Ms. Devos is Known for her Wealth Being Overshadowed by her Hard Work and Determination

Betsy DeVos is no stranger to being in the public eye, or “in the ring” when it comes to politics. Admirers and critics of DeVos alike both characterize her as a polite and cordial politician, who can truly break out the big guns when it comes to the ideals that she believes in.


Ms. DeVos grew up in western Michigan, and even spent time in her youth working for her father, Edgar Prince, at his company supplying auto parts. Prince, too, was a fighter. Like Betsy, Edgar was a devout backer of causes both conservative and Christian at home; at work, he built his company into a billion-dollar business. Her brother Erik’s company also represented conservative values as an overseas contractor for personnel from the United States. Betsy’s husband, Dick, came from a wealthy family, shares conservative values, and is similarly a political fighter with a hand in many businesses.


Mr. and Mrs. DeVos each were educated in private schools, as were their children; because of this, opponents tend to believe that they have a bit of a disconnect with the average American family. Supporters of her plan to redirect tax dollars from public schools toward charter or private schools will cite that this move actually gives more choices to lower-income families; further, it creates a sense of competition that will encourage improvement for all schools in the long run. Due to the effort of Betsy DeVos, along with husband Dick, the largest concentration of charter schools is in the city of Detroit, where the couple has put in great effort in the education system with their philanthropy.


Ms. Devos has been known over the years as not only an advocate of charter schools, but also as an advocate for school vouchers and a major donor to the Republican party. Those who know her in a political light warn against the belief that she will be meek, or will be focused on seeking approval as a team player. While she puts on a sweet and gracious face publicly, there are politicians who know her better than that. They describe her as effective and relentless. She is reputable as resourceful; especially because, in her case, she has great resources to work with.


The effectiveness of Betsy DeVos is proven greatly in her home state. Those who know her, and have seen her in action, are well aware that her resources and family wealth are vastly overshadowed by her hard work and determination.


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Jason Hope: The Renowned Technology Guru

Jason Hope is a respected entrepreneur, a technology commentator, and writer. He has a passion for the latest technology trends. Recently, he has written regarding the internet of things. Through his writing, he elaborates that it is the latest internet trend in the technology world. His writing is well sought-after as it enlightens people regarding the technology world.

According to Jason, The Internet of Things means the connectivity in which devices link with each other. Some of these devices include street lights, cars, kitchen appliances, and electronic appliances. By using this technology, all the devices can connect with each other which makes it more effective. Jason Hope continues to explain that by adapting to this technology, most businesses will change the way in which they operate.

Jason continues to say that investing in the technology is the best thing that will happen to most organizations. However, firms that will be slow to adapt to technology will have a tough time adjusting to the fast pace of technology. At the same time, it will be quite convenient for clients as they will easily connect to the service providers. He says that in some few years to come, technology firms will be competing to develop appropriate applications for use in the day to day activities.

According to Jason, people will gain much from embracing the Internet of Things technology. The initiative will ease people’s lives. For instance, the applications will come in handy especially in the public transportation. For instance, public transport monitoring will be more efficient and effective as it will be possible to detect any train malfunctions. At the same time, poor conditions of the roads will be detected early enough. For those residing out of the city, the Internet of Things technology will improve emergency responses.

About Jason hope

Mr. Jason has a BS, Finance from Arizona State University and an MBA in Business from Arizona University. Jason Hope has developed a strong liking of philanthropy. This is seen in initiatives where he has invested and sponsored research at SENS Foundation whose main focus is anti-aging. His liking of philanthropy is based on his passion for seeing the defeat of diseases that reduce the life span of people and also giving back to the society.

Jason has entrepreneurial interests in creating mobile apps, computer software, and gadgets that utilize the power of technology to ease and enjoyment in the general human existence. His interest in technology is aimed at providing future solutions in the tech industry by analyzing the current technological development. Jason also offers grants to young entrepreneurs who have ideas but are unable to fund themselves to get them running.


Bruce Levenson’s Donation To A Major Philanthropy Center

Bruce and Karen Levenson have donated to The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland. In fact, their donations initially were the seed money for this organization, and they continue to donate as The Center continues to grow. Currently The Center has been successful enough to add a dormitory. The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland raises about ten thousand dollars a semester, according to a PR Newswire article that will be further summarized in this writing. That’s about $20,000 a year. This money is distributed among nonprofit agencies which are deemed worthy by the Levensons and the University of Maryland. It’s no wonder that prominent nonprofit agencies in D.C. regularly recruit from The Center. The Smithsonian and the Marriott Foundation are two of the most well-known ones. The Center is recognized by the nation’s capital as a leading authority in the education of students in philanthropy and nonprofit leadership. This was the aim of the Levensons, and they are exceptionally pleased at the outcome. According to Karen Levenson, the impact of this center has been the “most profound” of any philanthropic pursuit either Levenson of has been involved with. Bruce Levenson is well-known as the owner of a prominent NBA team, but this center of philanthropy his seed money began could change things.