Cotemar: An Oil and Gas Service Like None Other!

There is nothing more important to the sustenance of our modern survival than Natural Resources. The world would certainly be very bare, difficult and bleak without them. Cotemar is the #1 leader in obtaining the single most vital natural resources known to man: oil and gas. This Mexican-owned company has 37 years of experience under its belt and has its tentacles spread throughout several areas of the field such as: development of oil fields, supplies via specialized vessels, maritime support and much, much more. Cotemar has a verified record of reliability, safety and profitability like none other, and has highly skilled employees that take a backseat to no one.


Cotemar is most definitely taking the industry by storm, and is adding more and more fleets that are paralleled by its massive success. It places extremely high value on the lives of its workers, and the company’s SSPA Model protects them implicitly, both on and off shore; their unique approach regarding integrated management is the embodiment of their workers’ safety, health, and environmental protection. Further, with Cotemar’s Food and Accommodation program, it benefits its workers by ensuring that they have everything they need to stay fortified and strong, which makes for happier employees!

The company even provides employees with all the training and development classes needed to ensure they are 100% ready and thoroughly prepared to perform their assigned duties.


Because of its proven reliability and good business dealings, Cotemar has been the sole provider of oil and gas to Petroleos, Mexicanos for nearly 40 years. By 1996, it had enlarged its range to five oil rigs and 3 specialized vessels, simultaneously. Today, it has morphed into such a huge company, that it now employs over 8,000 people!

Cotemar strives to stay up-to-date with the changing of times, and believes that staying relatable and relevant are key to its dominating presence in the gas and oil industry.


This company, Cotemar, optimistically stares the future in the face and is laser-focused on its vision of becoming an even more robustly influential presence in the world than it ever has before.

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