Sahm Adrangi is certain that it will come to an end soon as their practices are discovered. While users who get paid for clicking on these links may enjoy the extra few bucks they earn, the businesses that are paying for those clicks are wanting valid traffic to their websites,

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Scott Rocklage  Dr. Scott Rocklage has become an instrument when it comes to medical research and entrepreneurship. He has carved his niche in pharmaceuticals, investment management, and in health car

Dr. Scott Rocklage has become an instrument when it comes to medical research and entrepreneurship. He has carved his niche in pharmaceuticals, investment management, and in health care.

Dr. Scott is now the managing partner at 5AM Ventures, he joined the firm in 2003 and rose to management position one year later. 5AM Ventures got its name from its primary operations, where they help develop new businesses interested in life science.

The company is interested in businesses seeking to find solutions to life’s problems through science. This is where Scott comes in. He helps them refine their concepts to solve the human pains.

Before joining 5AM Ventures, 61-year old Scott once worked in the following firms;

As chairman and CEO at Cubist Pharmaceuticals

President and CEO of Nycomed Salutar

Various leadership posts as R&D of Catalytica and Salutar

Executive chairman at Miikana and Ilysa

He also now serves on the management Boards of Achaogen, Semprus, and Relypsa and also on the boards of ;





Cidara among other companies.

The extensive list only spells one thing; Dr. Scott has something to offer, and whatever he touches, turns into platinum. Read more: Scott Racklage | Crunchbase and Scott Rocklage | LinkedIn

That’s what he is now doing with 5AM Ventures. It is now the hottest cake in the science market where business who recognizes Scotts typical values and contributions are yearning to work with him.

Dr. Scott’s success in science world is attributed to his rich education background. He is a proud holder of a Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He did his degree in Chemistry at the University of California.

He has achieved imminence success in pharmaceuticals; three of his drugs were approved by US FDA. The drugs are Omniscan®, Teslascan®, and Cubicin®. Besides these, he has carried other six successful laboratory trials.

Scott also owns and co-own over 30 Patent rights across the United States and over 100 research papers published under his name.

His perfections can be associated with his love for every detail and time keeping. Dr. Scott follows his priorities to the letter and only works with a competent team.

At 5AM Ventures, he insists on hiring only qualified staff with diverse skill set necessary to successfully maneuver the hectic life science field.

Dr. Scott was delighted when the news emerged that scientist has achieved a breakthrough in quest to find solution to cancer, the deadliest disease in the world. He observed that the victims can now live.