The Health Industry with Memorial Health and CEO Maggie Gill

Margaret Gill joined the Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC) in 2004. The facility is located in Savannah, Georgia. Margaret, or Maggie as she is famously known, first served at the facility as the vice president of finance and was also responsible for managed care. After just one year, Maggie Gill was promoted to the chief operating officer’s position. In the year 2011, due to her continued success, she was named the chief executive officer and president of Memorial Health.

Maggie was strategically prepared for her responsibilities at the Memorial Health facility. At the Florida State University, Maggie graduated with a bachelor’s degree, with honors. She eventually proceeded to Florida’s Saint Leo University to study for her MBA with honors. Additionally, Gill managed to complete coursework in strategic thinking and management in Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

In the years prior to joining MUMC, Gill served at Tenet South Florida Health systems as the chief financial officer for five years. For not less than thrice, Maggie was awarded the coveted Tenet Outstanding CFO award. During her tenure at Tenet, Maggie also worked with the Florida’s Coral Gables Hospital in Coral Gables, Miami’s North Shore Medical Center as well as the Palmetto General Hospital in Hialeah, Florida.

Having joined MUMC with extensive expertise, experience, insights and understanding, Gill was well equipped for the leadership guidance she offers to her vice presidents and the physicians she spearheads. She is directly responsible for the trauma services, physician relations, neuroscience programs, and government relations and orthopedic among other responsibilities in the facility.

The Georgia Medical Society delivered its 16th Annual Health Care Heroes, and Gill’s team at the Memorial Health received seven awards. These awards identify those individuals who have profoundly dedicated their careers to the improvement of the well-being and health of the community. The awards presented included heath care innovation, health care education, community outreach, Institution for Infectious Disease Response Team. Allied health professionals and physician lifetime achievement.

Aside from her career in the medical and financial industries, Maggie Gill also features a private life. She is happily married to Shawn, with whom they are the parents of their daughter and son, Bailey and Ryan respectively. Maggie Gill ensures that her family sends every little available time they get on adventures. As a single-family unit, Maggie Gill and Shawn’s family love to fish, hike as well as to travel. Maggie Gill refers to herself as the mom of her family and the mom of the Memorial responsibilities, which occupies most of her time.

Anthony Petrello CEO, Chairman And President Of Nabors

When people first begin their careers, they envision growing professionally and getting promoted. However, being executives in top companies is usually not so clear cut to them. Especially, not if they were known to be the life of the party during their school days.

Anthony Petrello’s success story is no different. People who knew him well when he was in college can swear that he loved a good time. But they also don’t fail to point out that he was a math genius. That being the case, it was expected that he would have an easy time in the corporate industry but no one saw him being an executive of a top international company, coming.

Anthony Petrello, commonly known by his friends as Tony, serves as the CEO, president and chairman of Nabors. Subsequently he serves as a director of Hilcorp Energy Company and Stewart & Stevenson LLC. Tony has worked for Nabors since the year 1991. This was the same year he left Baker & McKenzie, where his career begin.

Tony graduated college in the year 1979. In that year, he acquired his master’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Yale. His master’s degree only added on to his already great education background, bearing in mind that he had acquired his Juris Doctor from the Harvard University School of Law. Having accomplished his education goals, he was set out to take over the corporate world.

His first job was at a multinational law firm. He was assigned to Baker & McKenzie’s New York branch. Some seven years later he was promoted to be a managing partner for this branch. In the year 1991, he decided to leave his decorated law career and join the energy production industry. Here his potential would be maximally tapped. Being a math’s geek and having such extensive knowledge in the legal industry, he was destined to make it in this industry. He started working as the Chief Operations Officer at Nabors. He didn’t know that one day he would lead the company and its subsidiary. He was admitted to the board of directors and was even elected as deputy chairman. Moving forward, he became chairman and CEO of the company and five years ago he was elected chairman of the board.

Tony Petrello is a generous money, interested in the medical industry. Anthony Petrello seats of the trustees board of Texas Children’s hospital and contribute to its research body for neurological disorders.

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Securus Technologies Continues to Provide Quality

In an ongoing pursuit to present ever higher levels of quality services, Securus Technologies has now become accredited with The Better Business Bureau. Securus already dispenses an invaluably beneficial service to civil and criminal justice authorities to assist in keeping our fair nation safe, but now the company has gone even further. Of their own accord they have pursued accreditation by the BBB in Texas and have received an A+ rating. This means that they have worked with the BBB to build trust, advertise honestly, tell the truth, be transparent, honor promises, be responsive, safeguard privacy, and embody integrity. Surely, these are the qualities that are necessary to such a business.

Securus also has the highest in-house domestic call center in the industry, which means that they can respond to inquiries with greater speed and efficiency that any other business. This has resulted in an amazing customer satisfaction survey of 4.3 out of 5.

This further proof of the admirable nature and range of services furnished by them is a wonderful reassurance that they will continue to provide emergency response, incident management, public information, investigation, biometric analysis, communication, information management, inmate self-service and monitoring products and services far into the future.


“WEN by Chaz – Where Beautiful Hair is Always Fashionable”

There is something about a woman who has luxurious hair, it makes them look polish and improve their overall appearance. A lot of ladies will do anything to accomplish this goal, even using products with ingredients that are not good for their hair or health.

Many of the conditioners and shampoos on the market today have destructive substances such as parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, coal tar-based colorings and more. Placing elements with carcinogenic tendency on your scalp is not a good idea. This leads to the question, “How can I get great looking hair without the hazardous chemicals, detergents and dyes?” Well, the answer is Wen by Chaz.

Wen by Chaz offers the solution with a product line that caters to beautiful hair. This includes:

* Cleansing Conditioner – This famous conditioner can replace the need for shampoo, leave-in conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler as well as regular conditioner. It provides manageability, softness and shine, while thoroughly cleaning the strands of hair.

* Nourishing Mousse – Provides a firm hold without alcohol, so your styles are long-lasting.

* Anti-Frizz Styling Cream – When the weather is humid, your hair can turn into a puffy mess. This styling cream will make sure that does not happen by defining the hair.

* Straightening Smoothing Gloss – This gloss can bring life back to your hair, making it shiny without it feeling sticky or flaking.

* Replenishing Treatment Mist – If your hair needs to be revitalized between washings, the treatment mist is able to improve the look of your hair and add volume.

WEN products are usually purchased online through the website, but it can also be found at some local retailers like Sephora, Amazon, eBay and many other stores.

Chaz Dean is an accomplished photographer, but is noted more for WEN, the fantastic product line he has created for women’s hair. All of the items are made with botanicals, herbs, and natural extracts, which will result in lovely, full and glamorous heads of hair.

For more hair care tips, subscribe to the Wen YouTube channel.

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Cotemar: An Oil and Gas Service Like None Other!

There is nothing more important to the sustenance of our modern survival than Natural Resources. The world would certainly be very bare, difficult and bleak without them. Cotemar is the #1 leader in obtaining the single most vital natural resources known to man: oil and gas. This Mexican-owned company has 37 years of experience under its belt and has its tentacles spread throughout several areas of the field such as: development of oil fields, supplies via specialized vessels, maritime support and much, much more. Cotemar has a verified record of reliability, safety and profitability like none other, and has highly skilled employees that take a backseat to no one.


Cotemar is most definitely taking the industry by storm, and is adding more and more fleets that are paralleled by its massive success. It places extremely high value on the lives of its workers, and the company’s SSPA Model protects them implicitly, both on and off shore; their unique approach regarding integrated management is the embodiment of their workers’ safety, health, and environmental protection. Further, with Cotemar’s Food and Accommodation program, it benefits its workers by ensuring that they have everything they need to stay fortified and strong, which makes for happier employees!

The company even provides employees with all the training and development classes needed to ensure they are 100% ready and thoroughly prepared to perform their assigned duties.


Because of its proven reliability and good business dealings, Cotemar has been the sole provider of oil and gas to Petroleos, Mexicanos for nearly 40 years. By 1996, it had enlarged its range to five oil rigs and 3 specialized vessels, simultaneously. Today, it has morphed into such a huge company, that it now employs over 8,000 people!

Cotemar strives to stay up-to-date with the changing of times, and believes that staying relatable and relevant are key to its dominating presence in the gas and oil industry.


This company, Cotemar, optimistically stares the future in the face and is laser-focused on its vision of becoming an even more robustly influential presence in the world than it ever has before.

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Donald Scott NYC: Leader in Hair Tools

The straight razor has been around since prehistory days. It has recently gained popularity in the razor market because of the close, smooth, and lasting shave it provides over other razors. They may be a little more work, but it is worth it for the for the premiere shave it provides. The right straight razor makes all the difference in the ease of use and results.

Donald Scott is a world renowned inventor, stylist, artist and educator. Donald Scott NYC is an innovator in creating hair salon products that are top of the line for professional hairstylists. They also have a line of razors for everyday people that want to invest in their appearance. The DS/X4 razor is one of the most popular products for Donald Scott NYC. This tool is ideal for cutting around discrete areas around the neck, ears, and eyebrows. The Prepare Liquid Tool Guide is another popular prepping product for Donald Scott NYC. It allows haircutting tools to seamlessly glide across the skin when cutting, shaping, and texturizing.

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Arthur Becker’s New York Real Estate Career Reaches New Heights

There are thousands of investors and private bankers trying to make a name for themselves in New York. The east coast seems to be the hottest part of the country when it comes to expanding one’s portfolio. Many of these professionals go from one industry to another, trying to make a profit. Occasionally, one or two of them will find an industry they have a passion for and remain complacent.

Arthur Becker is not one of those professionals. The current Chairman and CEO of Zinio, Becker has dabbled in several different industries. Earlier in his career, he was CEO of NaviSite. NaviSite is a company that provided technology and application management services to numbers domestic and international clients. According to NY, he was even a senior advisor at Vera Wang (a fashion company) for seven years.

His most recent ventures have been in the real estate market. It was recently announced that Becker acquired three adjacent townhouses in Soho. She acquired the Sullivan Street properties by exchanging his stake in the condominium development nearby.

It could be said that Becker has been planning this deal for a while. He’s was a quiet backer for the 10 Sullivan Street property. It seems incredibly interesting that he has now acquired ownership of 30, 40, and 50 Sullivan Street properties. The news broke after the deal became public record. All four 6,500-square-foot properties were developed in concurrence with a 16-story condo building.

Like many business professionals, Becker has not released how much he invested. According to data from Real Capital Analytics, Becker invested about $20 million. The preferred equity was about $15 million, and the mortgage he took out for the project was about $5 million. The exact amount is unknown to the public because the records could be the difference between Becker’s investment and the current value of the townhouses.

Whatever the actual investment, Becker does not seem to be too concerned. He’s made a fortune in the tech industry, so New York real estate is just something he likes doing. View his profile on fro more information.

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Jim Hunt’s Ideas And How He Generates Them Through VTA Publications

Jim Hunt is one man you should get to know if you want the latest tips on stock trading or want the word of someone whose made it on his own as an independent investor and financier at No, he doesn’t have the household name of Warren Buffet and he seems to enjoy staying off the mainstream media’s grid on, but he does have a YouTube channel where his followers can find tidbits of useful investing information and see how he operates. Ideamensch, an independent business blog that posts books and ideas for entrepreneurial-minded individuals decided to interview Hunt to see how he gets ideas.

For Hunt, his usual day starts with a morning workout followed by his investments and strategies from VTA Publications where he executes trades or buys new stocks, and then tends to slow down a little in the afternoons. He gets his ideas from listening to what his own customers want to know about, and then spending time relaxing and letting them come out on their own. Hunt is always researching and likes to stay ahead of the game when it comes to investing trends, and if it were left up to him to spend $100, it would be spent on research journals like VTA Publications with inside information in them.

Jim Hunt also founded VTA Publications, a company he started to help those with the drive to manage their own money and get ahead without the banks. The company has information about retirement planning taken from the bible, learning how to use stock charts and making use of little-known trades, and a list of seminars recorded on DVDs featuring some of the world’s savviest investors and businessmen. VTA Publications also has access to “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire,” two programs Hunt started to show how simple stock trading can be, and how simple math can be used.

Unveiling Secret Wisdom to Higher Consciousness: Kabbalah

To study Kabbalah, a wisdom of the soul in the Jewish tradition, is to seek answers to many of the questions we all have about human existence. Why are we here? Who are we? How can we live a fulfilled life? These are but a few. Kabbalah, literally translated as the ‘received wisdom’, is based on ancient teachings communicated to Kabbalists by divine revelation over five thousand years ago and eventually published in the Zohar, the sacred book of these teachings. Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, a Talmudic mystic of the second century is known to be responsible for this remarkable text which has been passed from one generation to another. It was in the late 13th century that Kabbalist R.Moshe De Leon brought it all together in the Zohar and this divine knowledge became the core of Kabbalah studied all over the world today.

Because Kabbalah has many different meanings and has gone through many transformations, the Kabbalah Centre presents this coded wisdom in all its varieties of interpretation, not just to study but as a way of life. A non-profit organization founded in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag, who wanted to make this mysterious source of enlightenment available to all, the Kabbalah Centre offers a series of courses to reveal the teachings of the great Kabbalists, guiding each student to the path of higher consciousness through understanding the spiritual laws of the universe and the essence of being human.

Including online study for those unable to attend in person, daily and monthly events, and mentorship one-on-one available to anyone, regardless of race, creed, religion, sex or social status,the Centre embraces today’s modern teaching of the Kabbalah. By using five core principles: Sharing, Awareness and Balance of Ego, Existence of Spiritual Laws, We Are All One, Creating Miracles, the Centre, now in the capable hands of Rav Berg and staff from all over the world, helps to activate the highest potential in each individual with these oldest principles of spiritual wisdom.

In a world of up and down emotions and worries, the Kabbalah reveals a way of living that transcends self, allowing us to see that all that exists is the Infinite Light. Becoming aware that everything has meaning and purpose, we can all access the secrets of the universe and rejoice in living as the beings of light we are meant to be.

The Importance Of Flavors in Lip Balm

For the longest time, people have been trying to separate pleasure from business. Often times, it is believed that if something is good for someone, then it does not have to be pleasurable in any form. Among the products this concept applied to is lip balm. However, it makes no sense that something that is healthy should not be pleasurable. After all,there is no reason for pleasure to have a stigma. Fortunately, lip balm companies have added flavors to their lip balm products. This gives people extra incentive to keep using their lip balm. As a result, people with chapped lips will experience improvements to their condition.

Among the cosmetic companies that are adding flavors to their lip balm products is Evolution of Smooth. EOS not only adds flavor but also brings forth new flavors. People’s taste buds will be satisfied with all of the variety that the company has to offer. However, the main draw to EOS lip balm product is that they are filled with Shea butter and other ingredients that are effective at moisturizing lips. Therefore, people will have an easier time actually keeping their lips free of symptoms that come with dryness.

EOS lip balm also offers different shapes of products, see, This makes it easier for people to apply their products. Some of the products come in stick form. Others come in ball form. Such creativity shows a company that is passionate about the products that it presents to its customers. Customers will not only enjoy great taste, but experience long lasting relief.

For those that are interested in buying the product, they could shop online at or thru ( and find the flavor they want. Then they can fill in their information. Once they pay for it, they just have to wait for it to show up at their doorstep. Then they can experience moist lips. For more information, visit the EOS official Facebook page.