The Chainsmokers – Starting 2018 With Awards and Songs

Upbeat tempos, sliding scales and talented performers work with Drew Taggart and Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers to develop and create Billboard top hits on an escalating and continuous model of hard work and dedication to their craft.

The two popular DJ’s had humble beginnings that did not include each other. They came together by chance and a shared agent. The two young talents discovered how much they had in common and how much their styles and interests are in synchronicity.

From those simple beginnings, their DJ world exploded in the most positive direction–up. So far in 2018, The Chainsmokers received a huge honor. Billboard’s Dance 100 named them as the First #1 Dance Artist winners. This is the first time the award has been given, and The Chainsmokers ran away with it.

The award for Dance Artist was created to classify the new technology-driven sounds that synthesizers, pitch machines, and skilled music-makers designed for dance floors across the globe. Alex and Drew have been frontrunners in the genre, having developed the music style in their studio and performed live at large and even larger venues across the globe.

But Drew and Alex are not just DJ’s. Drew’s voice is spotlighted on many of their songs. He has proven he is a quality vocalist.

One of their newest compilations, “Sick Boy”, has a coordinating video that has over 136,000,000 views. The January hit was followed quickly in February by “You Owe Me”. At 34,000,000 views on YouTube, this hit is likely to just keep climbing. March was no different with the single “Everybody Hates Me” on its way to the very same level of attention.

After The Chainsmokers received Billboard’s first award in Dance Artist category, they went on to win the iHeart Radio awards in three categories: Best Collaboration, Dance Artist of the Year, and Dance Album of the Year. What a way to bring in the new year!

They aren’t just a one-hit wonder, either. They were been chosen to headline Miami’s Ultra Music Festival. Even though they are on the top of their game, there are still those who do not see their work as art. Being given the opportunity of spotlight at the festival, those who would speak against them were quickly silenced. They played high-energy songs that included six new songs, popular commercial tunes, and mashups for the attending patrons.