Achievements of Vinod Gupta

Vinod Gupta is an executive at the Everest Group firm. He flaunts over 40 years of experience in the field of business. He has always used his broad knowledge in the sector to help understands the best strategies that they can rely on for the benefit of their companies. The duo has served in many other companies that are related to business and technology. He has gained fame for the developments he has brought in the world through his innovative strategies. The duo continues to make life better for people through his engagement in philanthropy.

Vinod Gupta believes that the scope of business continues to change with time. According to him, technology is the major issue that leads to this significant changes in the field of business and he, therefore, encourages firm owners to ensure that they prepare themselves early enough for the likely changes. Besides, he also encourages people to adopt the use of technology in the operations of their venture as it enables them to continue being on the know about the emerging issues in the field. The duo also believes that humility is critical when it comes to running a firm. He believes that leaders who treat their employees well by creating a conducive environment for them to keep carrying out the operations of their firms get to acquire huge profits as their workers put great efforts towards meeting the set goals of the firm.

Vinod Gupta prides himself in the significant successes he has achieved in his entire career as well as the recognition he has received from various prestigious individuals like Bill Clinton, who gave him an ambassadorial opportunity to serve in India. The efforts that the duo has continued to put in his work has born him great fruits, and he believes that he will continue impacting many lives through sharing his life experiences.

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Jason Hope- A passionate tech commentator and enthusiast

On matters of technology, few people can match the expertise of Jason Hope. He is one of the finest tech enthusiasts who can predict the coming trends before other experts. In the past, he has made predictions which have been proved to be a correct. For instance, he predicted the coming of the internet of things many years before it started rolling out. Today, the internet of things is the most prominent technological trend that is happening in the world. Everyone is trying to align their business goals with this technology to avoid being run out of business. Jason Hope says that the biggest multinationals are in a competition on which company will provide superior products that support the internet of things.

He believes that this competition will accelerate the pace of growth of the internet of things. Every company wants to have the best quality products in the market in order to dominate business during the era of the internet of things. Businesses that will fail to align their plans with this technology are at high risk of becoming obsolete in the near future. Jason Hope is offering entrepreneurs an opportunity to learn and understand what this technology is all about. He has published a book that is available on Amazon, which informs the people about the most basic information about the internet of things. It is a new technology that comes with many advantages as well as risks that need to be managed.

Jason Hope is also supporting a crucial biotechnology research. He is actively involved in the work of a research foundation known as SENS. He believes that the rejuvenation biotechnology research that this organization is carrying out has the potential of coming up with an anti-aging drug that will eliminate the negative impact of old age. His eyes are focused on a solution that will eliminate old age and diseases such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease among others. He believes that if the aging process is reversed, these diseases can be eliminated from the face of the earth. To support his research work, Jason Hope has donated over half a million dollars to this organization.


Wes Edens, The Business Tycoon

Wes Edens is a well-known businessman and philanthropist in the US. He is the co-founded to Fortress investment. Besides he owns a National Basketball Association Milwaukee Bucks. The Fortress Investment Group was initiated in 1998; its goal is the establishment of a new type of venturing firm. For more information about Wes Edens, visit his crunchbase profile

Wes Edens Philanthropic activities

Edens the Milwaukee Bucks owner an energy organization, invested in a Jamaican project for the past two years. He also chaired a Christmas party for kids and gave out presents for more than 3,000 youngsters.

The event was held at Montego Bay and Halse hall. The event had food, music, rides face painting, and balloon animals. Such developments make kids happy and get to know each other. During the game, the hosts made sure that each boy and girl receives a toy from Santa Claus before they went back to their hoods.

The Fortress Investment Group considers the lighting of trees a start of a festival, as it is a community culture.

Besides, Wes together with his wife has enabled the society to get an education as they donate towards the initiation of Edens Professorship in Global Health at Macalester College. The 2milllion dollar professorship is driven to health and medical geography.

Wes Edens Accomplishment

Edens is the brainchild behind New Fortress Energy an energy institution dedicated to offering solutions to generate cleaner reliable energy as they impact on positively influencing the community.

In 2016 December, Edens acquired Flyquest. Flyquest is an E-sport Franchise competing in North America League of Championship Series.

Wes Edens Career Life

Edens is a successful tycoon and an investor and a sports team too. His leadership skills made him be admired by many organizations who wanted to work with him. Wes Edens started his career at Lehman Brothers Firm. At Lehman Brothers Firm, he served as the organizational director as well as the firms’ companion.

He later worked with Blackrock’s firm which was asset management then later moved to Fortress Group. Wes has always encouraged his team to work hard and is also pleased with the work they do. He is strong-minded to raise talents from young individuals.

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Gareth Henry the great mathematician

Gareth Henry is an exemplary person who has proved to have exemplary skills when it comes to mathematics. He is a well-renowned person across the world due to his many achievements in his long and successful career. His ability to solve complicated mathematical problems has made many people refer to him as a mathematical geek. Being born in London in the United Kingdom, Gareth Henry grew up with a certain passion for mathematics. In school, he always passed in mathematics and any subjects related to mathematics. He carried forward his passion for mathematics up to the University and was able to enroll at Heriot-Watt University where he enrolled for a course in Actuarial Mathematics.

His hard work and determination in school finally made him a bachelor’s of science degree in Actuarial Mathematics. After graduation, Gareth Henry finally ventured in the employment world where he got a head start of his career at Watson Wyatt. He was employed as a member of the research team as an analyst for the company. His exemplary skills came in handy in his job and he was able to achieve a lot for the company. However, he left the company after working there for some time to seek for greener pasture. Gareth Henry got another job at Global Investment Management Services and worked for the company up to 2014.

He again left his job at the company and got employed at SEI Investments. This company got him in the world of investment and he worked for the company as an investment manager. At his job, he came across difficult mathematics problems but due to his skills in mathematics, he was able to handle to handle them amicably. His great achievements in the company made him popular and built a great reputation for him. He later found another job at Schroders where he worked at a much higher role. Gareth Henry has worked with many other investment companies such as Fortress Investment Group and has worked as the Head of International Investor Relations. His many achievements are a clear indication of his expertise in investment.

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Michael Nierenberg- The Mortgage Kingpin

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of The New Residential Corporation, Michael Nierenberg has been one of the most sorted executive in the mortgage and in real estate industry. With an equity of 963,602 (0.27%) worth 13.976,984, Michael Nierneberg has been the focal point of New Residential Corporation.

Michael Nierenberg’s career has been through investment banks and mortgages. He first started working at Lehman Brothers Holding Inc. for seven years. During his time at Lehman Brothers, Michael Nierenberg was the [pioneer of the adjustable rate mortgage business at the bank. However, Lehman Brothers collapsed and merged with the Bank of America. With the experience gained at Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns appointed him as the head of Interest rate and foreign exchange trading operations where he was the head of structured products. His performance and his pioneering the company’s adjustable rate mortgage business, made him to be the most qualified and experienced in the mortgage and investment departments. In 2006 he joined the Bear Stearn’s Board of Directors.

After 80 years of operations, Bear Stearn was subsumed into JP Morgan Chase and Co. by the Federal Reserve. It was at this time that Michael Nierneberg with four other executives were accused by the Federal Housing Agency of making false statements in disclosure to Federal regulations. They however denied the accusation through lawyers from Bear Stearns.

In 2008 after Bear Stearns was subsumed by JP Morgan Chase and Co., Michael Nierneberg joined JP Morgan Chase and Co. as the head of Global Securitized Products. He was later appointed as a member of the management committee of the bank.

From JP Morgan, Michael Nierneberg was appointed as the managing director of the Bank of America. Here, he headed the Global Mortgage and Securitized Products. He was responsible for all sales and trading activities.

During his working at the Bank of America, he was appointed as the managing director of Fortress Investment Group managing the group’s private-equity business. Due to his vast knowledge in mortgages and investment, Michael Nierenberg was commissioned to anchor on residential mortgages and real estate investment trust.

Michael Nierneberg later joined the New Residential Corporation as the president, chairman and the chief executive officer. He is also the chairman of the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation.

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The Philanthropic Efforts of James Dondero

Highland Capital Management is under the leadership of James Dondero who is a revered investor and a philanthropist. His charitable acts have been benefiting the Dallas Community for many years. Some of the organizations that have significantly benefited from the charitable acts of James Dondero are such as the Dallas Zoo, the Family Place, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science and many more organizations that are based in Dallas. Highland Capital Management is widely known for investing in the community, and this has been made possible by revered investor Dondero.

About James Dondero and his Philanthropic Efforts

James Dondero offers his working assistance to some of these organizations since each of them represents a noble cause. Assisting a not-for-profit organization through the issuance of funds helps it to achieve its set goals. For instance, the Dallas Zoo was not operation since 2001, and the residents were grumbling about the closing down of the zoo. People even penned letters to the management of the Dallas Zoo and their grievances were not addressed. After some time, the management at the Dallas Zoo decided to rebuild the hippo habitat, but their primary challenge was the access to funds.

Approximately $14 million was needed to rebuild the zoo and philanthropists such as James Dondero had to lend a helping hand. James Dondero issued $1 million dollars, and other philanthropists also issued their contributions that amounted to $14 million, and the zoo was reinstated after some time. James Dondero has also issued his financial support to other endeavors, and his primary goal is to improve the Dallas community. By also participating in the Education is Freedom Charity, James Dondero has ensured that people have access to education since it is an integral part of our lives. James Dondero has also partnered with individuals such as Linda Owen. Linda once served as an executive at the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, and she works together with James Dondero to help some of the non profit organizations in Dallas.


Wes Edens and The New Mexico Venture.

Background Information About Wes Edens.

Before Wes Edens co-founded the Fortress Investment Group, he worked with a number of financial institutions in several positions. He was a partner and a managing director of the Blackrock financial management firm and still a managing director for Lehman Brothers. When he and his co-founder of the fortress investments group, established the alternative asset investment the purpose was to provide private equity and private credit to other business institutions to help them achieve their objects. The group along other alternative asset investment businesses were established to fill in the gap that was left by banks in terms of originating loans to private investors. The firm has grown from being just an alternative investment group to an investor in its own standards. The Fortress group has spread its transactions to cater to healthcare, media, real estate, transport and infrastructure among other ventures. Read this on

Outside finance and investment, Wes Edens is a renowned sports fan. In 2014, Wes Edens and his friend bought the NBA Milwaukee bucks team for approximately half a billion dollars. He is a professional ski a passion that heavily influenced his recent venture into the hotel business. The success that Wes Edens, also known as Wesley Edens, experiences is from years of experience in the finance industry as well as the knowledge he acquired during his studies at the Oregon State University where he pursued and graduated with a bachelor’s in science and business administration.

The Mexican Venture.

New fortress, headed by Wes Edens, is looking to expand its investment projects, one being the Mexico’s Baja Cali Sur. When New Fortress Energy was established by the group, it was intended for the development of terminals focus on the importation of natural gas. The new venture was awarded by the Baja California port authority in 2018 at the cost of 184 million dollars. Original dedicated to the delivery of gas and infrastructure related to the terminals to Jamaica, the New Fortress Energy has expanded to many countries in South America. Their first project was in 2016 in Jamaica, with the outcome being the Montego Bay facility, a 120 MW stations.

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Guilherme Paulus: Article Recap

Guilherme Paulus is the co-founder of CVC Brasil Operadora and founder and chairman of GJP Hotels and Resorts. A renowned chain of resorts and hotels that employs over 5,000 workers and has welcomed over 95,000 guests since its start in 1995. Twenty-four successful years later, the chain of resorts and hotels currently operates over 20 hotels and resorts in Brazil.

An avid student of business, Guilherme Paulus started career as an intern at IBM. But, while working at IBM was a dream come true, he had an incredible entrepreneurial drive and ambition to serve community members. Plus he always had a vision of tourism in Brazil. So when Carlos Vicente pitched him the idea of bringing tourism to Brazil, he was immediately sold on the idea. But since he was only 24 years old at the time, he didn’t have any money to invest in the venture. So Vicente offered to invest with the understanding that Guilherme Paulus would be on top of the day to day operations.

The two opened their first store in Sao Paulo in 1972 and continued their partnership for four years before Carlos Vicente departed from operations. And while having one store was no doubt magnificent, the sky was the limit for Guilherme Paulus.

So he continued to open even more stores in Brazil. In 2009, Guilherme had the idea of taking the company public and sold 63% of the company’s shares to make that dream a reality. And in 2013, CVC started to trade as a public company. Thus raising more capital for growth. Right now, CVC has about 1,200 storefronts around the world and more than 3,000 dedicated employees who work towards CVC’s vision.

But it’s not all business with Guilherme. He also values social accountability and has an undying drive to serve the community. As a result, his company has participated in various noble causes. These include donating funds for medical care and educational classes. Also, CVC provides educational opportunities for disadvantaged children. And especially those who would want to work in the tourism industry in the future.

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Wes Edens of the Milwaukee Bucks: Article Search + Recap

Wes Edens Interest In Sports Has Gone International

Wes Edens is CEO and co-founder of the Fortress Investment Group. He began his successful journey in the finance industry by receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Business Administration at Oregon State University. However, finance is not Wes Edens only love. He is also a big sports fan.

In 2014, he and his partner purchased the Milwaukee Bucks from previous owner Herb Kohl. Kohl sold the Bucks for 555 million dollars with the understanding that he would build a new arena for the team. Edens also promised to keep the team in Wisconsin.

After having much success with owning a basketball team, he has gone international. Wes Edens, along with billionaire Nassef Sawiris, recently purchased a majority stake in the Aston Villa Football Club. Sawiris and Edens, however, are new to the soccer experience. To help guide them on this new journey, the previous owner, Tony Xia, a Chinese business, will stay on as co-chairman of the board. Xia is excited to have both Sawiris and Edens on board and hopes this investment will significantly help the club.

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The club itself is considered to be an upcoming team despite the fact that they once a popular club in the Premier League. However, the club over the last several years has fallen on a bit of bad luck. In 2016, they were kicked out of the Premier League to the second tier due to too poor performance. The Villa Club had also started to have financial difficulties due to lack of interest in their team.

The team has begun to restructure and narrowly lost out on the bid for the big leagues this past May. However, with the new investment from Edens and Sawiris, the club is not giving up. After all the Premier League is always interested in teams that come with money and with Edens and Sawiris backing them, they should be playing for the league soon.

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Gareth Henry the Client Friendly Mathematics Geek Global Relations Executive

The classical mathematics geek as portrayed in pop culture often dons geek glasses, speaks mathematical jargon. When not engaging with like-minded fellow geeks in intellectual discourse, they are busy going through mathematical journals or strictly anti-social. Gareth Henry, however, disabuses these stereotypes. In fact, he has the rare distinction of being a reputed good listener, responsible for getting new clients, explaining to them how fund management works.

Having graduated from University of Edinburgh in Scotland with a Bachelor of Mathematics in Actuarial science, Gareth Henry took a dive into the deep end of finance. While there are lots of parallels to be drawn from Mathematics and finance (after all they all are numbers game), the move to finance was a risk economics Nothing could be better for a person entrusted to risk investors’ money for rewards than practicing first hand through his career moves. See more of Gareth Henry on facebook

A typical investor often wants high returns on their investment. However, lack of know-how on how to go about it, or safe bets often drive such investors to fund managers. Here is where Gareth Henry comes in. According to Gareth Henry, he biggest hurdle is often to win the trust of the prospective client. The financial crisis that hit the US in 2008 is one such reminder of the uncertainty of investments. Against this backdrop, hedge fund managers are often faced with the challenge of reassuring the client that their investments are indeed safe.

There is no doubt that to entrust your funds to anyone, they have to exhibit a level of expertise in the field. The world of hedge funds and private equity is often shark infested with cut-throat competition. Angelo Gordon is reputed to manage $26 Billion is private equity, real estate, amongst other investments. For a company to pick an Actuarial scientist to head their global investor relations speaks volumes about the individual’s talents granted the Mathematics background and other industry supremos.

Perhaps mathematics geeks aren’t anti-social, speak jargon, nor wear geek glasses. It is in their talents to merge the various disciplines like Gareth that mostly makes the difference.