CTRMA – Empowering The State Of Texas With Better Transit Infrastructure To Pave The Way For Faster Economic Growth

Most of the discussions on the topic of state transit infrastructure development in Texas revolve around the transit development in Austin. However, the Williamson County Growth Summit held recently in the posh Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel and Conference Center focused on developing better road networks and transit infrastructure for the fast progressing counties such as Travis and Williamson along with other suburbs surrounding Texas.

Having a good transportation infrastructure is the cornerstone of a developing economy, and acts as a basis for economic development throughout the state.

It helps the public as well as the industrial sectors to stay connected easily, saves a lot of time, and gives economy that much needed a boost to compete with other developing states in the country.

For long, the suburbs of Texas has suffered major economic growth or failed to attract large-scale investors due to the poor transit infrastructure that can support industrial growth or the set up of manufacturing units.

The Williamson County Growth Summit, attended by the big names from the transportation sector, such as Leandre Johns who is Texas External Affairs Director, Joseph Kosper who is the founder of RideScout LLC and Argo Design’s Jared Ficklin, discussed intensely about what to do going ahead and plan strategically on the issue of transportation infrastructure development in the state of Texas.

Also in attendance were the executive director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, Mike Heiligenstein and representatives of Uber Technologies.

The focus of the discussion also included the use and benefits of integrating technology with transportation sphere to accommodate growing traffic and ease the overall transit system. It discussed how technology has aided with streamlining transportation in other major developing cities and areas across the globe, and how similar systems in Texas can benefit the state as well.

According to Crunchbase, Mike Heiligenstein has served as the executive at CTRMA for 14 years and continues to head one of the national leaders in the field of transit infrastructure development and toll road operations.

CTRMA is a multi-model transportation agency that under the leadership of Mike Heiligenstein has undertaken some of the major road development projects, including the construction of 183A highway, development of MoPac Expressway and other core projects in and around Austin.

Before joining CTRMA, he has served as the Williamson County Commissioner and as a member of the Round Rock City Council Member. His extensive experience in the field of transportation development is widely known and respected.

It is for this reason he is one of the most sought after speakers on the topic of transportation at various related events and conferences.

Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein: https://plus.google.com/101375497770357564809