Oncotarget and medical research

Oncotarget is a weekly peer-reviewed medical journal with open access. It covers research on all aspects related to oncology. It was established in 2010, and its issues are published in impact journals. Oncotarget publishes its paper online to ensure the scientific results get to a large number of readers. This was to create an impact of research and eliminate the border that exists between biomedical specialties. It’s under the leadership of prominent scientists and helps researchers to contribute. Oncotarget aims to see life without disease.

Stroke is one of the health complications that arise as a result of type 2 diabetes. Stroke is a cerebrovascular disturbance caused by the reduced flow of oxygen-rich blood to the brain. This can cause death or physical disability. Ancient China uses their Chinese herbal medicine to treat diabetes. These herbs activate blood circulation and replace Qi. In a study involving two groups of patients with stroke and type 2 diabetes, one group used Chinese herbal medicine while the other used non-Chinese. The results show the survival probability for those using Chinese herbal medicine was high. If the Chinese herbal medicines are used as additional therapy, there are high chances for stroke patients with type 2 diabetes to survive.

Oncotarget assures its reader that all the scientific publications will be available on the PubMed website. It is cooperating with National Library of Medicine to achieve its goal of being the first research journal to submit its publications to PubMed. Oncotarget works with archives and high scientific indexes profile. This helps to avail their scientific results to medical field researchers, practitioner and the general public in a short duration. Oncotarget is now publishing two issues a week to accelerate their indexing process. The paper appears immediately on PubMed.

Oncotarget’s research also covers other publishing topics beyond oncology like pathology, chromosomes, autophagy, immunology, and microbiology and aging among others. So far it has published seven volumes with 324 publications, and it is currently working on the eighth volume. Oncotarget follows the Committee on Publication Ethics recommendations in all its published work and gives the published paper a direct object identifier.