Beneful: Here For Your Best Friend From Puppy To Senior

If your looking for a dog food brand to help your pet live to his fullest from puppy to senior; Beneful is exactly what you need. All their foods are made with farm raised meats and accented with vegetables for a flavor your dog will love and you can feel confident feeding him.
Your new puppy should be fed a puppy food until about one year of age, Beneful’s Healthy Puppy formula would be a great first food for your new best friend. It is enhanced with DHA to help in brain and vision development during this critical stage.

As your puppy grows into adulthood, his needs will change. Is your dog extremely active? Their Playful Life blend has extra proteins for active muscles. Maybe your dog is a little on the heavy side. Try Beneful Healthy Weight, with 10% fewer calories to help your dog loose weight while still filling full.

The Amazon best selling adult food Originals are great for all adult dogs, even seniors. They come in flavors of beef, chicken, or salmon. They even have a small breed adult dog food Incredibites that comes in beef or chicken.

Beneful dog foods are trusted enough to be sold in most major grocery stores like Walmart and pet stores. Nothing is worse than running out of dog food on a Saturday night, especially if you use a brand only sold in doggie boutiques not open until Monday morning. You can rest assured knowing that Beneful will be there for you and your best friend anytime you need them.

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For Variety Nutrition, and Taste, Beneful is Number One

Whether our dog is a lively puppy or a sedate senior citizen, an immense Rottweiler or a tiny Chihuahua, a go-getter or given to frequent meditative spells, Purinastore the creator of Beneful, has something excellent for them all. Beneful provides dog-owners a great range of choices to select from, allowing us to feed our pets tasty and varied meals while being confident that the foods and treats they eat are providing 100% of their nutritional needs.

Take puppy food, for example. Beneful’s Healthy Puppy is a dry food that is loaded with calcium for healthy teeth and bones, DHA to promote brain and eye development, and all of the nutrients necessary for healthy growth. Puppies love its flavor; made with real chicken, peas and carrots are blended in to make it extra tasty. If we have a dog who’s reached his adult years but still loves to play like a puppy, we can try Playful Life, another dry dogfood but this time enriched with beef and egg, accented with blueberries and spinach. More sedate dogs may need to watch their calories, of course, so Beneful has developed Healthy Weight. This tasty dry food gives our senior pets all the nutrients they need but with fewer calories. There’s still lots of flavor in their bowls, though; Healthy Weight is made with chicken and seasoned with apples, carrots, and green beans.
Smaller dogs can gobble up dry dog food too, of course. But if they’d prefer savory bits in their bowls, then we can give them one of Beneful’s yummy Chopped Blends. These meals look and smell absolutely delicious. They come in six different blends, so our dogs can have a different meal almost every night of the week: turkey with sweet potatoes, brown rice, and spinach one night, beef with carrots, peas, and barley the next. Chopped Blends come in 10-ounce tubs, so they are suitable for both medium-size and small dogs. Those of us who feed little dogs and like the convenience of single-portion cans will appreciate Beneful’s Incredibites. Conveniently sold three 3-ounce cans to the pack, Incredibites come in beef, chicken, and salmon, all accented with a variety of vegetables to make mealtime really special.
We can’t go wrong with Beneful’s treats. For nutritional excellence, economical price, and variety, Beneful is unsurpassed. Like Beneful on facebook: