Betsy Devos and the Education Reform Movement

Betsy Devos recently gave an interview with “60 Minutes” in which she talked about the success of the new educational choice options in certain states and what she plans to do about school safety reform. She was appointed to head up the school safety movement by President Trump earlier in 2018. So far, she has been working with advisers to change the face of school to be more focused on security and gun safety in 2018.


However, Devos has been working within school reform for most of her life. She started at Calvin College and joined political campaigns in her younger years, fighting for better education opportunities. It was difficult to do so, as she had grown up with a mother who was a public school teacher. This made her see public school systems differently, as she often heard her mother complain about the different pitfalls of the system, including standardized testing.


Educational reform is the priority for Devos, but she has been working on school safety in recent months. While many people see her believes in educational choice as dangerous, she believes that these groups are just misunderstood and don’t really understand what educational choice is before they criticize it. In fact, she doesn’t believe that public funding has anything to do with it. The most successful programs are funded by philanthropists.


Devos has been backed by quite a few donors, including Sam Walton of Wal-Mart, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, and Bill Gates of Microsoft. These big donors have helped her to get programs started in places like Florida. She considers this state to be the most successful since it has the most educational choice options, as well as a tuition-based scholarship fund. The educational choice options include magnet programs, virtual schools, homeschooling, private schools, and charter schools. Students don’t have to go to a failing school just because they live in that district.


This is the biggest reason that Devos has fought so hard for reform. She wants the focus to be on the education of the student and not on the administration aspects. That’s also how she feels about school safety. She wants to create the best environment for students to learn, and she’s not sure that means arming teachers. She does want students to feel more protected. New security policies for schools have already been rolled out for the 2018-2019 school year.


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End Citizens United Fighting for Money Out of Politics

Since time immemorial money has characteristically featured in almost politics all over the world with the most wealthy having their say to power. Thanks to the American’s Supreme Court decision of 2010, the money in politics debate took a new turn. The court established that corporate are people and thanks to this ruling opened a new avenue for wealthy corporations and individuals to push their agendas by writing big checks and spending untraceable amounts of money in politics. Things, however, are turning around.


From this ruling and the infiltration of dirty money in politics, a Political Action Committee (PAC) was established to fight back, and for sure, nothing is standing in their way of achieving this goal. End Citizens United is a PAC formed in 2015, March 1st to help transform the money discussion in the American politics. The PAC is an organization entirely funded by the grassroots donors with a goal to streamline the money in politics discussion. Through the help of grassroots donors, End Citizens United is seeking to streamline the rigged out American electoral process by helping champion the course on the front.


Despite there being no maximum limit on the amount of money to spend on politics, End Citizen United has capped its donations at $5000 from an individual donor. The other strategy this political action group is using to champion financial political reforms is by supporting the races of brave legislators who will help champion financial reforms in the country.


With just a year in business, the activist group has been able to collect at least $4 million in the first three months of its operations and projects an increasing amount of support comes the congress elections of 2018. According to sources, the group is projecting figures of around $35 million. This will be a huge improvement of the $25 million collected for the 2016 elections.


Among the individuals the End Citizens United has helped drive for contributions in their favor include Jon Ossoff, a congress Democrat candidate in Georgia. Ossoff, 30 years of age is a first-time candidate. Thanks to the support of End Citizens United, Ossoff managed to surpass the $4 million target required for the April 18 special election for him to fill the vacant House seat left by Tom Price when he was elected to the Health and Human Services Secretary Position.


Jon Ossoff is just one of the nominees the group has shown its support to. According to Muller, the group that was relatively new during the 2016 elections is planning to support various candidates in the 2018 elections. With this dedication and drive, End Citizens United will sooner than later have a strong representation in Congress championing for its transformative agenda of driving out the huge untraceable money in politics.