Investing 101 With Igor Cornelsen

There is a lot of be said for the world of financial experts. There are those people like Dave Ramsey that have extreme views on living within your means and making every dollar count. You also have others like Suse Orman that have information on stocks and investing for retirements. Both of these people have had bestsellers. Then, there are lesser known – although equally helpful – investors like retired banker Igor Cornelsen.

I would like to state that Cornelsen has advice that is worthy of listening to because it comes from his experience in this field. There are lots of other people that have what I would call unrealistic principles of investing. Even though Suze Orman is known for her investing seminars and books, many people have complained that it is impractical for the average middle-class person to invest the way that she invests. She is speaking about money that the average person just doesn’t have. I think that Igor is a better investor to follow if you are part of the middle or lower class. He gives the practical advice that you can use regardless of whether you have a little or a lot.

Cornelsen sends out a lot of warning signals on newsvine to the investor that is not familiar with what is happening in the investment world. He tells people about how they should look out for all the things that could go wrong. Most investments firms do not give this type of information. Most brokers are going to talk heavily about big profits and such great returns on investment. Igor gives you the cut and dry version of investing. He doesn’t say that everything is going to be smooth sailing.

When it comes to Brazilian investing, for example, he clearly tells people that are investing that there will often be some red tape. Cornelsen states on bizjournals that it is worth the time that it takes to get all entangled into this. The return on investment is worth it. He also warns those investors to keep track of their stocks and know what their portfolio companies are doing. I don’t think that he could emphasize this enough. I have seen people with portfolios that are falling apart, and I have to wonder why they didn’t monitor the progress of their companies. Sometimes it is obvious when you look at the direction that a company is going in. That is why I keep up on the products that companies in my portfolio are providing.